A Miko and a Taiyoukai

He is my love,

She is my life.

I meant him threw my old lover,

I ment her threw my brother.

I was not thinking right,

I was not in my right mind.

She is beautiful and gordase,

Even if she is a human.

He is hot and cold at the same time,

He may be a demon but I love him so.

She is strong and powerful,

A very feisty Miko indeed.

But she had her heartbroken,

So many different times.

He is charming and handsome

A very devil indeed.

He can love and protect you,

All at the same time.

I remember her crying and crying,

Even when I thought she could not cry no more.

When I first approached her,

After her last heart break.

I tried to help her,

But she was to afraid.

But after a litle while,

She started to warm up.

I was so happy for that,

But I still do not know why.

I remember when he first approached me,

Right after Inuyasha hurt me.

I was scarred of him,

But I was also scarred of anything.

But after a while,

I did start to warm up.

I wanted him to comfort me,

And that's just what he did.

I embraced her,

With loving care.

We soon started to like each other,

Which was a great beginning.

I soon forgot all about Inuyasha,

Because I now have Sesshoumaru.

As I have sad before he is caring,

But now I know that he is also loving.

I knew that when she forgot about Inuyasha,

That all her heart break would be over.

It soon all disappeared,

And my loving little miko and is very happy.

I knew that when I found Sesshoumaru,

That I would never want to leave.

Still to this day,

Years after we have meant,

I still have not left him.

She has become my mate,

My Wife,and my Love.

He has become my Life,

My Only,My Love.

For she is my Miko.

And he is my Taiyoukai.

Together we shall stay,

Forever and ever.

A Miko and a Taiyoukai

Hi everyone, this is my last poem of my three poems. I worked hard on this one and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please review and tell me what you think.