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Opening my eyes, I blinked a few times trying to remember what had happened. A cold arm across my waist moved slightly, causing me to look down at my naked body. Oh. Everything instantly came flooding back to me and I felt myself blush. A soft chuckle came from next to me and I turned to smile at my beautiful girlfriend.

"Hey," she whispered at me, leaning forward to peck me on the lips. As she pulled back I whispered a responding "hey" against her lips, before nuzzling into her neck to place a kiss there. She giggled again so I poked my tongue out onto her skin and she shivered beneath me. This action reminded me of what we had been doing before I had…before I had what? I couldn't actually remember, I just remember feeling more pleasure than I ever thought possible and that's it. Deciding to ask Alice, I felt her tense up slightly and then she cleared her throat. Leaning back to look at her while she talked, I noticed that her eyes were still dark but they also had a tinge of red to them. Interesting.

"What actually happened was quite flattering. I apparently pushed you to such an amazing orgasm that it made you pass out." At this she smirked at me, winking, and I was instantly aroused again. Her nostrils flared, acknowledging this and her smirk widened before she proceeded to explain that my breathing had changed to signify that I was sleeping so she let me catch up on obviously needed sleep. "I obviously wore you out dear" she purred at me and smiled in response.

Turning round I looked to see that it was just past 4 in the morning. We still had around 6 hours before Charlie would be home. Perfect...I wanted to distract Alice so she had no idea what was going to happen so I asked her about her eyes. She looked a little bit bashful at this, explaining "when I broke your hymen it caused you to bleed and I couldn't resist. I'm sorry.. It was just sooo good" she groaned at the memory and I couldn't hold myself back.

Pouncing at her, I launched myself on top of her deliciously cold and naked body and pressed my lips to hers. She responded frantically, still caught up in the memory of my blood, moaning as I nibbled on her lower lip before I sucked her tongue into my mouth and started intertwining it with my own. I allowed my hands to run up and down her sides, causing her to arch up into me, pressing our breasts together. Pulling away from the kiss, I rested my forehead against hers and allowed her to regain herself. She was panting more than I had ever heard her and I realised that she could probably still smell some blood on me from earlier.

Whimpers escaped her perfect lips as I trailed my fingertips around her ribcage, feeling each individual rib and outlining her tensing abdominal muscles with my pinky finger. "My blood really turns you on, doesn't it?" I asked as I moved a finger to trace her lips. She took the finger into her mouth, sucking gently before releasing it with a pop. "God, more than anything! I don't want to feed on your blood anymore, I don't think I ever will after finding you that night, but your blood evokes such a strong sexual reaction in me it's unbelievable. Just the scent of the remaining blood down here" with this she stroked my lower lips and I thrust my hips in surprise "is making it very difficult for me not to go into some sort of sexual frenzy."

Hmm, sexual frenzy? I smiled at the thought and started kissing my way down her body, deciding to reward her for her treatment of me earlier. If my blood makes things better for her I'm sure I could do something. Continuing my descent, I decided to bypass her breasts because I could feel from how she was moving beneath me that she didn't need any foreplay or teasing. When I reached her thighs, she seemed to realise what I was doing and gasped, allowing me to gently ease her legs open so that I could place kisses on the inside of each. Smirking up at her I asked "will you be able to let me do this without crushing my head?" and she smiled at me, reassuring me that she had enough control not to hurt me in that way. "Even if you were tasting my blood at the same time?"

Her mouth dropped open and for the first time she stared speechlessly at me. I drew circles on her thigh while I waited for her to compose herself and finally got the response that if she was drinking I would be fine because her monster doesn't think of me as food but rather as a mate. Her monster would never let her hurt me when we were so intimate so she couldn't hurt me like that. I grinned like a Cheshire cat at that, and she soon joined me. "Mate? I'm your mate?" She went back to being shy, mumbling that I was if I wanted to be and I couldn't help myself. I crawled back up her body and consumed her mouth passionately until I was sure that my lungs were going to burst. Pulling away, her smile matched mine as I told her "of course I want to be your mate, I love you so much."

If she could've cried I think she would have as her voice broke when she responded that she loved me too. Our kisses resumed and pretty soon I was back between her thighs. "Are you ready to taste me too Ali?" She growled in response, knowing how it turned me on, and grasped me by the waist to gently flip me over so that I was almost sitting on her face whilst my face remained between her legs. Chuckling, I blew a stream of hot air into the nirvana before me and felt her shudder underneath me. She responded with a stream of cold air before I felt her mouth descend on me. A loud groan escaped both of our lips, mine from the feel of her on me and her because of my blood. I couldn't wait any longer and moved in to place kisses along her lips, before moving my tongue to circle her clit. Her hips bucked into my face and I felt her moan into me before her tongue poked out and starting cleaning up any left over blood.

A high pitched scream left my lips at the feeling of her frantically lapping at my insides, and her hands grasped my bum as she pulled me further onto her mouth. Her groans were mixed in with growls, obviously enjoying herself and the sounds were bringing me closer to the edge already. Catching my breath, I dove in, dragging the tip of my tongue along her slit before plunging it inside of her and wiggling it. She seemed to like that as she pulled away from me to scream out my name. Encouraged, I continued plunging my tongue in and out of her opening, wiggling it every time. My thumb started rubbing on her clit as I savoured the delicious taste of her, and I felt her actually scream into me. The feeling sent a shiver down my spine and I arched my back. Soon we were both screaming into each other, moaning and whimpering and we worked each other with our mouths. It felt like Alice was actually eating me and after one last pass on her clit I gave up holding back my orgasm and let go, spiralling into nothing as Alice's name left my mouth. She growled and hungrily lapped up what I gave her before she followed, screaming my name and convulsing below me. Slowly, we both came down from our highs and I placed a final kiss on her lips before swinging round to face her.

She had her eyes closed, breathing heavily but seemed to feel my stare because she slowly opened them and looked at me. Instantly my stomach started tensing because her eyes were such an intensely dark shade of red that I could tell that we weren't anywhere near finished. She started purring, licking her lips, before nuzzling my nose with hers. I smiled at the gesture before leaning over her body to reach into my drawers beside my bed. She watched me curiously as I brought out a long steel dildo and groaned wantonly when I found the straps that Rosalie had thoughtfully provided. "Let me help you with that" she husked out, a cold and delicate hand covering mine as she took the straps out of my hands and gently pulled them up my legs and arranged everything.

Sitting back on my haunches, I allowed myself to watch her as she laid back and opened herself to me. Moaning at the sight, I leant forward, running my hands along her smooth legs and pulled me body against hers. The freezing steel rested between us while I kissed her lovingly, cradling her chin in my hand as my other hand ran up and down her side. Finally, I slipped my hand between her thighs, pleased to feel that she was absolutely soaking.
"Why are you so wet Alice?" I asked her with a smirk. She whimpered but didn't respond. I pressed on her clit and her hips jumped. "I asked you a question Alice"

"You.. it's all for you. God Bella! It's always you! PLEASE!" She started writhing underneath me as I removed my hand and moved it to tease her nipple. I latched my mouth onto the other nipple, lavishing it with my tongue and occasionally scraping it with my teeth which caused her to shudder and cry out. As her pleading continued, I moved away to speak. "Please what Alice? What do you want?" I punctuated my question with a thrust of my hips and she squeaked. I love the affect I can have on her, it's spellbinding and amazing to think that I can make her feel the same way she makes me feel. Distracted by my thoughts, I didn't realise that my hand had continued wandering until I felt that it was wet and I smiled. Lifting my hips back, I used my hand to position the dildo at her slit, rubbing up and down while she thrashed her head around on the pillow. "I said, what do you want Alice?"

"I neeed you in me now! I want you to fuck me Bella!" she cried. Hearing her swear was unbelievably hot so I complied, quickly thrusting inside of her. Her back arched instantly and she let out a loud moan. Drawing out slowly, I pushed back in before wiggling my hips hoping to fill more of her. Soon she was a trembling mess beneath me, frantically pleading with me to go faster but I refused, wanting to make this last for her. I gently started rolling my thumb around her clit, swiping it slowly in time with my measured thrusts. I could see her stomach muscles tense unbelievably before her head snapped back and she released a silent scream as she came. I continued my thrusting, wanting to prolong her orgasm for as long as possible, until she flopped back onto the bed and her breath start coming out in gasps.

Leaving the dildo inside of her, I pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, noting how her eyes were still unbelievably dark. Slowly her breathing returned to normal and our kisses became more heated. Tongues started wrestling and soon her hand had travelled down between my legs and was stroking me. I thrust my hips at her, forgetting that I was still inside of her, but her small scream reminded me. Grinning evilly, I reached my hand down and as she plunged her fingers inside of me I found the button I was looking for and pressed it. A keening noise broke out of her throat as low vibrations started working their way through her body and she struggled to push her hips further down. Getting the idea, I started thrusting gently again, but the feeling of now 3 of her fingers plunging in and out of me and twisting inside of me while her thumb was rubbing my clit was making it difficult to remain slow. I reached down again, and turned the vibrations up, feeling them vibrate through me too which only brought me closer.

"Fuck, fuck.. fuck me harder Bella! Ah AH faster! PLEASE!" She started thrashing her head about again as her fourth finger joined the rest inside me and she moved her whole hand at an inhuman speed. Bucking my hips against her hand I could feel myself approaching the edge again and determined to take her with me I reached down and turned the vibrator to its highest setting. My hips moved faster, thrusting harder and deeper and swear words escaped her lips as she got louder and louder, closer and closer to orgasm.

Remembering that she said she couldn't hurt me, I reached a hand up to her open mouth and pressed one of my fingers against her impossibly sharp teeth. The skin split as I had hoped and she instantly started sucking it, the blood only adding to her bliss. She grasped my hip, flipped us over and was soon thrusting herself down onto the dildo harder than I could ever try to replicate whilst diving her fingers further and faster into me. The vibrations from the dildo joined to all the pleasurable sensations surrounding me and as I allowed myself to look down at where we were joined my stomach tensed again and I released, groaning loudly as I felt myself convulse around her pleasantly cold fingers. She continued twisting them inside of me and my orgasm wouldn't stop wracking my body with shakes until she threw her head back, released my bleeding hand, shoved her hips downward and cried out in ecstasy.

Gently, I patted her back as she came down, reaching down to turn off the vibrations because we were both twitching from how sensitive we were. She allowed me to slip out of her and pulled me pull off the straps and place it away before laying on top of me again. Our kisses resumed again, lovingly, gentle kisses that made my head swoon, with muttered confessions of loves smattered between each kiss. A hip jerk from me accidentally brushed our clits together, and our moans filled each other's mouths as we lined our clits up and started pushing them together. Electricity seemed to make all of my nerve endings tingle as we gently rolled our hips together. Hands reached and we ended up linking our fingers while we continued our affectionate kissing, only breaking the kisses to cry out exclamations of love. Soon, our hips became more frantic and I allowed Alice to take control because she had vampire speed to her advantage. She controlled our hips, pushing her clit against mine over and over and over again. Pulling away from her lips, I smiled at her, gasped at the sensations below my waist and looked in her eyes. "I love you so much Alice, I don't know what I would do without you babe." Placing my face into her mouth-watering smelling neck, I whimpered as I heard her devote herself to me entirely. Unlinking our hands, she wrapped her arms protectively round my back and placed a kiss to the top of my head before thrusting one last time and sending us both into our last orgasm of the night.

Tears rolled down my face as I heard her repeating my name under her breath as she came, I had never felt so loved and I suddenly knew what I had to do. After she came to her senses, she snuggled into my body purring gently and stroking my back but soon realised that I was crying. Putting a finger under my chin she lifted my eyes to hers and kissed away all of my tears. "What's wrong sweetheart?" I choked back a sob and struggled to compose myself as she ran her fingers up and down the side of my face. The action and her scent calmed me and soon I was able to explain to her that she'd made me so happy that I was crying. She kissed my nose and giggled, making a joke about how strange humans are. Smiling at her, I silenced her laugh with a tender kiss, trying to convey all of my feelings for her through the single kiss. She gasped and when I pulled away she pressed back, kissing me chastely repeatedly, punctuating each kiss with what I can only presume was 'I love you' in various languages. I smiled, tears falling again and she stopped to kiss my tears away again. Before she could kiss my lips once again, I leant my face back so that I could stare into her eyes.

"Stay there" walking away from the bed, I found the box I was looking for buried at the back of my wardrobe. I could see her watching me, so I hurried back, carrying my box with me. My pixie had sat up whilst waiting for me, so I straddled her lap so that I could stare directly into her eyes. I pressed the shoe box into her hands, and watched as she started to open it, taking care because of its obvious age. Inside there was protective packaging and she looked up at me, tilting her head in confusion. She had no idea what was happening, I guess my idea of not deciding what to say means that she can't see this particular future. Good.

Prompting her to go through the protective packaging, I started talking as she hunted for the contents. "It was my grandmothers. She left it to me in her will and I never thought I'd use it. Until I met you. I love you so much Alice, so much that it actually hurts me to be away from you. I can't part with you, I'm your mate but that's not enough for me" reaching down, I took the small package that she had found and wrapped it. Pulling out my grandmothers beautiful wedding ring with stone that matched her eyes, I held it up as I locked eyes with her. The shock on her face was apparent, and my nerves betrayed me as I asked in a shaking voice, "Marry me Alice?"

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