Chapter One;

Looking around the summer camp when she first arrived, she noticed that the camp was a mixed camp. Maura did not like that fact. There were many things that weren't to her tastes though. However, she was a late-comer, one who had arrived after the half season break. Maura Isles took in her surroundings, the bunk she had been assigned to and she sighed a little. The other girls had been taken off to their activity already and she had been left to unpack and make her bed and other such settling in things before they got back.

The shy brunette took out her duffle and she unzipped it, looking to her almost anally folded and pressed clothing inside the bag. It would have been okay if her mother had done them, but her mother had not packed her duffle. She had done it herself. Instantly Maura knew that it was going to be a long summer, even if she was only staying for three and a half weeks at that camp.

Maura was someone who enjoyed the classy things in life; classical music, being well dressed in expensive clothing, going to see the Ballet or Opera with her parents, she was not someone who would do well at summer camp really, the other girls who were not like her would most probably tease and torment her, she thought. Ever since she could remember, she had enjoyed the expensive lifestyle her parents had brought her up knowing, she'd had the choice and her choice had been the refined kind, ever since she was six.

The brunette set to her duffle and began to remove the clothing from inside to place into the remaining empty cubby spaces for her belongings to go into for her stay at the camp. She was almost halfway through her bag when the door burst open and in the doorway of the bunk stood a tall, gangling raven haired teenager, Maura thought she looked like trouble already without her even speaking. She could tell the teen in the doorway was someone who was brilliant at sports as she was only slightly out of breath as she stood craned over Maura, eyeballing her belongings as she unpacked them.

"What are you doing?" asked the teen.

"I just arrived today."" Maura replied, in her refined speech, "I'm placing my things in the designated cubbies for my space." She let the girl standing know what she had asked Maura.

"Oh, I forgot my water bottle, we're out playing tennis." She replied, not commenting on what Maura had told her, as she crossed the bunk to go to her own space; the messiest one, to collect the forgotten water bottle, "Jane." She said bluntly on her way back over to the door, stopping and turning back to face Maura.

"Excuse me?" Maura questioned gently as she looked up at the disruptive teen.

"Jane. My name is Jane." Jane told Maura with a tone that made her sound like she was telling vital information to someone who could not understand what she was saying.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were addressing me." Maura explained.

"Addressing?" Jane questioned with an amused tone, and a raised brow.

"Yes, I'm Maura." The brunette smiled softly to Jane and stood.

"Cool. Well, see ya." Jane said, she felt awkward around Maura, she wasn't the kind of girl who fared well at camp, and Jane could totally tell that, so she already was thinking about how she could get Maura to leave. A smirk crossed her face as she pushed the door open and walked out through it, on her way back out to tennis.

Once Jane had left and was surely out of earshot, Maura sighed and perched back down on the wooden floor next to her duffle, "Well that was rather rude." She commented to herself about Jane, "She didn't even offer to help me unpack." The brunette could not believe that the gangling teen who had burst into the bunk like there was some terrible accident happening, had been so rude and seemingly obnoxious towards her.

Maura was not used to people being so bumptious and ballsy around her, she stuck with her own kind or just on her own. She never really hung out with people and often preferred her own company as opposed to spending time with others. It was just how she was made. Maura often spent her time just painting or writing, even riding with her favorite horses back home, and the only times she spent with other people was when she was having a meal with her parents or they all went out to eat at a restaurant or one of the many fancy parties they all went to.

Maura had no idea how she was going to last those three weeks she had been assigned to spending at the camp. She just could not see it happening, and didn't know how she could change her outlook on that. But somehow, things would most definitely change during those short weeks at the summer camp.

Outside, Jane smirked to herself still as she crossed the lawns over to the tennis courts, she was planning what she could do to get Maura to breakdown and probably leave the camp, since she was the newcomer, all the other girls had been going to that camp since they were around six years old, and Maura had only just joined at the age of fifteen, in her Super summer. Jane had been to that camp since she was five years old, she was the girl who's parents worked there and she had been a camper since she was six. Jane had had three Sophomore years at camp.

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