The Diary

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It was winter time in japan. A beautiful snowy wonderland...cold enough to freeze your butt off but still beautiful. People were walking down the streets, all looking for things to make the day of christmas brighter. They only had twelve days until the big night when Santa came. So if you happened to be a certain boy with googles and a red dinosaur like digimon inside small bakery store, you pretty much see a moving wall of people every where you looked. I think that shows how some people don't know how to bargain. I mean smatter thing to do is go christmas shopping in the summer because its cheaper, who would think you buy a heavy coat with all of this heat. But enough about what I think, lets get this party started.

"Wow, I knew this place would get full" said Takato as he stared at crowd that evolved in the store "but I didn't think it would get this crowded"!

"Hey Takato, if we go upstairs on the roof you will really see alot of people" said Guilmon as he ran up to takato's room.

"Well never actually been on our roof before but okay" replied the twelve year old as he followed his partner. Once they made it to the Takato Fortress of Solitude, Guilmon ran out to the balcony while beconing Takato to fallow. Once there, Takato watch the digimon procceed with his plan of action by climbing onto the rail and jumping up to the side of the roof. Once he caught the side he pulled himself up ontop.

"Wow, it's just like I said Takato. You can see alot of people from up here" said Guilmon in his usual happy voice.

"Well here goes nothing Guilmon"said Takato as he tried to copy Guilmon's act, though the digimon made it look easier than what it was. First he had to balance himself against on the rail, gravity threatening to pull him down. Then he had to make a jump for the side of the roof while not falling, managing to catch it on his third try. Only now he had to pull himself up without slipping off the cold and wet rooftop.

"Hey I think I smell Renemon and Rika" said Guilmon sniffing the cold. Looking around from his hanging position, Takato spied a yellow figure on the sidewalk not to far from the store. Sure enough there was a girl his own age walking next to it down the street.

"HEY, Rika, Renemon" shouted Takato. The pair on the sidewalk stopped for a second to listen.

"Renemon did you here something" said the girl looking over to her digimon as she followed it to the side of bakery. Once there they took a few looks around but couldn't seem to see where the source of the sound came.

"Up here you guys" said Takato still hanging. The two looked up and found what they where looking for.

"Well I don't believe it, the rookie level gogglehead digivolved into the champion level monkeyhead" said Rika using the nickname she had given Takato "amazing, never knew you had it in you". Takato couldn't help but smile, she gave him the nickname to make fun of him at first but now it was an every day normal thing. Infact he was starting to like it whenever she said it, it was something special to him. As if to prove her point, he began to swing himself left and right...the results where him slipping and falling to the ground to die. Lucky for him, Rika caught him in her arms as if by instinct(Ok so he didn't die, sue me).

"Whoa that was close Rika thanks. Your amazing, you were there in a split second and you caught me without falling over" said Takato staring into the violent eyes of the digimon ice queen. For a while she just stared back into his before she turned her face away.

"Yeah whatever" Takato thought he saw her right cheek turn slowly pink. Sure it was cold but the coat and jeans she wore were usually full proof against these tempatures. Before he could get a closer look he heard Guilmon.

"Hey that looks like fun Takato" said Guilmon as he saw his partner being held by Rika "lookout Renemon, here I come". With that said he jumped off the roof and curled himself into a ball. After giving each other a glance, Renemon took a step back while Rika threw Takato on the ground were the fox was standing a second ago.

"Hey, what was that for Ri-" was all he manage to before the shadow on him grew until it was replaced by Guilmon's own body.

"Sorry I missed Renemon, I knew you would have caught me if I just jumped a little further" said Guilmon in his usual innocent voice.

"Oh, thats alright. Besides I'm sure Takato wanted to catch you more than I did" said Renemon as she turned her head away.

"Oh I'm sorry Takato, I didn't know you wanted to catch me so much you jumped out of Rika's arm's do it by yourself" said Guilmon as he looked down at his tamer "but aren't you suppose to catch me with your arms and not your back". After Guilmon got off of the boy, Takato stood up to take in what air Guilmon nocked out. Then he looked over at Rika who had her back turned to them.

"Sometimes I don't understand her, one minute she saves me while the next she puts me a step closer to my death bed" said the boy in his head "what does it take for a guy like me to be recongnize by a girl like her...wait, that didn't sound right". After confusing himself for five minutes Takato noticed that Rika's back was still turned to them and took curiousity on what was on the other side.

"Hey Rika, whatcha doing over there" said Takato as he came closer the girl. The girl turned around putting her hands behind her back.

"Its nothing googlehead" she said with an additude that only feed Takato's curiousity.

"Are you sure its nothing Rika" the boy said pushing onward.

"Listen, I said it was nothing so just forget it" replied Rika with a higher danger level in her voice "now you can keep arguing with me or come to the playground where the Kazu and Kenta are waiting for us".

"Wait Kazu sent you that text messege to!" said Takato seeing where this was going "I was going to ignore it at first, but if you say so I guess I'll tag along". As they walked down the street to the playground, Takato couldn't help but look at the girl infront of him. She always wore her hair into a ponytail, but what would she look like if took the rubber band off. As if it was fate for him to know, a magazine blown by the wind flew right at his feet. Curious to check it out, he picked it and read the the title.

"Top Models?" Takato flipped the pages to take a look. There were quiet afew interesting pictures in it. Some of the female models were in bikinies while resting on the beach or playing volley ball. Some others were in pretty hot dresses by Takato's point of view

"Hey that looks like Rika's mom" said the boy looking at one particular model with golden hair in a sparkling red dress with matching gloves "hey it is Rika's mom". Turning the page over to Takato saw something he thought he would never see in his life.

"Th-thats Rika, now I know what she looks like without her ponytail" Takato couldn't help but stare at the pictures he saw. First one was Rika in a small dress with a nice straw hat in her hands. Turning the page he saw her siting on the beach in a green bikkini. After that Rika wore a sparkeling dress like the one her mother wore on the other page except it was navy blue. But what really caught his eyes was that in every picture Rika never looked straight at the camara. She looked shy, harmless, defenseless, and fragile all together.

"Wow, I never really seen Rika like this before" Takato kept staring at the pictures "she even looks almost kind've...". The boy shook the thought out of his head. He put the magazine away in his jacket, then he caught up with with Rika and the other two digimon. Making it to the park, they saw Kazu and Kenta run straight at them while holloring. As it looked like they was going to run over them, Rika held up both of her arms and balled her hands into a fist...thus letting Kazu and Kenta run into them.

"Hey ow, what was that for Rika" shouted both of the boys as they rub their faces "here we are with something important to discuss and you go and hit our faces with your fist!".

"Techniqually you guys, you hit Rika's fist with your faces" said Takato with a grin.

"Gotta say googlehead, that was cheesy" said Rika as the turned away from them and took a seat on a bench

"Takato! how are you going to take her side and defend her after what she's done to us" said Kazu.

"Yeah we're your best friends" added Kenta "remember that day when you had to use the restroom and we watched you lunch bag".

"I remember that when I came back my chicken sandwitch and chocolate pudding had run off".

"Thats not the point Takato".

"Than what is".

"Forget it, the reason we called you here was for the christmas party we're going to be making" said Kazu "the princible put us incharge of it, sure at first when we voluntered he took some time before he actually heard us...although strangly no one else was voluntering".

"Gee I wonder why" said Takato with a little sarcasm in his voice.

"Hey, your just jeolous he picked us Takato" said Kenta.

"So now the question how are we going to do this, any ideas Takato" asked Kazu.

"Hey don't look at me I'm just one of many jeolous people who didn't get put incharge of the christmas party".

"Oh so thats how it is, ey Takato" they glared at him like an outcast. Still smilling Takato decided to let Kazu and Kenta talk about the christmas party with Guilmon. Looking behind him he saw Rika holding open a book while writing something down in it.

"Hey Rika, whatcha got over there" he said as he came closer to take a look. Instantly the girl closed the book and set it on the opposite side of her body from where Takato came down to sit on her left.

"Its nothing" she said looking out at the snow.

"Oh, so is it the same nothing from back at my house or just a new nothing" replied Takato smiling at her as she continued to look away as if he wasn't there.

"Is there something you want goggle head".

"Well got any bright ideas for the christmas party at my school".

"None whats so ever.

"Right". For a moment the two tamers were quiet.

"So Rika, got any idea on how Kazu and Kenta became incharge" asked Takato attempting to break the silence.

"Well ethier your school isn't big on parties, you celebrate quanza, or your princible is as near-sighted as a rhino". And with that Takato began to laugh. He kept laughing till his sides started to hurt and when that happened, he kept laughing.

"Whats so funny gogglehead" said Rika as she stared at the boy.

"You are Rika".

"Excuse me" she gave him a look that told him to becareful what he chose to say next.

"No I mean, the way you act some times just makes me offense" he said as he began to give tears to his laughing.

"Oh so I'm like your personal clown is what your trying to say". The answer she got was Takato laughing so hard to the point where he began to lay down on the bench. She gave him a playful punch in the ribs, than seeing he going to stay down there for abit she pulled the book back into her and wrote something down in it before she set it back down again. After awhile he began to calm down.

"Seriously Rika, whats that book about".

"Seriously Takato, why do you want to know". They kept quiet for some time before they spoke again.

"Hey Rika, I wanted to thank you again for saving me back at the bakery" said Takato.

"Anybody would have done it" said Rika.

"Without falling over" said Takato as he took her right arm with a smile "you got arms of steel Rika". For awhile they just sat there as Takato slowly began to noticed he was touching her.

"Wow, her skin is so smooth" thought Takato before he saw that he was feeding the lioness with his bare hands "wait a second, I'm holding her arm". Takato looked up to see Rika staring at him into his eyes.

"Uh-oh, here comes the pain train" he thought to himself. When out of nowhere a beeping sound came from Rika's arm. Breaking from the trance she was in Rika looked down at her wrist watch and admidiatly jumped.

"Great now I'm late for that stupid photo shot, mom will never let me hear the end of it" said the girl as she sped away from the playground. Leaving Takato to stare at the snowy world was upside down one moment and was starting to make sense again.

"Wow, ain't that something you don't get to do everyday" he thought aloud to himself as he turned back to where Rika was sitting a second noticing the book she had. He took a look closer at.

"A diary, must be Rika's" he let that thought go through his mind before he grabbed it "RIKA'S DIARY, oh man I better return this". But the female tamer was gone leaving Takato wondering what to do about the book. This was a rare oppurtunity, a boy's dream to get hold of a girl's deep life long secrets. But this was Rika's diary, secrets written by the digimon ice queen. Takato could only stare at the book before he came up with a dicision.

"So, Rika's diary" Takato said as he inched closer "its you and me, wanna talk".

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