A girl sits alone in her room. Her elbow leans against the desk, her hand supporting her head. Her right hand is hovering over the keyboard, lazily the only one that allows her to type and navigate the game.

It was close to midnight, and she was tired. But the download for a game she wanted to play for a long time now had finished. Her friend on Skype (and her only friend, for that matter) told her to download it a few hours ago. Due to her slow connection it took longer than expected, but from what she heard it was pretty fun. And these days, with no friends outside the messenger, she downloaded a lot of games.

Kayla closed her eyes for a few seconds, waiting for the game to patch. No sounds came from the computer except the quiet music she was playing, which only made her sleepier. She quickly opened her eyes again and sat back, not wanting to fall asleep without checking out the game and seeing if it was even worth taking up space.

She typed in her login information, and selected the server she was told to go on. She created a character, calling it Caela. She explored the town called Flaris, knowing she could have hit level 15, the level required to change jobs, before she went to bed.

But she stayed at level 1, not wanting to get lost tomorrow when she'd level up. Her friends already told her a lot about the game and how it worked, just not where everything was.

The game crashed when she got a call on Skype. She cursed at her friend and clicked 'Decline', then angrily typed in that she was going to bed and couldn't talk. All she got was that stupid smiley face in reply, followed by a simple goodnight.

God, he pissed her off.

Kayla groaned loudly and stood up, walking two steps over to her bed and flopping down on it. She didn't bother turning the light or the computer off. She just wanted to sleep. And it wasn't too hard to get there.

Elliot sat back in his chair, wondering if he should go to sleep as well. It was only 11 on the east coast, and he was usually up until 3 am playing that game. He woke up late often, but it didn't bug him. He had his own computer, like Kayla, so he spent a lot of time hiding from his parent in his room. They were kind of naggy and way too attached to him.

Kayla hadn't logged off. But she never did, because her computer was always on except when she was leaving the house. He knew she'd get the message in the morning anyway. It wouldn't matter.

'I think I'll go to bed too. Just felt like you should know, I know how obsessed you are with me and you like to know when I'm going to sleep.'

She could yell at him for that in the morning. Until then, he signed off on Skype, put the computer into sleep mode, and crawled into bed.