The crowd on the central deck of the middle Ark enjoyed the sunset. "Beautiful." Kate murmured. Lily held a sleeping Caesar in her hand. A mutilated body floats past the Ark. Jackson spots it. "Oh my god." He said, covering his mouth with his hands. "What is it, honey?" Kate said. "There was a fucking torn-up body down there. It looked like Gordon." Jackson said. "Don't be ridiculous." Kate said.

Later that day, the Curtis' were in the Ark's restaurant areas, eating. The Intercoms activated, and a recording of Charlie Frost' messages. "This is Charlie Frost reporting live from Yellowstone National Park, what is now to become the world's largest super-volcano. I am standing here at the highest point in Yellowstone, what is believed to be the rim of this big super-volcano." Jackson looked shocked.

"The Earth Defense Force is making a secret underground Space Shuttle bay in Africa, where they can send survivors to a distant planet that they have colonized, in preparation for this upcoming cataclysmic event on the 21st of December." Jackson was surprised. "What?" was all he could say.

"Remember folks, you heard it live from Charlie Frost, the EDF's top scientist." Jackson looked up in surprise. "Remember when I said Charlie was right about everything…I think he's right about what he's saying in this recording." Jackson said.

Noah stops eating his French fries and looks in amazement. Later, it was nighttime. In the Curtis cabin, Kate was napping with the Television turned on. Captain Michaels was displayed and started a speech.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are approaching the African Shore. Pack up your supplies and belongings if you have any." The horn of the Arks had sounded. People stepped out there berths. Up ahead, the Cape of Good Hope's shore approached.