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"Edward feeds"

This outtake will switch POVs between, Bella's and Edward's

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I decided to take Bella down to a brook about 20 miles away at dawn. That way I really wouldn't have to chase my dinner, it would, for the most part, come to us. By the time it sensed me I would already have it caught. I hope this was not a mistake. I just didn't want to scare her or put her off when she finally saw what I really am, what we are. Once we got there, I pulled her off my back and sat her down on her feet. I do love her riding me…in any and every possible way. When I ran and she was clutching on my back I could feel the heat from her core radiating from her. Her endorphins we racing, adrenalin raging, and her excitement was at its peak. It was a rush. I pulled out the small blanket we packed so we could sit by the brook and await my prey. We were talking, and at least I wasn't moving, but I couldn't expect Bella to be like one of us until she was one of us. She was lying on the blanket reading while I sat besides her twirling a piece of her hair, but still ready to spring at a moment's notice.

We were there for all of about one hour when I caught the scent a small doe nearby. I tapped Bella and when she looked over at me I put my finger to my mouth and pointed in the direction I was about to go off in. I didn't think Bella would be able to see me. I was sure I would still be able to smell her since I could smell the deer from here I was glad that she probably wouldn't be able to see me, baby steps.

I crouched into my hunting stance and then suddenly sprang forward crossing the small brook and was at the doe in a matter of seconds.


I didn't know what to expect. I knew that yesterday when he rejoined me, there was just something very different about him. I always thought I attacked him when he got home from hunting from the lack of seeing him, now I'm second guessing that theory. I didn't know if it was the fact of him hunting, being a predator, that made him exude more pheromones, or what but it drove me wild for him. I could feel his adrenaline and power and it took me over the edge, and now to sit here and see him in action was a high like no other. Who needed drugs when I have my own brand of heroin, as Edward once put it?

It didn't even gross me out when I kissed him knowing that he had just drank the blood of an animal, when normally the smell of blood, from the meat I would cook for Charlie would make me nauseated.

I laid out flat on my stomach reading a book of poetry while Edward sat beside me, a little tense, but still he played with a strand of my hair that had fallen from the messy pony tail I had it in. Then all of a sudden I felt Edward tap my shoulder, I turned to look at him and he let me know he was about to attack.

He suddenly sprang forward and over the brook and was soon out of my vision. I sat up and leaned forward, as if I could hear what was going on if I strained enough. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I could feel the back of my neck burning and I was suddenly aware of my excitement. To see him like that, so in charge and feral was such a turn on. He is a predator, but also my proctor. He was mine.


As I finished draining the doe I straightened up out of my crouch, turned, and jumped the brook, landing in front of Bella. I approached her and could smell her arousal. What is with her and her reaction to me hunting? I thought it was a fluke last time but now I was beginning to see a pattern. She looked up at me with hooded eyes. I bent and crawled over to her. She scooted away but had a mischievous looking grin on her face the whole time. She crawled backwards until she sat up on her knees. I lunged towards her and she fell back, flat on her back. I grabbed her hands and held them over her head with one hand and took my other hand and grabbed her breast a little on the rough side, kissing her with all the earnest I had. I was between her legs so I lowered myself some so I could come in contact with her hot pussy. I don't know what came over me, but to know that it turned her on when I hunted, that definitely makes hunting a win win situation.

I rubbed my almost painfully aroused dick against her and continued to grope and massage her breast rougher than I would normally have done so. I moved my kisses down her neck to her chest. She arched her back which in turn pushed her breast right into my face. I couldn't resist, she still had her bra and her shirt on, I was sure if I were to just lightly nibble on her pert nipples she wouldn't get bit and no venom would come in contact with her. I took the chance and gave her chest a few hard sucks as I made my way down to where I wanted to be. She was already moving against me, with every thrust I made she met me adding to the friction. When I bit her through her clothing she came off the ground and let out a moan that could be heard for miles and was panting like crazy. She tried to move her hands out of my grasp but I tightened my grip and growled at her. I was still completely in control, I was just enjoying this little game, and from her reactions she was too. Soon her legs closed very tightly around my waist and she stopped moving for just a bit as she came down from the high of her orgasm.


That was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. I knew Edward was just going with the flow of things so I wasn't scared one bit. He moved against me roughly, and manhandled me and I loved every minute of it. Now I wanted him to cum. I pulled at my hands and I think he thought he was hurting me. Once I got a hand freed, I took it and tangled it into his hair gripping it harder than I normally would have. With the other hand, I clawed at his back and he hissed with the pleasurable pain. His movements where frantic and I reached up and bit his neck pretty damn hard. He growled something fierce when he came with a deep shutter.

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