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Chapter One

Brennan waited, quite impatiently for Angela and Hodgins to come into sight. It had been a year since they had last laid eyes on each other. They had barely spoken much over that time period either. Not because they didn't want to, but because they were so busy. Brennan was in Indonesia, and worked from the crack of dawn, until they kicked her out of the digging sight. They insisted she needed to sleep, although she disagreed profusely. So, she hadn't had the time to call. Besides, Angela and Hodgins were on their honeymoon. And if was anything like what she read on the internet, they would be VERY upset if she had interrupted. The conversations that they had, had were very short, not very informative, and more business like than anything.

And now, after a year of not seeing each other, here she stood, waiting for her friend. Daisy stood next to her, prattling on about some nonsense, and she pretended to listen. Daisy had been very helpful in Indonesia, the least she could do was pretend to be listening to her nonsense. Just as she was about to actually pay attention, she caught sight of what looked liked Angela and Hodgins. The hair and outfits of the two people she saw was identical to what the pair always wore at the lab. She was about to yell out their names, or at least wave, but then she saw a baby in the man's arms, and realized it couldn't be them. She slumped a little, and was disheartened by the fact that she had to wait even longer for her friends. But then she saw the woman grab the man's arm and started dragging him in her direction. She stood straighter. No, no it couldn't be them. They were right in front her in a moment, and Angela and Brennan hugged each other immediately. It felt so good to be able to hug her friend again! They stood there, for who knows how long, hugging. When they pulled apart, Brennan realized that Hodgins was still holding the child. Angela saw her staring, and reached a hand out to the baby. "Yes, doesn't she look just like her daddy?"

Brennan stared at the three of them, not moving a muscle. Then, slowly, she said, "Daddy?"

Angela nodded, the look on her face one of confusion. Then, it seemed, a light bulb went of in her brain.

"Surely I told you. I could have sworn..."

"No, you didn't. I would have remembered." Brennan said. Angela put her hand over her mouth, then brought it down slowly, a look of horror on her face.

"I'm soooo sorry!"

Before Brennan had a chance to respond, another familiar face appeared behind Angela and Hodgins. Booth reached out his arms for the child in Hodgins arms, and the child willingly left his arms for Booth's. Booth started to cooing to the baby. "Hi Emily, I'm your Uncle Booth. And you are soo cute, yes you are!"

Brennan watched the scene in front of her, and had only one question, "How did this happen?"

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