Summary: Edward leaves. Charlie sends Bella to Louisiana to live with her cousin Sookie. That is where she is thrown back into the world of Vampires. This time they burn in the sun and all that.

Day Break

Chapter One

Hi my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but everyone calls me Bella. I will give you a short summary of what happened these past two years.

I used to live with my mom and her husband Phil in Phoenix, but Phil traveled a lot so I moved in with my dad. My dad, Charlie, lived in Forks, Washington, and was Chief of Police. That is where I met the Cullens.

Edward Cullen hated me the first day of school and I didn't know why. His whole family was strange. When he came back Edward saved me from being hit by a van and later from being raped.

I went to La Push with some of my friends where I saw Jacob Black. His dad, Billy, is great friends with my dad so we hung out a lot. He told me some of the legends of their tribe.

That is when I learned the Cullens were vampires. The Cullens didn't drink of human blood. They lived by drinking the blood of animals. I started to date Edward.

One day they took me to watch them play baseball. While I was there three nomad vampires came by. The vampires where Laurent, Victoria, and James. James caught my scent and started hunting me.

Jasper and Alice, Edward's brother and sister, brought me to Phoenix, while the others led Victoria and James away. James eventually tracked me to Phoenix. He convinced me he had my mom so I went to meet him.

He attacked me and bit me. Edward was able to suck the venom out so I would become a vampire.

On my eighteenth birthday his family threw me a party. When I was opening one of my presents I got a paper cut and Jasper attacked me. Edward stopped him, but not before I got hurt worse. He ended leaving saying he didn't love me.

I became depressed. I wouldn't eat, talk, and move I just sat starring out the window. Eventually Charlie had enough and sent me to Louisiana.

So this is where I am. On my way to live with my cousin Sookie. Her and her brother, Jason, live in Bon Temps, Louisiana. I am sitting on a plane waiting for it to land in New Orleans, since Bon Temps in such a small town the nearest airport is in New Orleans. I wonder what journey awaits me in this new town?

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