Werewolf Heir

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Warnings: sexual situations, and mentions of mpreg.

Chapter Four


Remus awoke with a start, his heart hammering in his chest. "Fuck," he groaned as the last vestiges of his wet dream faded away, only to leave him hungry and wanting for more. Only a day had gone by since he and Dominick had laid together in Sirius's bed, but to Remus it felt like forever ago. He found he couldn't spend any time with his mate and that nearly all of Dominick's time had been eaten up by his friends.

'Why don't you go get our mate? I bet he wouldn't be adverse to some late night "cuddling".' Moony suggested lustily. 'Perhaps you can even teach him the joys of sucking cock.'

Remus rolled his eyes, but even he couldn't deny the way his cock jumped at the thought. His sweet little mate between his legs, plump lips stretched lewdly over the head of his cock and Dominick's lust blown eyes staring up at him as he sucked.

Reluctantly, he shook that thought away. With their mate so close, Moony had become more and more lust driven. His primal instincts overrode any sense he had gleaned from sharing Remus' mind. Over the past few hours, his wolf had shared many indecent thoughts of taking advantage of their mate, often doing so at the most inopportune moments.

After going to the bathroom and ridding himself of his problem, Remus flopped back into bed reluctantly. He was awake now, unfortunately, and it seemed Moony had taken it upon himself to continue feeding him with even more lewd thoughts and images. While the idea was certainly tempting, Remus knew that he and his mate were no where near that part of their relationship. He needed time and so did Dominick. He was going to take this slow and take the time to make sure both of them were comfortable before advancing further.

'Tch.' Moony grunted.

Remus shook his head. Although his wolf side pretended to be grumpy about the situation, Remus knew Moony cared deeply about their mate and would stop if Dominick asked him to. Remus smiled as Moony grumbled in the back his head, agreeing reluctantly. The fantasies soon came to a stop and Remus was glad he could finally get back to sleep.

In the morning he was faced with the reality that it was the last day before Dominick would be heading back to school. There was no clear answer for this dilemma, other than perhaps meeting in Hogsmeade in secret, but that didn't solve the problem with Dominick having to transform every month. It would be near impossible to hide the fact that Dominick disappeared every full moon. The students might not be able to pick it up, at least from what he had seen from teaching them for a year, and then the only reason why they had found out his secret was because Snape had tipped off the littlest Malfoy. And while the students might not find out, certain nosy professors and a prying headmaster might.

At that time, he and Dominick weren't sure who they could trust. Before, Remus would have suggested that his mate talk to Dumbledore about the situation, unfortunately that was no longer a viable option. No, they would have to find an alternative. Remus wasn't taking any chances with this, he needed a way to be able to protect his mate.

Well, there was another option, but it seemed too risky. Before when he and Sirius had come out as mates, the school had allowed them to live off grounds while still attending classes. If he and Dominick were to announce their bond to the school board, they would have to grant the same permissions. It would be an extremely convenient way for Dominick to hide his lycanthorpy. Most people already knew that Remus was a werewolf, so it wouldn't be such a stretch for people to believe that his mate would stay with him after a full moon, Sirius certainly had.

However, the ramifications that would come after the reveal were potentially worrying. Remus would have no trouble putting up with the general public's scathing remarks and their loathing for him, he wasn't so sure about Dominick though. It would be a huge commitment to make so early on in their relationship and no doubt the backlash would hit Dominick much harder than himself. Remus was already used to people hating him, but he supposed Dominick was used to a bit of that as well with how fickle the wizarding community was in regards to the Boy Who Lived.

Remus sighed in frustration, he would have to talk to Dominick about this and see what his mate had to say on the matter. There weren't many options they could take at this point. Either way, Dominick would risk being found out, it was just a matter of figuring out which option had the least risk.

The last day of summer had been a quiet, lazy day filled with soaking up as much relaxation they could get before they were back in school. Dominick had had hardly any time to speak to Remus in the past two days, due to his friends taking up most of his time. Truthfully, Dominick didn't mind that they had, considering how much he had worried them over the past couple months, plus Dominick had missed them just as much and was glad to catch up with them.

However, now that the day had winded down and dinner was done, he was determined to speak with his mate. Ron was already buried beneath his covers, snoring away and no doubt most of the others occupants of the house were as well. Quietly, Dominick tip-toed out of the room he shared with Ron and snuck over to Remus' room.

He huffed out a sigh of relief when he saw that Remus was still awake. The other werewolf grinned, rising from his bed and going over to engulf Dominick in his arms. Dominick hugged Remus back, basking in warm, comfortable presence of their bond wrapping around him. Pulling away, Remus grasped onto his hand instead and led him over to the bed to sit down.

"So, I've been thinking about what we should do once you head back to school; pretty much anything we decide to do will carry some degree of risk." Remus started and Dominick nodded. He had also considered their options, knowing that their bond wouldn't allow them to be separated for long and that it would be extremely hard to conceal his lycanthorpy around the headmaster. "I have an idea, but the outcome may not be that desirable. Just hear me out before you object okay?"

Dominick nodded, a bit apprehensive of what Remus was going to suggest.

"I believe the best course of action would be to announce that we're mates." Remus stated. Dominick opened his mouth to reply, but was swiftly silenced by a finger to his lips. "If we were to announce to the school board that we were mates, they would be obligated to give you permission to live off school grounds while still attending."

"They would?" Dominick asked skeptically.

"Yes, they would. It is not entirely uncommon for students to get married or bonded. They used to offer housing within the castle, but they found that most times the students couldn't keep certain activities to their rooms." Remus replied.

"Oh," Dominick breathed as blood rushed to his cheeks.

"Yeah," Remus rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, grinning awkwardly. "Anyways, the point is this would allow us to be together, while also making it less suspicious if you happen to miss days after the full moon. Most people already know that I'm a werewolf and it wouldn't be odd that a werewolf's mate would stay with them after the full moon to nurse them back to health."

"I guess that sounds alright..." Dominick trailed off unsurely. It was a bit much to take in and the idea of it was absolutely daunting.

"But?" Remus pressed gently.

"I'm just a bit nervous about it is all." Dominick murmured. "Everything is going so fast; I didn't think we'd be letting everyone know so soon."

"It's just a suggestion, we don't have to announce it right now." Remus said.

"Well, it's certainly better than any of the ideas I've had." Dominick muttered. "I don't want to have to sneak around anyway, I'd like to be able to be seen with you freely. But, I'm worried about you. Could you get in trouble for this? I'm not exactly of age."

"There's little the ministry could do at this point to try and separate us. It's a new bond and we require a lot of contact with each other to stabilize it. I'm sure the ministry would love nothing more than to throw me into Azkaban for this, but they won't be able to." Remus replied.

Scowling, Dominick whacked Remus on the arm. "That's not helping. I'd rather you not become scorned or have people angry at you for being with me."

"People would be angry even if you were of age." Remus chuckled. "I've already experienced the hatred that people hold for me and this will be no different. I would gladly face their pitchforks if it meant gaining my chance at happiness with you."

Dominick swallowed, his cheeks burning. "You're so embarrassing." He muttered as he tried to hide his red face in Remus' chest which began to rumble with laughter.

"But, it's true." Remus countered, smiling at his blushing mate. "Dominick, look at me." He murmured.

Still blushing, Dominick lifted his head back up and looked at his mate. Dominick nearly yelped in surprise when the arms around his waist tightened and when he was pulled upwards. His eyes slid shut in bliss when their lips met and Remus' began to kiss him. This kiss was nothing at all like their first which had been filled with primal instinct and lust. It was soft and gentle, and showed how much Remus cared for him.

Remus pulled away, still smiling at him. "You mean so much to me, Dominick. Please don't ever doubt it."

"I won't." Dominick whispered.

"Good," Remus grinned, as he let Dominick situate himself down his side again. Dominick smiled softly to himself, giddy with the knowledge that Remus was willing to accept him and that he already meant so much to the other werewolf. All the weeks spent worrying were for naught as he laid there in his mate's arms at last.


Remus cursed as he awoke that morning as Moony cackled in the back of his head. After he and Dominick had decided to go with speaking to the school board and coming out as mates, Remus had reluctantly allowed the teen to stay the night with him, as they would be telling everyone the next day anyway. But, now, it would be difficult allowing Dominick to leave.

He could smell it now; the heady scent that made his instincts go wild with the need to mate.

Dominick was in heat.

He cursed again as he shook his head and tried to focus on something other than his mate who was lying beside him. He'd never had to deal with this before. He had suspected that he or Sirius might have gone through it in the first couple months after they got together, but neither of them had ever settled into a specific role so it just didn't happen. For a long time, they had both suspected possibly needing a third mate for that very reason, but Remus had never expected to actually find one.

Remus' gaze snapped back to Dominick once he felt the other stirring. Bleary blue eyes blinked up at him and Remus felt himself tense.

"Remus?" Dominick yawned as he sat up and rubbed at his eyes. "Is there something wrong?"

"How much do you know about werewolf mates?" Remus asked as he tried to keep his lust at bay.

"A little bit, why?"

"We might have a bit of a problem..." Remus muttered. "You're in heat."

"W-what?" Dominick sputtered. "There must be a mistake, I-I'm not a girl."

"Born werewolves carry a gene which allows males to carry and bear pups." Remus explained. "Because not every werewolf will mate with someone of the opposite sex, born wolves were gifted with the ability to carry no matter the gender of their mate so as to up the population of werewolves. Some purebloods have a similar gene, but it was created with the use of a potion a long time ago."

"So, I can have kids." Dominick stated in disbelief.

"Yes, you can become pregnant and have children." Remus replied.

'Oh, I like the sound of that.' Moony growled. 'Just imagine, our mate pregnant and swollen with pups.'

'Moony!' Remus scolded, his cheeks turning red. Shaking his head, Remus ignored Moony's less than decent comments about their mate and instead focused on Dominick who seemed to have gone into shock. Staring down at his stomach, Dominick rubbed his flat abdomen in a daze. Dominick's face blanched and the teen looked vaguely green. When Dominick looked back up at him, Remus had a hard time not laughing at the completely horrified expression on his mate's face.

"H-How? What? Why?" Dominick stuttered. "That's... that's just sick! How in the bloody fuck does that even work?!" He ranted. "I don't exactly have the right bits for that! And how, how would it even come out?!" Dominick's eyes widened. "Its not gonna come out of my arse is it?! Oh my GOD! Please tell me it won't!"

Remus could barely contain his laughter by then which earned him a glare from his distressed mate. "Dear god, no." He chuckled. "You would have what is an equivalent to a muggle c-section."

"That isn't exactly comforting news either. I'm going to have to lay on a bed, awake, as someone cuts into my stomach and pulls out a baby." Dominick deadpanned.

"Well, when you put it that way..."

"I'm not going to start leaking blood out my arse, am I?" Dominick questioned.

"You shouldn't. If you happen to start to, I'd suggest going to a healer." Remus replied, still looking amused.

"At least there's that." Dominick muttered. "So, what? I'm just a girl with a dick?"

Ignoring Dominick's protests, Remus pulled the teen into his arms. "No, you're not. You're still every bit of a male as you were before, you just have a little something extra special." Remus explained. Seeing that Dominick still looked unconvinced, he continued, "Would it help to know that your father also has this gene? His is only in a dormant state because he mated with a female. If he were to mate with another male, it would come out, just like yours did when you formed a bond with me. Since I'm the one responsible for causing this, does this mean you're angry with me?"

"No," Dominick grumbled. "I'm just surprised, I guess. As well as a bit scared."

"That's understandable, I wouldn't expect you to be able to accept something like this easily." Remus said.

"And how exactly is my... heat effecting you?" Dominick inquired, somewhat worriedly as he pulled away a bit to look at him, no doubt noticing Remus' tight grip.

"Not so good." Remus replied, while trying to keep a straight face. "Moony's close to the surface, describing every possible way to impregnate you with pups."

"Do you want me to leave?" Dominick asked, already withdrawing from Remus' arms.

"Yeah, that would probably be for the best." Remus said. Dominick nodded. Soon, Dominick's glamour was back up and he was heading out the door. Remus groaned in relief once Dominick was gone, collapsing on the bed and finally garnering enough strength to force Moony back.

'You're just going to let our mate walk away like that? He's in heat! Some bastard could show up and plant his seed in what's rightfully ours!' Moony yelled.

'That's not going to happen, alright? He's not leaving this house and he's not going to have sex anytime soon; I'm pretty sure what he's just learned has scared him away from even considering it ever again.' Remus replied calmly. 'Just calm down and let it pass. He's not ready and we're certainly not ready.'


Dominick paused, his heart thudding in his chest. Yesterday when they had discussed doing this, he had agreed knowing it would be the best course of action in the long run. However, now that they were actually going through with it, he was getting cold feet. What would the Weasley's say? He didn't care so much about the Order or the general public, but the Weasley's opinions mattered to him.

Feeling Remus' fingers intertwine with his own, Dominick glanced up at the older werewolf. Remus offered a kind smile in return and squeezed his hand which helped to ease his anxiety. Dominick smiled back, feeling a bit more reassured, but not entirely. He was still nervous, but it was easier knowing that he would have Remus at his side.

"Are you ready?" Remus asked.

"As I ever will be." Dominick replied.

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