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This crossover takes place around the mid series in Animorph (around the late #20's or early #30's) and is instead of The Enternity Code for Artemis Fowl (I will actually be using a few quotes from that book)

Note: In my story, the Animorphs live in Oregon because by the environment it describes in the series, it seems like a logical guess. Yes, I am aware that in an earlier draft of this story they lived in California, but I did some research recently and realized that the first wolf spotted in the state in about eighty years was only a couple of months ago. Since wolves are one of their most common morphs and are found in Cassie's barn, I changed the state to Oregon.

In case you didn't know, though speak is ((like this))

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"Things will never be the same for either of them..."

Chapter 1: Oregon, USA

Visser Three was not a patient Yeerk. Today, however, he was particularly irritable. He glared at his useless servant, tapping his hoof impatiently. ((Can't you go any faster, Iniss?)) he demanded angrily.

Iniss flinched. He hated whenever his master was in one of his moods. The Visser had been more and more edgy lately, it was probably because of those Andalite bandits. In the most respectful tone he could manage, so he wouldn't angry him, the Yeerk replied, "I'm trying, Visser. Really. It's just that these human computers are so slow and primitive..."

((I don't want to hear any complaints!))

"My apologizes," he typed something on the computer and clicked search; a window popped up and Iniss groaned loudly.

((WHAT?)) Visser Three roared in thought-speak, ((DO MY ORDERS MEAN NOTHING TO YOU! WHAT IS IT NOW, YOU SIMPLETON?))

"There seems to be no one left."

((Then do a recount, you idiot!)) Yep, definitely one of his moods.

"I already did. Twice. It's no use, there doesn't seem to be a single host in the United States, Canada, or Mexico that fits our qualifications."

((Iniss, why are you only looking in America? Think bigger, try Europe, Asia, Australia, this planet is flooded with these filthy humans, any fool can see that!))

"Y-yes, Visser!" he stuttered nervously. "I'm on it!"

Twently minutes later, he said. "Well...I found someone alright."


"He's a criminal mastermind. A human by the name of Artemis Fowl," Iniss looked up, confused, "that's a female name, is it not?"

Esplin rolled his stalk eyes. ((Do I care? Just keep going.))

"It says here that the Fowls have been passing down their talents for over five hundred years at least. Artemis is said to be very intelligent with an IQ of over two hundred, the highest of any living person. And he is very wealthy as well."

((And where does this Artemis character live?))

"Europe. Ireland to be exact."

((Perfect! Those blasted Andalite bandits will never suspect us to find a host there! Iniss, gather a meeting, this Artemis could be very useful.))

"Yes, of course. But Visser, there's something I think you should be aware of..."

((Not now, Iniss.))

"But, Visser Three, I really think that you should know-"

((Iniss, what did I say?))

"To gather a meeting."

((And what are you not doing right now?))

"But Visser, Artemis is-"

((ARE YOU DEAF?)) he screamed in thought-speech, ((I TOLD YOU I WAS NOT INTERESTED!))

"But Visser, Artemis is only thirteen!" he blurted out.

Visser Three turned all four of his host's eyes onto Iniss.

Iniss covered his face with his arms, as if trying to block the Visser from hurting him. Of course, had he decided to, the defense would be worthless against Alloran's tailblade, or even a Dracon Beam.

((Iniss 226, what did you just say to me?)) the Yeerk demanded.

"The boy's only thirteen," he squeaked.

((I do not care how young he is. As long as he is clever and good at scheming, that is all that matters.))

"Yes, Visser."

((Now, go make yourself useful and construct a meeting!))

Iniss nodded, and made his way for the door.

((Oh, and Iniss?))

He turned around. "Yes?"

((If you even interrupt me while I am speaking again, I will personally remove your host's head and feed it to the Taxxons!))

Some random town in Oregon, USA

Jake had never been so tired before. For the past six nights, he and the Animorphs had been working overtime with super late missions, with little progress. He had gotten about four hours of sleep total this week. Maybe.

He walked down the stairs to the kitchen, still half-asleep.

His parents were at the table waiting for him.

"Good morning to you too, Jake," said his mom sarcastically, "and yes I did sleep well, thank you for asking."

Jake, too tired to speak, responded with no more then a small grunt.

Not at all paying attention to what he was doing, Jake took a bowl and poured himself some cereal, not even noticing he put orange juice in instead of milk.

"Jake, did you take Homer out?" mom asked.

WOOF! Homer agreed.

"Uh!" he grunted, putting his face into his cereal.

Tom came down the stairs in a business suit. "Good morning. Mother, father," he nodded at Jake nonchalantly, "Midget."

Jake made some kind of unintelligible moan, his head still in the cereal.

"Why are you so dressed up?" Jake's father asked Tom.

"Remember, today the Sharing is meeting someone very special; someone in Ireland."

This woke Jake up, as soon as he heard the word "Ireland", his head popped up from the bowl. His face was covered in cherios. After a few gasping breaths he said. "Ireland?"

"Yeah, we've been planning it all week."

"But why Ireland?"

"Were you listening? We're meeting somebody there!"


"That's top secret."


"I've gotta go. By mom, dad, Midget." Tom walked over to Jake and picked a cherio off his face, he chewed and swallowed. Tom shrugged, and then left the house.

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