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Chapter 31-Oh My God

After an intense staring competition that nobody seemed to win, Noah latched hold of Sam's ankle and yanked him off the car dragging him onto the concrete. He then shot Leanne a look and the girl wisely leapt down from the car.

"You losers are dumped." Noah told them both as Kurt stood haughtily behind him. "Get the fuck over it and leave us alone."

"Not that simple." Sam retorted as he pushed himself to his feet. "He's mine," He pointed to Kurt. "And you're hers." He pointed to Leanne.

"Wrong and wrong." Kurt droned out. "You and I are over Sam, accept it. I don't love you, I never did, and right now all I want is to punch you in the face until you cry like a little school girl and then punch you some more purely for entertainment value. As for you Little Miss Hand-Me-Downs," He said as he turned to address Leanne, sneering at her outfit in distaste. "Noah was never truly yours. The fact of the matter is we'll always belong to one another."

"The creep used to throw you in dumpsters." Sam interjected. "How can you forgive shit like that?"

"Like I said, we'll always belong to one another." Kurt replied as he stood by Noah's side, winding an arm around his waist. "He was always my bully and I was his victim. Then he was my best friend. Now he's my boyfriend. More importantly, we're in love."

"No!" Leanne cried shrilly. "This is pathetic. Puck, baby, you're not some fag."

"Shut your fucking mouth, whore." Noah growled at her. "You wanna know the truth you little vagina? I was never really into you. Thought I was, but it was just a lie. Because you're not him." He gestured to Kurt. "And you'll never be him. You don't even compare. You're just a bad mistake I made and that's all you'll ever be. You mean nothing to me."

The girl's lower lip began to tremble and her eyes became wet with unshed tears. In all honesty, she looked truly pathetic.

Suddenly attacked with a wave of bitchiness, Kurt turned to Noah and kissed him hungrily, mouths open so their two member audience had a perfect view of the way their tongues caressed one another. He managed to pull an audible moan from Noah's mouth which made Kurt smirk in satisfaction before he broke the kiss and threw a smug look over at Leanne.

"Yeah, well… I was… faking my orgasms!" Leanne hollered at them before storming off, stumbling slightly in her last season heels.

They then turned their attention to a red-faced Sam who looked torn between wanting to pounce on Kurt and sexually harass him, or pounce on Noah and try but fail to beat him up.

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy." Noah said as he stepped forward and clapped a hand on the boy's shoulder with much more force than necessary, actually making Sam's knees buckle. "Face it, dude. You're just in no way hotter than me. Look at my guns," He flexed his arms. "Do you honestly think Kurt would go back to you when he has me? I'm a fucking stud."

"He's mine." Sam snarled out as he glared at Noah hatefully.

"No, I'm really not." Kurt told him. "And I never really was. So just move on. If you care about me at all, then you'd want me to be happy. I'll be happy with Noah."

"But I want to be the one to make you happy." Sam argued as he gripped Kurt by the shoulders. "Just let me try."

"Sammy boy, cut the shit, you're only embarrassing yourself." Noah commented as he wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist from behind and pulled him back against him.

"I really am sorry, Sam." Kurt apologized sincerely. "But you and I will never work out. You need to let me go because there's just no hope."

The other teen bit down on his lip and soon enough the tears began to fall. Noah snorted and Kurt elbowed him in the ribs and shot him a disapproving look.

He reached his hand out and lightly brushed some of Sam's tears away. His ex looked up at him despairingly before throwing his arms around him in a bone-crushing hug. Suppressing an eye-roll, Kurt loosely hugged Sam back, once again whispering a heartfelt apology in his ear.

As soon as Sam seemed calm enough, Kurt gently removed himself from the hug before he and Noah climbed into his car and drove away, leaving Sam behind with his shoulders drooping in despair.

"You don't have to be nice to that loser." Noah said. "You don't owe him anything."

"I know." Kurt replied quietly before the two of them fell silent.

He couldn't help it. Seeing Sam so miserable made him feel wretched. What was more, Kurt knew all too well how Sam was feeling. Sam was going through all the painful emotions Kurt had suffered when he'd had to watch Noah be with Leanne. The only difference was that Kurt was fortunate enough to get his happy ending with the boy he loved. For Sam, that was not the case. Kurt did not and could not love him back. His heart was Noah's, always had been and always would be.

"Are you mad at me?" Kurt asked softly as he pulled into his driveway.

"Don't be crazy." Noah answered as he shook his head. "I just… I didn't like seeing you hug Sam like that ok. It made me jealous."

"Now who's being crazy?" Kurt replied in amusement as he unstrapped himself and slipped out of the car. "You know you're the only boy for me. There's no reason for you to be insecure. I'm not going anywhere."

"Damn right you're not." Noah nodded in agreement as they stepped over the threshold and into Kurt's house. "I mean, babe, I know I've been… well, I know it's taken me a while to realise and…" He kept faltering over his words and he began to look increasingly more frustrated that he couldn't put into words what he wanted to say.

Sensing that whatever it was Noah wanted to express was important, Kurt guided him to the sofa and straddled his lap. He bent down and gently pressed their lips together as he looped his arms over his neck.

"Take your time." Kurt said. "What do you want to tell me?"

"There's never been anyone who really mattered to me before." Noah explained. "I mean, I love my mum and I even love my psychotic little sister. Then there was always Finn and Santana. My old man, before he ditched I mean. But I never fully opened up and let people in, not until I became friends with you… but even then I was still kinda closed off. I guess… I guess I've always been afraid of getting hurt."

"I will never hurt you." Kurt assured him.

"And I don't want to hurt you." Noah replied. "But I already have, so much for so long."

"None of that matters." Kurt told him as he stroked Noah's head, knowing the action would help the other teen relax.

"Kurt, baby, I'm really sorry." Noah apologized as he pulled Kurt closer to him. "If I hadn't been so scared or so blind or just… just so stupid, I could have, you know… I could have not caused you all that pain. We could have been together ages ago."

"We're together now." Kurt answered. "That's the important thing. I too have been too scared and too blind. There was a time when I truly believed that I loathed your very existence. It took me a long time to realise that it wasn't hatred I felt, but love. Why else would I return to the dumpster every morning? I could have arrived to school earlier or later, I could have walked round the back entrance. There are plenty of ways I could have avoided our morning bullying ritual. But even then there was a part of me that longed to be in your arms. Though just so you know, I much prefer being in your arms this way."

"Noted." Noah grinned. "But still, I'm sorry I was such a jerk for so long. And that night you told me you loved me, I should have told you then that I love you to. I'm sorry I freaked out on you. And I'm sorry I wasn't there when… when they attacked you."

"That wasn't your fault." Kurt told him sternly. "You and my dad really have to stop blaming yourself for that. Things like that happen sometimes."

"Not to my boy they don't." Noah said passionately. "Never again. I won't let anybody so much as fucking look at you the wrong way."

Kurt smiled softly before bringing their mouths together again. Even though he knew it was impossible for Noah to protect him from everything, he appreciated his boyfriends' words all the same.

"I love you." He whispered into Noah's ear before sucking on the lobe.

"I love you more, baby." Noah responded as he rubbed Kurt's back. "Fuck, I'm turning into some love-struck fool. Maybe I am losing my badassness." He panicked.

"Well then," Kurt said huskily as he moved off of his boyfriends lap and walked backwards out of the lounge. "You better prove to me that you're still the badass stud I fell in love with."

"Yeah?" Noah asked with a smirk beginning to form as he stood up and followed Kurt who was now swinging his hips as he walked towards his basement door. "Any idea how I can prove my badassness to you, princess?"

Pausing by his basement door, Kurt turned so that his front was pressed against the wall and his rear was facing Noah. He then turned his head to send bedroom eyes to Noah over his shoulder.

"Come and fuck me." Kurt replied before he sashayed down the steps, Noah swaggering after him.

Stepping out of his shoes, Kurt made his way to the bed and crawled atop the covers on all fours before looking behind him to smile coyly at Noah who was kicking his sneakers off and dragging his hoodie over his head then dropping it to the floor.

As Kurt moved to turn himself round and prop himself up on his elbows and stretch his legs out, he watched Noah strip until he was stood before him completely nude, Puckzilla standing proudly to attention.

Kurt licked his lips, Noah's cock suddenly looking bigger than ever now that it would soon be buried in his arse.

"You sure you want this?" Noah asked as he moved towards the bed. "We can wait if you want, you don't have prove anything to me."

Moving to the edge of the bed so that he was looking up at Noah, Kurt wrapped his fingers around Noah's girth and pressed the swiftest of kisses to the crown of Noah's circumcised penis.

"I want this." Kurt answered confidently. "But I'm afraid I'm feeling a little overdressed."

"Then let me help you with that." Noah smirked before crushing their mouths together as he helped Kurt out of his designer clothing.

As his torso was exposed, Kurt flushed a little. Even though Noah had seen the scars before, he was still highly self-conscious about them.

"So beautiful." Noah assured him as he trailed loving kisses along Kurt's scars before stripping him of his jeans and underwear. "Damn, I need to fuck you so badly, baby."

"Noah Puckerman, always one for being romantic." Kurt drawled sarcastically.

"Drop the sarcasm and spread your legs." Noah growled at him lustfully.

"That may have worked on all those girls and cougars, Noah dear," Kurt teased. "But it won't work on me."

"Little fucker." Noah groaned as he picked Kurt up and threw him into the middle of the mattress then grabbed his ankles so he could pull his legs apart.

Kurt shivered with arousal as his most intimate body parts were fully displayed to Noah who was eagerly drinking in the view. He hardened under Noah's heated gaze and his heart thudded in anticipation as Noah kissed his way up his thighs, flicked his tongue over his balls, completely ignored his leaking cock, then kissed his way up his stomach, chest and neck before attaching his lips to Kurt's mouth.

"Noah, I need you." Kurt managed to say. "Bottom drawer, lube, condoms."

"I'll make it so fucking good for you, I promise." Noah replied as he moved away briefly to find the tube of lubricant and snatch up a condom. He also flicked on Kurt's iPod and the vocal stylings of Pink filled the room.

Put me on the table

Make me say your name

If I can't remember

Then give me all your pain

I can sit and listen

Or I can make you scream

"I'm sure as hell gonna make you scream." Noah promised Kurt as he rolled the condom onto his engorged cock before popping the lid of the lube and squirting a generous amount onto his fingers.

Kiss it and make it better

Just put your trust in me

"Oh my God," Kurt panted along with Pink as Noah slipped a lube-covered digit past the tight ring of muscle that was his asshole. "Go a little slower."

Noah complied and made slow work of easing his finger into Kurt's tight passage.

Oh my God, what was that again?

La da da, let me feel you baby

Let me in, 'cause I understand

Let me feel you baby

'Cause I understand

In time, Noah added a second finger to join the first and Kurt's body accepted the intrusion with a fair amount of ease. The slender boy gasped in shocked delight as Noah's fingers brushed over his prostate.


I understand all

Now climb my sugar walls

Problem solved it's dissolved

With the solvent known as spit

Lickity lick not so quick it's a

Slick ride make my mink slide

'Cause we're all pink inside

"More." Kurt called out pleadingly. "I need it, Noah. I need you inside me, your cock. Please, fuck me."

Noah silenced his pleas with a searing kiss as he aligned his shaft with Kurt's entrance and slowly fed his incredible length into Kurt's awaiting heat.

This can be really easy

It doesn't have to be hard

Here baby let me show you

I'll have ya, climbing up the walls

You got all the problems

I think that I can solve

Why don't you come in here baby?

Why don't we sit and talk

"Oh my God!" Kurt cried as he felt himself be stretched around the foreign flesh inside of him. "Oh, oh, Noah, you're so big."

"Babe, you're so tight." Noah replied. "Feels so good." He snapped his hips forward, violently almost, as he began fucking his lover in earnest.

"Go a little slower." Kurt told him, not yet used to Noah's size and the burning pain still too much for him to handle.

"Sorry." Noah whispered as he held still for a few moments then slowly pulled most of the way out before slowly easing himself back in.

Oh my god, what was that again?

La da da, let me feel you baby

Let me in, 'cause I understand

Let me feel you baby

'Cause I understand

Moving his hands all over Noah's back and buttocks, Kurt worked to get his breathing under control before pulling Noah's mouth back to his and sharing another long open-mouthed kiss.

Oh my God, go a little slower

Oh my God, what was that again?

La da da, let me feel you baby

Let me in, 'cause I understand

Let me feel you baby

'Cause I understand

"Faster." Kurt panted out now that he was used to the feel of Noah being buried inside him. "Harder."

With a grunt, Noah obeyed his command and was soon thrusting in and out as fast as he could, pulling all the way out then slamming roughly back in every time. Kurt moaned in pleasure as he jerked his own hips upwards so he could meet Noah's every thrust.

He raked his nails up Noah's back, scratching his lover as he mewled in pleasure.

In the past, when he and Mercedes had whispered and giggled about what sex might be like, his favourite shopping friend had always expressed her desire to have someone make love to her slow and sweet. As romantic as that idea seemed, Kurt had never wanted such a thing. He might be gay, but he was still a guy and the way Noah was taking him so roughly now was perfect.

Pleasure sizzled through every part of him as he let out desperate moans as he pushed back against the shaft inside of him. He was sweating all over and his hair was sticking to his forehead but he didn't care. The only thing that mattered was that Noah kept hitting his prostate every time he plunged into him.


You like the top and the bottom

You make a drop and then caught 'em

And when you rock then you've got 'em

Oh my God 'em oh my God 'em

"You like that?" Noah asked between breaths, accentuating each word with a particularly hard thrust.

"Fuck." Kurt swore throwing his head back into the pillow. "So good. Don't stop."

"Cockslut." Noah joked before sucking a mark onto Kurt's throat.

Surprising them both, Kurt reversed their positions so that he was on top. He kissed Noah deeply before pulling back and sitting up. Locking his eyes with Noah's, Kurt raised himself up before moving back down again, impaling himself upon Noah's dick.

"So hot." Noah gasped as he gripped Kurt's hips and helped him bounce up and down on his thick member, watching his cock disappear inside Kurt's little hole on every down thrust.

The new angle was even more pleasurable than when he had been flat on his back with Noah driving into him and the volume of Kurt's moans notably increased. He clenched his buttocks together, tightening his grip on Noah's groin making it more intense for his lover.

"Do that again." Noah ordered breathlessly and Kurt eagerly followed the order and clenched around Noah's member again. "That's it baby, just like that." Noah praised.

Still working his hips frantically, Kurt lowered himself so that he could capture Noah's lips in another kiss. Their tongues sparred together fighting for dominance as Noah fisted his hand into Kurt's hair.

"You're mine." Noah hissed possessively.

"No, you're mine." Kurt corrected him before gasping in surprise as Noah slapped his ass.

"You're mine, Kurt." Noah repeated before lifting them both up and carrying Kurt over to his vanity.

He pulled out of Kurt before turning him round and bending him over so that his chest was pressed against the counter and Kurt was facing his reflection in the mirror, his butt raised in the air with Noah stood behind him.

"Say it." Noah ordered as he lightly slapped Kurt's butt cheek, making the pale boy moan as a red handprint formed on his ivory flesh. "Tell me you're mine."

"Make me." Kurt challenged as he met Noah's gaze by means of the mirror.

Noah landed a smack down on Kurt's other butt cheek and Kurt giggled as he moved a hand between his legs to jerk himself off. Kurt whined in complaint as Noah forced his hand away from his weeping cock.

"Be a good boy." Noah told him mockingly with a heavy smirk plastered on his features.

He delivered another spank to Kurt's pert little arse before using his hands to spread the globes apart. Bending down, Noah darted in tongue deep into Kurt's asshole, making him cry out in bliss.

Pulling away, Noah stood back up and spanked Kurt a few more times. Kurt flinched with every hit but a small giggle slipped from his lips each time.

"Tell me you're mine." Noah demanded as he positioned himself at Kurt's entrance again but didn't penetrate.

"Just fuck me." Kurt replied glaring at his boyfriend's reflection.

"Not until you say you're mine." Noah responded as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down Kurt's butt crack, teasing him with what he really wanted. "Just say it and I'll pound this tight little ass of yours."

With a groan, Kurt shelved his pride.

"I'm yours." He said quietly, his cheeks burning.

"Say it louder." Noah smirked as he moved a hand round to fondle Kurt's balls.

"I'm yours." Kurt said quickly.

"Louder." Noah replied.

"I'm yours!" Kurt yelled. "Now fuck me!"

Noah smirked before pushing himself back into Kurt's tight channel, both of them moaning at the happy reunion.

Within seconds, Noah was fucking him hard and fast as he gripped Kurt's hair in his hands and pulled his head back.

"Watch." Noah ordered in a voice thick with lust. "Look in the mirror as I fuck you."

Kurt moaned in response and pushed back against the large cock ramming into him.

Just as Kurt was on the edge of orgasm, Noah pulled out and slapped his ass twice before guiding him back to the bed.

On his back, Kurt spread his legs shamelessly as Noah crawled on top of him and forced himself back inside. Their lips found one another and they worked out a rhythm as they expressed their love and passion with their bodies.

"So… so close." Kurt sighed. "Please, let me… nah, fuck… l-let me cum. Oh God, Noah!"

"That's it, baby." Noah encouraged as he shoved himself in and out of Kurt's writhing body and pumped his aching cock. "Cum for me."

Crying out, Kurt experienced the most intense orgasm of his life and his anal walls clamped down on Noah's dick, bringing forth his release too.

"Holy shit." Noah swore as he collapsed on top of him. "Fuck, you're amazing."

"I know." Kurt replied arrogantly as the larger boy dropped kisses over his face and neck. "You're not so bad yourself."

"I love you." Noah told him as he carefully pulled out before wrapping the smaller boy in his arms.

"I love you too." Kurt answered as he caught Noah in a kiss.

"Mmm." Noah moaned as they broke apart. "I can't wait to fuck you again… I mean, you want this to happen again, right?"

"Of course I do." Kurt replied. "There's no way you and I could be one of those couples that never have sex. I think from now on that big cock of yours should be pounding my ass at least once a day."

"Make that twice." Noah responded kissing his boyfriend deeply again. "I'm still straight by the way."

"Whatever." Kurt laughed as they kissed again.

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