"Come on Bella!" my arm literally felt like it was being pulled off, by Emmett as he dragged me excitedly through the woods.

"Em, what's going on?" Edward was hunting, Jazz had left a while back after he and Alice broke up. I still don't understand what happened, weren't they mates? Alice was off soul mate searching, and Rose was working on cars. Emmett, was going to show me what he had been up to these past few weeks.

"I can't tell you! You have to see for yourself," he turned his face uncharacteristically serious. "You. Can't. Tell. Anyone." I nodded speechless. Emmett, serious.

"Okay," suddenly I saw it. Piles of junk, machines of all sorts, a washer, a dryer, fridge, water heater. And one big machine that seemed to be pieces of all the others.

"Em, what is it?" his face was bright.

"A time machine!" he declared excitedly. My eyebrows rose.

"You're kidding right?" there was no way EMMETT made a time machine.

"Yeah, I figured we could go back in time and fix Alice and Jazz's marriage," I smiled.

"Em, that's sweet, but does it actually work?" he smirked.

"Remember last week when I went hunting?" I nodded confused.

"I went hunting in 1834, good bear," his face was far away with the memory. "Why, are you telling me? Have Rose help you," he frowned.

"This is our adventure, Bells, one last hurrah before you're stuck with Edward forever. Besides, it's a great human experience!" I sighed.

"Okay," I decided.

"Woop! Thanks Bells, okay. Fix their marriage. Hmm when should we go?" he mused playing with a little keyboard.

"1961!" I declared. He nodded and typed away.

"Okay, now we're looking for Jasper, in 1961 everyone split up and did their own thing. Jazz went to Texas to visit some friends," he typed some more and then pulled me excitedly into the machine.

"Ready?" he didn't wait for me to answer before he pushed a button.

My stomach flopped, like thousands of butterflies were trapped. My head span, and I felt so out of it. Time travel, messes with your body.

Emmett opened the door and we stepped out. Immediately I noticed that there was snow on the ground, and that my jeans and T-shirt were now a full dark green gown that fell off the shoulder, with a warm black shawl wrapped around my shoulders. It was tight fitted, no doubt a corset, and spanned out to a giant skirt. The weight of the fabric surprised me. Emmett was wearing, an old fashioned suit jacket over a white shirt, with old fashioned slacks. I went over to the machine. 1861?

"Emmett you idiot! You typed 1861 instead of 1961!"

"Hey, Bell's this is going to be such a good story to tell to people when we go back," he tried to laugh.

"When we go back, let's go back now Emmett! I'm freezing!" he sighed.

"Er well… how do I explain this to a human?" my eyes narrowed.


"We're stuck here for a while, time travel messes with the machine sometimes," I gaped at him.

"Unbelievable," I mumbled to myself. He shrugged.

"I can hear a town not too far off," I shivered and followed after him.

"When I'm a vampire, I'm going to kill you," I did my best to wrap the warm shawl around my body.

"Come on Bell's it's not that bad, I mean if we're in 1861 then Jasper's human! We can find him, and not have to deal with him affecting our emotions! You can finally be mad at me and not have it interfered with," I literally growled at him.

"How are we going to find him?" I tried my best to keep calm.

"Oh, he can't smell that different, plus he'll look kind of the same," I rolled my eyes.

"For tonight we'll find ourselves a hotel,"

"How are we going to pay for this?" I challenged.

"Just like our clothes changed, money changes. I had a big wad of money in my pocket when we left, so seeing as the money is different in this time we're filthy stinkin' rich!" I laughed at his exuberance.

"Okay, I want a really nice room though," he nodded. Houses began to come into view. This town seemed bigger then what I'd seen in movies.

"Excuse me, can you point out the best Inn in town please?" Emmett asked the nearest young lady. Her eyes widened her eyes glazing over.

"Continue along this road and you'll see Whit's Inn," she finally answered her voice kind of squeaky. As soon as we were out of range Emmett and I started laughing.

"Did you see her reaction?" he asked. I nodded unable to speak.

"Oh gosh Emmett, that was too funny,"

Further down the road, Whit's Inn came into view. It was big, two stories with many windows. A rarity I suppose. Emmett held the door open as I stepped in. It was warm a fire in the fireplace blazing. I made my way over and allowed my body to warm up.

"How can I help ya?" the voice was masculine, and strong, a southern accent prominent.

"My sister and I would like a place for the night," Emmett answered. I rolled my eyes.

"Two rooms, or one?" I blocked them out and continued warming up. How were we getting back now?

"Bella, come on your warm room awaits," I turned a light blush on my face. "Of course," the man waiting on the stairs had my breath catch in my throat. He was beautiful. Tall, blonde, with striking blue eyes. My eyes widened when I realized, I was staring at the human version of Jasper.

"You okay there Darlin'?" I nodded breathlessly. My heart pounding erratically.

"Yes, I'm just very tired from our traveling," he nodded a beautiful smile alighting his face.

"Of course, let's not have you wait too long miss, follow me," I nodded and followed him up. Ignoring the small chuckled from Emmett.

My room was simple a nice bed and a small wood burning stove for heat. I smiled at Jasper.

"It's wonderful, thank you," he smiled easily.

"Have a good night, Ellie, will be up in the morning for breakfast," I nodded. He excused himself and showed Emmett his room.

A few minutes later Emmett came into my room a smirk on his face.

"You have the hots for Jasper!" I blushed and groaned out loud.

"Not a word Emmett!" he shrugged sitting on the bed next to me.

"Don't worry, he's go the hots for you too! You should of seen his face when we first came in, of course you were busy with the fire and all, but man it was almost comical, he looked like he was seeing an angel," I rolled my eyes blushing.

"Whatever Emmett, I'm going to sleep, have a good night," he left.

"I can't wait to tell Jasper when we get back!" with that he left. I laid on the bed and groaned. A few moments later another there was a knock on the door.

"Yes?" Jasper poked his head in almost shyly.

"I noticed you didn't have any luggage, I brought you something more comfortable to sleep in. I flushed as he handed me a white nightgown.

"Thank you," he smiled.

"I'm Jasper Whitlock, by the way," I smiled.

"Bella Swan,"

"I better let you get to sleep, my momma would kill me if she knew I was keeping a pretty girl from her beauty sleep," with that he left. I blushed as I sat contemplating what he'd told me.

Jasper (briefly)

Momma had me watching the Inn for the night, I wasn't too excited for it. Barely anyone round these parts could afford the Inn anyway. The door opened and along with a flurry of snow stood the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. Her dark hair was pinned up exposing her creamy neck and ample cleavage. Her face was flushed, brown eyes sparkling. I felt a wave of disappointment as she mad her way to the fireplace. I continued to watch her, she was small, but so beautiful. Someone cleared their throat and I looked up. He was big, and intimidating. Only a few inches taller than me, but the muscles on this guy were huge! I glanced at the girl, they must be courting.

Foolish, to think I was good enough for her.

"How can I help ya?" I asked politely. He smiled, his teeth glinting. I felt a small dash of fear. He was obviously amused.

"My sister and I would like a place for the night," he said. I couldn't help the small smile that rose to my face. So she wasn't taken.

"Two rooms, or one?" he got two, but requested they be next door to each other. After paying he hollered at his sister.

"Bella come on, your warm room awaits," I smiled at the new information. Bella, a very beautiful name.

After showing her to her room, and dropping of a nightgown I'd borrowed from Ellie, I sat thinking. I'd do whatever it took to be near her, to learn about her. I'd make sure to visit her often in hopes she'd need help with something.

I fell asleep my thoughts on the mysterious new just one floor away.