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Chapter 6

Angela was grunting, as she held her legs. Her chin was dug into her chest, and she was pushing. Hodgins stood near by, looking pale. He had fainted only a few minutes before, but managed to wake up in time for the baby crowning. He was petting Angela's hair, and whispering encouraging words to her. She growled, but continued to push. Just when the pain reached it's peak, and she was getting ready to give up, she felt the baby come out. The doctor announced in a joyous tone, "It's a girl!" And she placed the baby on Angela's stomach. Angela glanced at Hodgins, and was surprised to see his eyes glistened with water. She looked back at the bundle in her arms. Her daughter. Her perfect little baby girl.

"She's beautiful." Hodgins whispered. "You both are." He said, kissing the side of Angela's head. She nodded.

"Well of course she's beautiful. She is our daughter. There was zero chance that she'd be ugly. And she's gonna be smart." The doctor came back then, to take the baby to weigh her, and to get her foot prints.

"Does this little bundle of joy have a name yet?"

"Emily." Hodgins and Angela answered at the same time.

"Emily Hodgins."

It was hard to believe that, that scene took place only three months before. Emily had grown so much, was so much older looking. Brennan was playing with the baby, cooing at her.

Angela look around, and realized how much she missed this. Sure, she and Hodgins and Emily were a family, but they weren't complete without Uncle Booth, and Aunt Brennan.

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