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Naruto sighed. His bathroom really needed to be fixed. His toilet couldn't flush, his shower ran out of hot water, and the sink was clogged up. Our blondie just came from a mission, an A rank mission to be precise, so he was in need of a shower now!

He stormed out of his house grabbing a towel, a bar of soap, and a bottle of shampoo as well as a fresh outfit to the dreadful bath house. It was awful because there were a lot of peeping toms these days, especailly gay ones!

Muttering ungracious things he didn't notice our favorate black haired raven walking until Naruto bumped into said man.

"Dobe, Watch where you are going next time" Sasuke said. His hair was damp and he smelt of shampoo, in his basket were the items that Naruto also had. Naruto, being curious, asked Sasuke "Where are you going?" Sasuke ignored him for a while before asking "Where are you going?"

Naruto held up the things he was carrying before saying" Bath house"


"Now that I have answered your question answer mine!"

"Bath house"

"But you look like you already took a bath though!"

"I didn't idiot, Shut up and let's go to the bath house...together"

Naruto wanted to decline, he really did! However since he did feel uneasy uneasy going alone he accepted. When they walked together their hands kept brushing against each other often.

Their walk had been silent Sasuke heard an "eep!" from Naruto. Sasuke frowned and turned his head towards Naruto. He raised an eyebrow as if asking 'What's wrong?', then he noticed our blondie was blushing madly before whispering "Someone grabbed my but."

Sasuke growled at all the villagers nearby before grabbing Naruto's hand and pulling him closer to Sasuke, all while not looking at Naruto. Naruto turned different shades of red that would even put Hinata to shame.

They chatted about missions and events coming up. Well Naruto chatted. Sasuke just grunted and "hn"-ed. Then suddenly Sasuke's face paled even more if that was even possible. Naruto, who was confused, whipped his head towards Sasuke's direction and saw an old lady standing in front of the bath house. The lady asked " Back for a second one already Uchiha-sama?" Sasuke blushed and Naruto chuckled. Sasuke screamed " It's because of the dobe! (/)"

'Maybe Bath houses aren't so bad' Naruto thought while smiliing.

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