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Day Break

Chapter 3

Third Person

It had taken Bella a few days to get comfortable in her new surroundings. Bon Temps was very different from Forks. It was more like Phoenix than Forks. Bella actually missed Forks, she missed all of her friends, the memories she had there, and most of all she missed her dad. Bella had talked to her dad a few times since she arrived in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Bella had successfully gotten a job at Merlotte's and was glad for the distractions. She had yet to meet Bill, Sookie's boyfriend, and if she was being honest with herself she really didn't want to meet him. Bella and heard a lot of thing about Bill from Jason and a few people that she worked with. They always told her that he was no good and that she should stay away from him and his kind. The "his kind," part always threw her off it made her think that he wasn't human. She found that really odd because if he was a supernatural being he would want to keep it a secret or at least that was what the ones she knew wanted. The day that Bella was supposed to meet Bill he got pulled away for some business that he had to do or at least that was what Sookie had told her.

Bella loved working at Merlotte's. Bella had a feeling that something was different about her boss, Sam though. Bella couldn't explain it but ever time she was around him she got this strange sense of comfort and relief. It was the same feeling she had when she was around Jake or Edward. Bella was getting better at thinking about the Cullens, but it still hurt when she did.

Bella was meeting Sookie's boyfriend that night at work and she was not looking forward to it. Bella asked why they couldn't meet earlier and she just avoided the questions. What also threw Bella off was the whole True Blood thing. She had asked Sam about it and he said he would order it because some vampires in town would come into the bar. Bella couldn't believe that Sam would openly talk about vampires as if everyone knew they existed.

When Sookie finally arrived she went to find a seat before beckoning Bella over to her. As Bella approached she realized that Sookie was alone. "Where's your boyfriend," Bella asked her cousin.

"He's on his way in," Sookie responded before looking towards the door. Bella followed her gaze and saw who she was looking at. Bella immediately knew something was off about Bill. Bella thinks it was the pale skin that had really made her notice that he wasn't totally human.

Bill made his way over to where Sookie and Bella were sitting. Sookie stood up to great Bill and give him a hug. "Bill this is my cousin Bella," Sookie said introducing the two.

"Hello Bella," Bill said as he shook the girl's hand. Bella felt an odd sense when Bill touched her. It was the same feeling she got when she was around Edward, Jake, and Sam, but this was different. This feeling was more intense, more pronounce.

"Hello Bill," Bella quietly said as she pulled her hand out of Bill's hand.

"Sorry Bella can be really shy," Sookie told Bill when she noticed Bella's awkwardness.

Bella was quiet most of the night. She really didn't want to associate with Bill. She may be getting the same feeling she got when she was with Edward, Jacob, and Sam, but something about Bill made her want to just not be around him at all.

The three of them sat down and waited for someone to come over to take their orders. When someone did finally did it happened to be Arlene that took their orders. Bill had ordered a true blood and it got Bella to think. It made her wonder why she never saw Bill during the day time and why everyone seemed to know about vampires. Bella then remembered the brief news segment she had seen that mentioned the out coming of vampires. Well what everyone else saw as vampires, and not what she knew as being vampires. The cold ones as the members of the La Push tribe had said.

This made Bella notice the little things about how Sookie and Bill reacted around each other. Looking at the two made Bella think of her relationship with Edward and how Edward would treat her like she would brake. Bill treated Sookie the same way; almost as if he made one wrong move he would hurt her. Bella knew that living with Sookie may turn out to be more than she expected or wanted.

Bella wanted a normal life for once, a life without the supernatural. Even though Sookie could read minds Bella really didn't consider her to be a supernatural being since Sookie couldn't read Bella's mind. It looked as if though Bella wasn't going to have much luck. It was as if the supernatural followed her where ever she went. Bella would find out the truth about Bill and hopefully if he was a true vampire unlike the Cullens stay out of their affairs. Bella knew having Sookie as a cousin would make that impossible but she would try never the less.

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