Heart Stopper

I hated walking out into the swimming pool area in a speedo. For one, the things were very uncomfortable and I found myself having to reach back and pull out wedgies from my butt every 10 seconds. Guess they never heard of swim trunks. I headed back over to the coach, pushing my hair into the swim cap and quickly hiding my eyes behind the goggles.

I had to say though; it felt good being back even if I didn't want to admit it out loud. The funny part was, when all the guys saw my now fully exposed muscle body, a look of total shock came over them. No more chubbiness for me. And I literally had to hold Ambriel back from taking over my body, and making me strut my stuff as I walked.

"Take a picture boys, it lasts longer." I called out, snapping them back into reality with a blink, and then they were swimming away.

"Renalds, you're going up against David. Clean swim...two circuits. Got it?" The coach instructed. A smirk came to my face. Just what I wanted.

"Perfectly clear coach." I replied.

"Good." He told me then turned to the others. "Out of the pool maggots!" He yelled. Without any word, the others climbed out of the pool and stood there, waiting anxiously for us to start.

David and I took our spots on the platform, one foot pressed against the backboard, our bodies bent forward, muscles tight, and hands on the platform itself. We took one challenging look at each other then the gun went off. We flung ourselves into the water with a loud splash before we headed for the other side. Our legs kicked like crazy under the water, propelling us forward while our arms acted as rutters to keep us in line. Each time our heads broke the surface; we'd take a breath and look at eachother.

We weren't supposed to focus on how far ahead or behind our opponents were, but to focus on pushing our bodies and finishing. My lungs worked in over drive to keep up with my fast beating heart as it pumped blood through my body. Right now, I was going at my normal human speed, my muscles were aching with the restraint to stay at that speed instead of useing the speed I now had. I saw the end of the pool closing in and took a deep breath, before flipping under the water, touching my feet to the wall, then propelling myself back the way I came.

I had lost track of where David was. My mind was completely focused on winning now. The sound of splashing water...the sound of my rapidly beating heart and my quick breathing was the only thing I could hear at the moment. The wall came again and my mind went through the motions...breathe...flip...press...kick...swim.

And I was heading back to the other side on my second round. And I hadn't noticed when, but on my last turn probably, I had released everything. Every muscle in my body releasing its tension as my full speed broke free, and before I knew it, I was done.

I gasped for breath while the guys pulled me out of the pool and patted my back and shoulders, telling me how amazing and fast I was. I stared at David when he pulled himself out of the pool and stood there panting, eyes glaring at me, and I instantly braced myself for what was coming next.

Not only had I intruded into his turf and made myself welcome, I was also taking away his "pack" and challenging his for dominance. Instincts kicked in at once and I ducked down, feeling the wind from his fist fly over my head and I heard the horrible yet satisfing snap of a bone breaking, as the fist came into contact with the guy standing behind me.

And like a cat, ready to pounce on its unexpected prey, my tense muscles released again, sending me forward. I slammed into David, sending us both back, before I flipped us both over so I was under him and his back was pressed against my chest. My legs came up and wrapped around his waist, while my left arm hooked tightly around his throat, holding him there.

Though he fought like hell to try and get free, he wasn't helping his situation considering I was useing 10% of my midnighter strength to hold him down. Each time he fought against me, my arm around him tightened, cutting off his breathing even more.

"David! Relax! I don't want to hurt you!" I ordered, but he didn't relax.

His face was starting to turn blue, and I knew that I had to let him go, but I couldn't. If I let him go, he would just try to keep fighting me, and that would put others in danger. Finally, as both the coach and Lipshitz came running towards us, I heard a loud crack which drew my attention to David again.

His body went limp; his eyes rolling into the back of his head and a single ragged gasp escaped his mouth. I let him go at once. I pushed him away from me and stood up, just as the coach reached us and knelt down to check on David.

"What on earth happened!" Lipshitz yelled, glaring ar the team before me.

"I had no choice but to restrain him sir. He was trying to fight me and was putting the others in danger. I couldn't let him go when he was acting like that." I explained in a quiet voice, still staring at David.

Coach pulled out his cell phone and was talking to a woman on the other end, asking for an ambulance. David was alive but he most likely wouldn't be able to breathe on his own for awhile. But that crack...why had it sent a shiver down my spine?

'You really did it this time.' Ambriel stated quietly, clearly surprised and not knowing what to say exactly.

'It was for his own good. If I would've let him go, he could've seriously hurt someone.' I replied back, mentally.

"Dude, you're bleeding all over the place!" Someone yelled and I suddenly remembered the guy who had been hit.

My attention was now drawn on the boy, who I recognized as Brandon. He had his head tilted backwards and a blood soaked hand covered his nose. Blood was all over his chin and chest too, as well as on the pool floor. I quickly ran over into the locker room, grabbed two swimming robes, and then ran back out.

"I'll take him to the nurse, coach. It's my fault he's bleeding." I stated, pulling on one of the robes, while two guys helped Brandon into the other.

"Fine, but get your butt back here once he's been checked." Coach ordered. I nodded and led the guy out of the pool room. A trail of blood followed us as we walked.

When the bell rang, people quickly moved out of our way when they saw him bleeding and avoided stepping in the trail behind us. When Hailey came out of her class, her eyes widened when she saw us, but I ignored her for the time being and kept going. We reached the nurses office after another 5 minutes of walking. Pulling the door open, I helped Brandon inside and to one of the tables. Nurse Muse was looking over a sick girl, but noticed us and came over.

"Good lord Brandon. What happened to you?" She asked, as she started checking him over.

"He got nailed by David Manning in the pool. The punch was aimed to me but I ducked and he got hit." I explained. The nurse looked at me, and popped Brandon's nose back into place with a sickening pop. Brandon did his best not to yell out and tears streamed down his face from the pain, but he was taking it like a man.

"I see," She said. "And you would be?" She asked. I knew she wouldn't have recognized me.

"That's...Caylob Renalds," Brandon managed to say past the pain. "He...joined back up and kicked David's ass in swimming." A surprised look came to the nurses' face.

"Caylob? Really? Wow! I hardly recognized you." She stated. I smiled at her.

"Actually, you didn't recognize me at all." I teased. A light blush came to her face.

"Okay, you caught me." She chuckled. "It's good to see you again Caylob."

"Thanks. It's good to be back." I replied with a smile. "Sorry about the nose Brandon. I didn't know you were behind me."

"Nah, it's okay. It wasn't your fault. David's to blame for going crazy like that." He pointed out. The sound of the ambulance sirens going off entered my ears making me frown. Brandon frowned as well.

The nurse washed the blood off of Brandon's face, gave him some painkillers, and patched up his nose, so it wouldn't pop back out of place again. She gave us the all clear, and we headed out and back to the pool. The medics were pulling David onto a stretcher with an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose.

There was an oxygen tube embedded in his neck just below where his voice box was. The principle was talking to one of the medics before he spotted us and came over, a serious look on his face.

"Brandon, get your stuff and go home," He ordered. Brandon nodded and walked into the locker room. "You Caylob...tell me what happened." I sighed and ran a hand on the back of my neck, putting a worried look on my face.

"The coach had David and me race to see if I still had what it takes to be on the team. I guess David got ticked off that I beat him, because he suddenly wanted to fight me. He threw a punch at me, I ducked, Brandon got hit. I felt like the team was being threatened by David's crazy actions, so I had to restrain him the best I could. He wouldn't settle down though." I explained. The principle looked thoughtful.

"Is he...going to be alright?" I asked.

"He'll live if that's what you mean. He'll have to be in the hospital on an oxygen machine until he can breathe on his own again." He replied. "You've got one hell of a death grip there kid. They said that not only could he not breathe on his own, but he won't be able to talk anymore. You ended up crushing his voice box. He's going to be put into surgery to get it out, before it causes any more damage."

Panic and shock washed through me at once. I hadn't meant to do that to him! I had only simply wanted to hold him down so he wouldn't hurt anyone. So that had been what the cracking sound was. If it was possible to feel the color drain from your face, I could right there. I suddenly felt cold and my heart pounded in my chest.

"It's not you're fault son. It was self defense. I would've done the same thing. Go home, get some rest. And I'll see you in the morning." He told me, patting me on the shoulder before walking away.

I stood there frozen, even my breathing had stopped. I couldn't believe it. All that training...all that hard work and beatings I had to take. What had they all been for? I had hurt a human! Jackass or not. David didn't deserve that. And now because of me, he would never speak again. My training had been for nothing. Damn it! What had those two years been for!

'Caylob!' Ambriel snapped in my head, making me jump in surprise and come out of my weird space out. I felt my mind calm down at once and heard Ambriel sigh in relief. 'God man! Calm your ass down! You nearly killed me with all the thoughts suddenly running through your head.' He complained. Giving a low growl, I snapped the goggles off my face and walked tensely to the locker room

"Sorry. It's just I can't believe that I hurt him. It feels like all our training was for nothing. All the beating's and bleeding we had done for Aaron...it seems like a waste now!" I yelled, kicking a locker closed with a bang.

I stared at the long mirror on the wall, staring at my reflection. It showed the locker room just like it was, with me sitting on a bench, hands tightly locked together in one big fist, my bright green snake eyes glareing at myself in the mirror. Then they locked onto the person standing behind me, leaned up against one of the lockers, arms crossed over his chest.

He had spikey black hair, and long elf like ears. Two red earrings pierced both ears. A long black and red trench coat covered his body. Tight leather black pants covered his legs. He wore thick black boots and a skull-cross bone belt that had red rubies for eyes. He had long deadly claws on the end of each finger, a single fang stuck out past his upper lip. And his eyes...blood red snake eyes. The eyes of a darkling. This...this was Ambriel in the flesh.

'Give it a rest Caylob.' He stated in my head, his mouth moving in the mirror to the words. 'You're loseing it man. So you lost control for a moment there. So what? It could've been worse. You could've lost full control and not only killed him, but everyone in the room.' He pointed out. He had a point.

This was the only way a normal person as well as myself could actually see Ambriel, unless I entered my own mind. People always said that the eyes were the portals into a person's soul. And it was true, but here, if the midnighter looked into a mirror, the soul was reflected back at you.

That's why Ambriel now stood in the mirror. Any piece of glass, or anything that showed my reflection would show Ambriel as well. Him trying to calm me down right now wasn't lightning my mood any.

"Still Abe. The point of our training was to get me used to you and the changes you did to my body. To keep me in control so I would be able to keep my cool around humans. If I can't do that, then I might as well go back to HQ." I stated. Ambriel glared at me for that.

'Like hell you are! I'm not going back to that God forsaken place. You'd have to drag me!' He growled. I simply sighed, closing my eyes and tapped a finger to my head. Since he was trapped inside me; that could be arranged. 'Okay so you got a point. Shut up.' He said seeing my finger then my smirk.

"Fine I won't go back. But if this happens again then I am. Got it?" I shot back.

'Fine.'He said with a grumble. Sighing again, I got up and started to put my clothes back on. I was going to need a major meditative lesson tonight.

Pulling on my sunglasses, I headed back out to the pool then left the room completely. The halls were empty since no one was here except the few janitors who were busy cleaning out the classrooms. Leaving the school, I took a deep breath of fresh air, thanking my sunglasses for keeping the sun light out of my eyes. Cause that would suck with my vision. Fishing for my keys, I headed to the parking lot where my car sat by itself.

I stopped in my tracks however, with a frown when I found Hailey sitting up against the school wall, her legs pulled up to her chest. Her face was buried in her knees but I could see the slight shake of her body even from this far away, and hear the soft sobs that escaped past her mouth. The only car in the parking lot was mine though.

Frowning deeper, I walked towards her, my feet pressing against the ground without a sound. I stopped when i was directly next to her and just stared at her for a few minutes. I pulled my jacket further onto my shoulder before lightly bumping my shoe with hers, making her jump.

"Hey. What's with the waterworks?" I asked calmly. Sniffing back a sob, she tried to wipe away the tears from her face, but more just kept coming.

"C-Caylob." She said, clearly surprised that I was still here. "I...I was d-dating Jason Hudson..."She started. Seriously? She used to hate the guy.

"What about the jackass?" I asked, leaning up against the wall.

"Well..." She said wiping away more tears. "He asked me to follow him into the woods after school, and I did." She explained. "We started talking and then he broke up with me."

"Why? Anyone would be stupid to break up with you. And trust me; it takes an idiot to know one." I stated.

"He...he wanted me to..."She started to say.

"Oh god Hail. Please tell me you didn't." I begged. What she was trying to say was that, he had taken her into the forest to have sex. I sighed in relief when she shook her head. Then she looked up at me, with puffy red, tear soaked eyes.

"That's why he dumped me." She said, and then she started crying again. I sank down to the ground beside her and pulled her into a hug, resting my chin on the top of her head while she buried her face in my chest and cried.

"God Hail..."I said with a sigh. Okay, so I still loved her and I hated seeing her hurt, so sue me. The memory of me breaking up with her came to my head all of a sudden.

"I'm so sorry. You don't need a jerk like him in your life. He'd only use you. I hate to say it, but you're better off without him. Find a guy who will treat you right and spoil you because he loves you. It might be hard to find a guy like that, and you'll have your heart broken a lot in the search, but he's out there. So don't let a jerk like Jason make up upset." I told her.

She nodded and stopped crying after a few minutes. I smiled and wiped her tears away. "You're too cute and beautiful to be crying." She smiled at that. "You'll get wrinkles." A soft chuckle escaped her lips.

"Thanks Caylob." She said and I nodded, getting back up to my feet, I held a hand out to help her up as well.

"Anytime," I replied. "Come on, I'll give you a lift home." She nodded and let me pull her to her feet, before we headed to my car. She blinked in surprise as I lifted the door open and up over our heads, instead of to the side like normal cars.

"This is your car?" She asked, getting in and looking around. I shut the door and got into the driver's seat.

"Yep, nice huh?" I asked and she nodded, clearly dumb struck.

The car was a 2015 Ford Shelby GT500KR, with tinted windows. It also had a million buttons and an extreme speaker set. The car was brand new, not even released from the factory yet. But I had my sources to getting one.

"Where on earth did you get it?" She asked, buckling herself in. I turned the car on and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Europe. After I left, I ran into some close family members that I never knew about. They have alot of money and pretty much let me buy whatever I want." I replied, as we got onto the main road.

"You've been to Europe? Seriously!" She shouted in disbelief. "I so totally hate you right now."

"Good. You should hate me after what I did to you." I replied, frowning. She frowned too and stared out her window.