Vieri wasn't sure when he'd gotten into this position, with the only daughter of the Auditore family straddling his waist, kissing him so roughly and forcefully that he could barely breathe.

It had started with an argument – he'd insinuated she was a whore like her brothers, and not expected the fist that resulted in him getting a black eye. Of course, he wasn't about to take that from an Auditore. So, infuriated, he'd separated from the guard and set to teaching her a lesson, ending with the two of them on the ground, wrestling for dominance.

She bit and scratched like an angry cat, leaving red marks on his neck as he had attempted to pin her down. He'd managed to slap her once – soundly across the face, only to yelp when she kneed him in the groin, making him stutter and gasp in pain, rolling onto his back and leaving himself open to further attack.

She had to have been trained somehow. No woman he'd ever known could jump so quickly atop him, force him down, pinning his hands above his head. He glared harshly up at the woman for a while, both of them breathing hard. Then her lips were on his, her tongue pressing into his mouth, hips grinding down on him and sending shudders of pleasure through his body.

Vieri didn't like this, of course not. The heat and tightness within his tights was a result of the friction, not the dominance she was showing. He groaned lightly into her mouth and kissed back for the sake of it – though not without teeth, biting down on her lips and making her growl in pain, pulling back slightly, her nails digging into his wrists. While the two of them attempted to regain their breath, Vieri was the first to speak.

"…And you said you weren't a whore." Okay, so maybe insulting her again wasn't the best idea.

This time he didn't even see the fist flashing down, giving him a second black eye to match the first. His head was throbbing with pain and he snarled, hands over where he'd been hit, tears welling at the corners of his eyes as he watched the youngest girl storm off down the street, her face red with fury – or was it arousal?

Regardless, Vieri made a mental note to avoid her in the future, grimacing as he stood up, rubbing his aching face.

Goddamn Auditores were nothing but trouble.