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"Gods Seaweed Brain, if you didn't want to go out tonight, all you had to do was tell me. There was no need for you to go and get yourself sick."

Percy groaned in response to Annabeth's teasing and snuggled deeper under the comfortable covers of his bed. His head was pounding and the inside of his throat was so sore it felt like someone had been rubbing it with sandpaper. He didn't have nearly enough strength to come up with a witty retort.

"Really, Annabeth? You think I wanted to get sick on Valentine's Day?" he managed to croak out. His words were followed by a fit of coughing which did nothing to subdue the pain in his throat.

Annabeth shrugged as she came to sit next to Percy on the edge of his bed. "Well let's face it, you're not exactly Mr. Romantic, now are you?"

Another groan escaped Percy's lips and Annabeth sighed. She gently moved away the dark hair that was plastered onto his forehead with sweat. Percy couldn't believe how good her cool hand felt against his burning skin.

"I'm sorry, Annabeth. I know you wanted to do something special today and I'm guessing this isn't really what you had in mind."

Annabeth gave a small smile and said, "Not really, but it's okay. I mean at least I can help you get better. Today I'll be Nurse Annabeth!"

"Nurse Annabeth? I don't know if I should be scared or turned on." Percy replied, a small smirk appearing on his face, despite all his pain.

"Hey, I make a pretty good nurse," Annabeth defended, ignoring the last part of Percy's comment, "or have you already forgotten who it was that sat by your bedside spoon feeding you nectar and ambrosia your first time at Camp Half-Blood?"

A thought suddenly dawned on Percy. "Wait, why can't I just have nectar and ambrosia now? I would be better in a second!"

"No, Seaweed Brain. Nectar and ambrosia is strong stuff, remember? Used on something small like the common cold and it could come close to killing you." Annabeth explained, rolling her eyes.

"But if there's anything else you want, I can get it for you," she went on to offer, after seeing the disappointed look on Percy's face.

"Well, if Mom's still home can you go and ask her to make me some blue chicken noodle soup? That always tends to make me feel better."

"Actually, your mom and Paul left about a half hour ago for dinner; you were asleep and they didn't want to wake you up . But if it'll help, I can make you some."

"Er," Percy hesitated, "Annabeth, I think that me and you both know that you're not exactly the world's best cook. It's probably a good idea not to be taking any risks just because I'm sick. The kitchen still hasn't recovered from what happened last time."

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Percy, even I'm capable of heating up a can of soup and putting blue food coloring in it. Everything will be fine."

She got up making her way towards the kitchen. Before exiting the room, Annabeth stopped and leaning against the frame of the door she looked at Percy.

"You know, I meant what I said before. About us not getting to do something special, that is. I really don't mind, because in a way, this is something special. To me, it doesn't really matter if we're saving the world or having some big romantic date or if we're hanging out here because your sick and I have to spoon feed you blue chicken noodle soup. To me, every moment I'm with you is special."

With that she left, leaving Percy sitting in bed, stunned. He wasn't sure why Annabeth had chosen that moment to explain her feelings, but he was glad that she did. It was nice finally knowing she felt exactly the same way that he did.