I am Rin. I am 17 and I travel with Lord Sesshoumaru, Master Jaken, and Ah-un. We've traveled all over the country side within these few years. Even though I love the scenery and the flowers, there are times that I don't. Despite the many monsters that have happened to cross our path, I still can't help but want to stay here even more; especially by Lord Sesshoumaru's side.

Since I have joined up with Lord Sesshoumaru, I learned that he was searching for a monster known as Naraku. Even now, our search of the vile, half demon continues. Lord Sesshoumaru has given up on getting Tetsusaiga from his half demon, half brother Inuyasha not too long ago. I have noticed this change ever since I turned thirteen. It was around that time that Lord Sesshoumaru has begun acting differently towards me.

Deep inside my heart, there is a secret that no one else has ever known. That secret is; I'm in love with Lord Sesshoumaru. Of course, I haven't confessed to him about my feelings. I'm afraid of what he's going to say. It terrifies me to think what Lord Sesshoumaru would do once he knows. Would he cast me aside? Or worse, ignore me? I shuddered to think what other things he might do.

Hi Everyone, Okay this is a Sesshy/ Rin fic. This fic I wrote a couple of years ago and I really hope you enjoy reading it. Please review and tell me what you think of it.