Chapter Sixteen;

"Was it serious?" Jane asked softly.

"I was twenty, everything felt serious..." Maura responded to Jane and sighed softly before swallowing her drink.

"I'm sorry I had to do that to you today..." Jane told her, "But, I knew it was him. I knew it was him, the moment Frost said about the Spyker."

"That doesn't matter now." Maura swallowed and sighed, "Yes, I loved Garrett, I was engaged to him for over a year, but...I just." she shook her head a little, "I kind of wanted to make things right, I hadn't seen him since we broke up. I wanted to make amends with him."

"So, why did you two break up?"

"I told him about that summer." Maura told Jane, as she looked to the table, focusing upon the bottom of her glass.


"Yes." Maura nodded and sighed, "He didn't take to it that well." the Medical Examiner said gently, "I thought I was doing good by telling him what he wanted to know." she shrugged then and looked up at Jane, "Obviously, I was wrong."

"What did you tell him?"

"Garrett asked me what was on my mind, and I told him; whenever we were making love, I thought about you."

"You! What?" Jane almost spat her beer over Maura as she blinked and stared at the Medical Examiner, sitting in the stall opposite her. Jane couldn't believe her own ears at what she'd just heard Maura say. She cleared her throat a little as Murray, the bar tender looked over at them and she gave him a soft smile, "You thought about me when you were having sex with your fiance, Maura...wh-?"

Maura swallowed a little and nodded, looking down to the table again, "I did, and...I still do..." she glanced up at Jane.

"You still do...?" Jane swallowed then, watching Maura sipping her drink quietly, almost hiding behind the glass as she waited on a reply from Jane.

"I do. Ever since that summer, I've never been able to stop thinking about you, Jane. My father took away your address...I couldn't write to tell you what had happened." Maura shook her head, "I'm sorry. I would've told you sooner, just everything happened and I got engaged to Garrett, I was happy with him, I just-"

"Maura, you don't need to tell me." Jane smiled and held her hand up to shush the Medical Examiner.

"I don't?"

"I've been exactly the same. Sort of."

"How do you mean 'sort of' Jane? Either you did, or you didn't."

"I saw your face everywhere...I applied to BCU, you know?" Jane smiled a little before she sighed, "I wanted to be near you, but didn't want pop to have to take on extra work to pay for my tuition." Jane told her, "I remember Garrett..." she suddenly said, "He was carrying things in his arms and seemed angry. That was the day you broke it off with him..." Jane came to the realisation.

"Jane, what are you talking about?"

"I think it was Garrett I bumped into, the day you two possibly broke it off. I was hanging around the BCU grounds and this guy ran into me. He was wearing a cashmere had to be Garrett, right?" Jane asked Maura, looking to her.

Maura sighed and nodded once, "It was." she confirmed, "But it doesn't matter now, I didn't commit to Garrett then, and I didn't this time." she looked up at Jane.

Jane caught the glimmer of something familiar in Maura's eyes and she tilted her head slightly, "What is it, Maur?"



"I keep thinking about you. After all this time..." she shook her head gently and finished the last of her drink off before setting the empty back onto the table and looking straight at Jane, "Come home with me...we'll finish what we started that summer." Maura suggested to Jane, speaking softly and quietly.

"Maura..." Jane shook her head a little and sighed, not knowing what to do for the best.

"Please Jane." she swallowed.

Jane looked to her beer bottle, seeing she had been peeling away at the label while talking with Maura. She sighed a little and gulped down the last of the drink, setting the bottle down with some gusto before she looked to Maura calmly, "Get your purse." she said quietly, "And, make no fuss..."

Maura grabbed at her purse and made to speak before Jane cut her off.

"Come into the ladies room, after me. We'll start as we mean to go on..."