Disclaimer: The characters found within this fanfiction belong to Takanaga Hinako, the manga-ka behind the series Koi Suru Bo-kun and Challengers in which one will find said characters.


Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, Tetsuhiro cast his eyes out the window as the plane flew over the Atlantic. He wasn't really paying any real attention to the endless blue ocean, letting out a weary sigh. Had the upcoming seminar not been mandatory, he never would have left Japan. Not when he wanted to be with Senpai, especially not after their last and most recent encounter.

Senpai had been wonderful, calling his name, with his arms wrapped around him. At that thought his eyes closed half way as a smile formed on his visage. Recalling that time alone could send him into a state of arousal if he weren't careful. Shrugging his shoulders, he leaned back into his seat with yet another sigh. It wouldn't be appropriate to be turned on amongst the rest of the passengers. When they landed and he was able to book into the hotel he could take a moment for himself. Although it would never be as good as actually having Senpai in his arms and writhing beneath him. Without further thought, his eyes drifted closed, not wanting to embarrass himself among the rest of the individuals whom had chosen to fly over the Atlantic that day.

It had seemed only a moment ago that he'd drifted off, but he wasn't able to snooze for long, because the plane began to shake. His head bumped against the window. With a groan, he placed his hand where he'd hit his head, "Ouch..." but the airplane continued to shake. His heart took a dip as he felt it take a nosedive, picking up speed. They were moving too quickly for his liking. He heard too, the frightened murmurs of the other passengers as a voice was heard over the intercom.

"Please stay seated, we've hit a bit of turbulence and are working to correct this matter. We may however be in for an emergency landing, so please brace yourselves."

Despite the reassuring voice of the captain, not many of the others had calmed down, though the stewardesses were trying their best to alleviate the passengers fears.

Tetsuhiro himself was worried, but unable to voice his anxiety as his heart pounded an uneven tempo. He didn't quite believe that the captain and his co-pilot would be able to correct the matter. Furthermore he could have sworn he'd heard the faintest quiver in captain's voice.

It became even more worrisome to him, when he gazed out the window. He couldn't see anything, it was pitch black, and finally his ears had registered the strangest sound. It was unlike anything he'd ever heard before, it was loud and frightening and was only getting louder.

His gut clenched as the plane started to spin, around and around, turning upside down and back again. Every movement was too quick, too sudden, far worse than any roller coaster he'd ever been on. At least one could prepare themselves for that, but the current situation, one could hardly have prepared for it.

He was sure then too, that the pilots had lost control of the aircraft and all of their lives were in danger. The only thing left that he could do was pray for a miracle of some kind, because he didn't want to die or for anyone else to perish for that matter. Some of the passengers were just little kids after all, they'd hardly begun life. 'Please, let us get out of this alive. I want to be able to see Senpai again, I am not prepared for death.' As he thought this, he reached above his head for a life jacket. He wanted to be prepared for any eventuality.

Again, the captains voice came in over the intercom. "It looks like the worst of the storm is over, but one of the engines blew. We're going in for an emergency landing. However since there is no land, it's going to be a bumpy landing, so please bear with us and prepare yourselves."

Just at that moment however, the plane took another dive as Tetsuhiro finished putting on his life jacket. One could feel the pilots struggling to at least keep the plane in a position that would help keep the damage minimal. It felt like they were going to have a crash landing, Tetsuhiro would just be happy if everyone got out of it alive. He did doubt however that there wouldn't by any serious injuries, but as long as there were no deaths he would be somewhat content.

A moment later, the plane hit water, bobbing for a moment. At the moment of impact, Tetsuhiro's head hit the window again, but this time it hurt like hell. His eyes rolled back into his head, so that only the whites of them could be seen, just before his eyelashes fluttered and they were closed. A trickle of blood ran down over his temple, trailing down his cheek and dripping from his chin.

Souichi stretched an arm over his head, his eyes turning to look toward the clock. Morinaga should be half way across the Atlantic by now. It's the first time I'll be here alone for such a length of time. He frowned, wondering why he was even dwelling on that. In order to take his mind off of that direction, he picked up the remote off the glass coffee table and hit the red button at the top.

Color faded into the blank screen and as he was about to flip the channel the news castor spoke earnestly. "Flight 103 from Nagoya, Japan to Windsor, Ontario has hit turbulence. The flight towers have been unable to get in further contact with the pilot, but we fear that the plane has crashed somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean."

Souichi's grip loosened on the remote, the sound of glass shattering wasn't even noticed as he stared wide eyed, mouth agape at the television. "No way..." his hand went over his heart, feeling as though one of those shards of glass had pierced through him.