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I never expected this to happen. I always, so naively, imagined that we would continue on the way that we were, seemingly, happy. I had no idea that this would happen. I thought that Edward and I would come to a compromise so that he would change me and I could join his family forever. I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted this. As much as I wanted him. I understood that him being with me was difficult, honestly I did, and I tried to be as compassionate as possible. But then it happened. She happened. And suddenly, I'm not so sure anymore.

After they came back, things weren't the same. Some things were good, I mean Rosalie didn't seem to hate me as much and Jasper didn't look quite so in pain all of the time. Carlisle and Esme became more like my parents. Dear Esme was brilliant, I couldn't have asked for a better adoptive mother of sorts. They both seemed to love me so much, purely because I made their son happy. And I had to go and ruin it, didn't I? Typical Bella!

But, not everything was good. Although Alice and I had originally started to get closer, a few weeks after they returned something odd happened:

After preparing a dinner for herself and Charlie, Bella had made her way upstairs to her room. Pausing outside the door to self-consciously adjust her hair, she placed her hand on the door handle and entered to see Alice sprawled out on her bed reading a foreign magazine that looked distinctly fashion related. Upon entering her room, Edward was found in a corner, carrying out the ritual of 'controlling his monster' before sweeping across the floor and enveloping Bella in a brief, stiff embrace with a chaste kiss to the forehead. With a sigh of frustration, Bella made her way to Alice and threw herself on the bed. The little pixie immediately launched herself at Bella, in a gentle fashion of course, and snuggled her from behind; arms securely wrapped the human in a comforting and slightly possessive hug.

Bella noted this possessive note to the hug and found herself, inexplicably, enjoying it and also enjoying the way that Alice was able to get close to her for extended periods of time. In fact, Alice being close to her was nice...really nice. And she smelt delicious. Bella found herself being drawn to the scent and snuggled into Alice as much as she could in an attempt to smell more of the mouth-watering smaller girl behind her. As she found her thoughts wondering to the pleasant feeling of Alice's unnecessary breath on her neck and the pressure of Alice's breasts pressed up against her back, she felt three things at once.

The first was a tingly feeling in her stomach, one that threw her off guard, but she couldn't admit she disliked. The second was a blush building its way up her pale cheeks at her enjoyment of her boyfriend's sister's breasts against her. And the third, and possibly the most disconcerting, was said sister stiffening up and wrapping her arms tighter around Bella whilst growling as she plunged into a vision. Now, Bella was used to Alice's visions, but she was not used to the smaller girl moving during her visions. And she definitely wasn't used to Alice growling over her...

After what seemed like an age, a menacing growl started in the corner of her room, alerting her to Edward's presence. Surprised, Bella realised that Edward was growling at his sister. She wasn't doing anything offensive, so Bella concluded that Alice's vision must be bothering Edward, considering that Edward was most likely reading the female vampire's mind to access the vision.

Something jolted Bella out of her thoughts suddenly. She felt a slight vibration coming from behind her, and turned round to investigate. Well, turned round as much as was possible in Alice's near vice-like grip. To her surprise she saw Alice grinning, still absorbed in her vision. Then, even more startling, Alice started purring. Properly purring! Like some freaky vampiric kitten.

"Alice?" questioned Bella timidly, wondering what could make her friend purr in such an erotic (wait! Erotic? She meant odd!) way.

This seemed to rouse Alice, who shook her head without disturbing her 'just-so' hair and turned to look at Bella. Who, in turn, gasped at the sight in front of her. Alice's eyes had changed. Instead of being her usual molten gold colour, they were pure black. But that was not why Bella had gasped, she had gasped because for the first time in her life she felt turned on. Alice's eyes did not look hungry, they were full of lust and all of that passion was radiating out of her and into the unsuspecting human before her. The two girls acted on some type of instinct, as though a puppet master with a twisted sense of humour was teasingly moving their heads together. However, just as their noses were close to touching, Edward growled yet again and this was enough to break the trance that both girls seemed to be in.

Bella, being her typical clumsy self jumped in shock and ended up tumbling off of the edge of her bed and laying spread-eagled on her bedroom floor with a large pile of dirty washing covering her where she had knocked over her laundry basket after hitting the ground. From her position on the ground she could see Alice's eyes return to her normal colour, and then she witnessed the shock and confusion cross her best friend's face before the smaller girl whispered a barely audible "Bye Bella" and flew out of Bella's bedroom window quicker than the human's weak eyesight could register.

Since that day Alice had become very distant with me. It upset me to say the least, but I was trying to adjust to it. The changes in our friendship weren't enormously obvious. Alice was still acting the same if you didn't pay close attention. But I couldn't help notice how the warmness I felt when she hugged me was no longer there and that she pulled away a split second earlier than she used to. When we spoke and hugged and touched her facial expressions were the same as they had always been but her eyes had a touch of sadness that was so intense it was heart-breaking and I had to look away before I started crying. And when, in the rare moments that Edward wasn't with the two of us, we were truly alone Alice looked absolutely torn, fidgeting (something that my vampire friends never did) like mad and occasionally shooting me stares filled with that heart-breaking sadness and something that I now know to be desire.

My 'beloved' boyfriend had changed too. He was far more possessive and had started to scare off my friends. I rarely even spoke to Angela because Edward was escorting me everywhere except to the toilet and she was intimidated by him. I was never allowed to be alone, and Charlie was getting extremely annoyed with Edward's insistence of following me around the house like a lost puppy. And so was I. He wasn't even allowing me to spend time with my best friend, Alice and chaperoned us for the brief stints of time when we were allowed to meet.

After a few months, Alice started getting more worked up during our rare meetings. She would fidget constantly and bounced on the heels of her feet so much that I thought she'd burn a hole in her ridiculously expensive shoes. On our last meeting before everything changed, me and the rest of the Cullens were sitting at our usual table for lunch when she skipped over to join us. We all just stared at her in shock because she hadn't 'eaten' lunch with us since the day that she had that vision. She just laughed at us, with her beautiful chime-like laugh that I had missed so much, and sat down in the only available seat, next to Jasper. Jasper then tried to place his arm around her shoulder but she discreetly shrugged it off and ignored his shocked and hurt look to wink at me instead. I felt a blush creep onto my face as I looked down and hastened to finish my lunch, wincing as I felt Edwards arm tighten round my waist.

After clearing my tray, I looked up and was just about to ask Emmett to stop eating Rosalie, when Alice gasped and I turned to see her absorbed in a vision. It was a very brief vision and ended with her smiling and standing up to skip away from us and out of the doors of the cafeteria. We all turned to Edward for an explanation but he was looking incredibly annoyed. He revealed to us that he didn't know what Alice was thinking because she was singing the chorus of 'crushcrushcrush' over and over in her head to throw him out. I giggled at the put-out expression on his face and had to pretend it was a cough to prevent an argument later. Thoroughly disgruntled, Edward took my hand and led me to our next class, Biology.

No sooner had the class started then there was a rather tentative knock on the door. It opened to reveal a shy student shuffling his feet and looking nervously around. He relayed a message that the nurse wanted to speak to me, so I excused myself from the class and headed toward the nurse's office. I was in my own world as I walked along the corridors, so I didn't notice the door to the girls toilets open as I neared it. I only noticed when I felt a gloved hand clamp around my mouth and found myself being dragged into the toilets. My struggles seemed helpless and I found myself facing the now closed toilet door, with a hand still over my mouth. The hand slowly removed itself from my face but was replaced on the door handle, preventing me from exiting the room. Taking a deep breath to try and soothe my nerves, I turned round to face my assailant, worried about who I would find.

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