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Summary: "You bullied me into loving you." Kurt sobbed. "Tripped me and I fell, but you didn't catch me." Silently, Puck walked away, leaving the other teen to cry in privacy.

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Another Straight Guy

Chapter 1-A Most Unlikely Friendship

No-one would ever have believed that Kurt Hummel and Noah Puckerman could form a friendship, but after being paired together by that blasted 'hat of fate' for a Glee assignment, the two teenagers had slowly come to understand and respect one another. In time, their tentative civility had blossomed into a strong friendship.

It didn't happen right away, there was far too much history between bully and victim to forgive and forget so quickly, but it did happen.

The first time Kurt and Puck met up to practice, it had been a disaster. All the two had done was spit insults at each other until Puck stormed off. At first, Kurt had appealed to Mr. Schue and begged the man to let him work with someone else, even if it was the tragically dressed Rachel Berry. However, Mr. Schue had declined and insisted the two learn to get along, saying that it would be good for the entire team.

During their second rehearsal, their taunts and insults had become so fierce and personal that Kurt had been reduced to tears and ended up punching Puck in the face, splitting the taller boy's lip.

Once again, the two had tried to convince Mr. Schue to let them work with other people but still the curly-haired teacher had refused. He did oversee their next rehearsal though, just to ensure no punches were thrown again.

With Mr. Schue being in the room, Kurt and Puck managed to get some work done without physically assaulting one another. A few verbal onslaughts were exchanged but Mr. Schue was there to rein them in and calm them down.

After another two rehearsals, Mr. Schue deemed the two teenagers ready to work companionably with one another without the need for adult supervision.

Over the weekend, the two arranged for Puck to go over to Kurt's house so they could practice. The Jewish boy had arrived late due to a flat tyre on his truck. Kurt had rolled his eyes at him before grabbing a set of overalls and a few of his dad's spare tools before heading out to look over Puck's truck.

At first, Puck had laughed at the other teen so much that tears had rolled down his face. He just didn't see how Kurt Hummel could possibly know anything about mechanics. Yet to his surprise, Kurt had replaced his ruined tyre and fixed up something in his engine that had been making a funny noise for quite some time.

When Kurt had cleaned up and led Puck down to his basement, Puck had been surprised once more when he discovered Kurt's bedroom to be decorated white. He had been expecting every colour of the rainbow and something more dramatic than the simplicity he was met with.

The next day, Kurt headed over to Puck's house for a rehearsal. As they'd spent so much time fighting, the two really needed to get a lot of work done. This time, it was Kurt's turn to be surprised. It turned out that Badass Noah Puckerman was in fact a devoted older brother and a mama's boy.

As Kurt had expected, Puck's room was a typical teenage boy mess. What he did not expect was for his walls to be decorated with drawings that had obviously been made for him by his little sister. Although Kurt was fairly certain one of the rainbow pictures had been done by Brittany.

At school, the two teens met up during their lunch hour for a final rehearsal before they would perform to the rest of the Glee club. During their practice, they were interrupted by Karofsy and Azimio, a pair of Neanderthals who delighted in tormenting Kurt.

Predictably, the two large males verbally attacked Kurt, making fun of him for his clothing and his sexuality. With a roll of his eyes, Kurt placed his hand on his hip and gave a bitchy retort that made Puck snigger in amusement.

Whether Kurt or Karofsky and Azimio were more surprised at Puck's reaction was difficult to say. All three of them simply looked at the mohawked boy in shock waiting for his chuckles to subside.

When Puck noticed they were all looking at him as though he'd just declared his undying love for Sue Sylvester, he simply shrugged before saying he found Kurt's comment 'funny'.

After that, Karofsky and Azimio shuffled out of the choir room with expressions of confusion upon their face, much how Brittany looked whenever a teacher asked her a question.

Then when it came to their Glee performance, Puck and Kurt were more than prepared and easily delivered the best duet by a mile. Even Rachel Berry couldn't find fault in their performance and the Jewish girl gushed breathlessly in admiration, not that either boy listened to a word of her praise.

Once their Glee assignment was over, Kurt fully expected for things to return to normal between them but it didn't happen. The following day, when Kurt was ambushed by the football team and dragged over to the dumpster, Puck appeared. Instead of helping to throw Kurt in like he used to do, Puck warned the other boys off and Kurt managed to get away without his precious clothing being ruined.

Unfortunately, as badass as Puck was, he couldn't take on an entire football team single handed. For three whole months, Puck got his ass kicked every school day.

More often than not, he'd arrive to class with fresh cuts and bruises covered in the sticky substance of those damn awful Slushie drinks. And every single time this happened, Kurt would be the one to escort Puck to the nearest girls' bathroom and clean away the blood and syrupy drinks.

Eventually, after three long months of beating Puck up, the football team finally stopped, realising that there was nothing they could do to stop his friendship with Kurt.

For it was a friendship. Between Puck's beatings and Kurt being there to patch him up again, the two talked. Sometimes they spoke of silly inconsequential things. Other times, their conversations became deeper, more intimate. The two took down their walls and the barbed wire and they let the other in.

Puck opened up about his father and how deeply it had hurt him when he'd left his mum, sister and himself. In return, Kurt spoke about the pain of losing his mother as well as the difficulties he had faced because of his sexuality. He even confided in Puck about how he had deliberately blown the high F note for Defying Gravity because of the anonymous call his father had received. It was a guilt-ridden Puck who then confessed to being the one who made that call.

Though it had hurt Kurt to learn this, it didn't ruin the tentative friendship they had formed. In fact, it made their friendship stronger. Soon enough, the two were best friends and one was rarely seen without the other.

Whenever Puck had a date, it was Kurt who helped him pick out an outfit and advised him on how he really ought to treat a girl. Of course, Puck was still Puck and none of his relationships lasted long. Once he'd got into the girl's panties, Puck lost interest.

Countless times Kurt lectured Puck about his poor treatment of the opposite sex but his talks fell on deaf ears. Still, though the two had very different opinions about sex and relationships, it didn't affect their friendship.

However, Kurt did prove to be a good influence on Puck in terms of education. The Jewish boy's attendance record improved considerably, he even attended his math class. Attending class was just part of it. Kurt had also taken to giving Puck private tuition to help him get his grades up. With Kurt's help, Puck's abysmal grades went from F's to mostly C's, a B in Spanish and English, and just one D for History class.

In turn, Puck taught Kurt how to defend himself. To begin with, Burt had been reluctant to let the mohawked teen teach his son how to fight, but he had given his permission and did not regret it. In fact, Burt was immensely proud of Puck and Kurt both when the school contacted him to say that Kurt had knocked Karofsky unconscious.

For regional's, Kurt performed a solo with Puck on stage with him playing guitar. Half way through the song, Kurt experienced a strange but delightful feeling in his chest and he knew right then that they were finally going to beat Vocal Adrenaline and win.

His prediction was correct, and as the audience burst into cheers and applause, a triumphant smile formed on Kurt's lips and he joined his teammates in celebrating their victory.

The girls squealed in delight and everybody high-fived and hugged one another. Kurt had just managed to fend off an over-excited Rachel when he felt a strong arm wrap around him from behind. Tilting his head back, Kurt found himself looking at Puck. As the muscular boy spun him around for a proper hug (of the manly one-armed variety of course) Kurt found himself really looking at Puck, at Noah.

As he took a proper examination of his friend, Kurt felt an odd sensation sweep through his entire body, a sensation that lingered in his stomach area for some time. At first, he put the strange new feeling down to the excitement of winning, but he couldn't fool himself for long.

It was happening again. Kurt Hummel was falling for another straight guy.

So… shall I continue?

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