*Hey, my readers. This is my first story here. So I'll let you in on her name. Her name is Melina Afterfew. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The day started, no it began, like always by waking up. 10 minutes it took. 10 alarm clocks. 5$ each. 50$ in total. By the shadows on my walls, it is 7:07 a.m. In three minutes my mother will open the door and call me to down for breakfast. 3 minutes, 120 seconds.

1,2,3 minutes pass.

My door opens.

"Good morning, my sunshine. I made your favorite pancakes. So how did you sleep?"

"Wonderful. Never better." I stood up, in my favorite pajamas. Black with gold roses. Yawned my favorite yawn of all yawns. I put on my Hello Kitty slippers, and headed out the door to the smell of pancakes. Also with the swift smell of cookies and cream ice cream right next to it. Yum~

"Do you remember your dream?" My mother asks. We have this conversation every morning.

"Yes. Quite frightening, actually." It really was. I was surrounded by the people I hate most. All laughing and staring at me, then it changed to a building. I was on the roof, I was looking down, and saw nothing but darkness. Behind me all of the things I was scared of were coming at me. I jumped down. Until I fell onto a concrete floor, and there they were. All of them, everyone I know and knew and all of things I know of, were there. Laughing and pointing at me. Like I was a freak show.

"What was it about? We can talk about it if you want, it helps." My mom implies.

"Thanks, but no thanks, mom. I'm not little anymore, I'm almost 17."

"Okay, if that's what you want…oh, honey you'll be late if you keep eating now. The bus will arrive in-"

"Three minutes and 47 seconds. I got it. Bye mom." I hug mom goodbye, and head out the door.