The End is Near!

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"Hm, now lets see" said a redheaded girl as she walked down the street "I got Takato's present, hope he likes it". She had recently went christmas shopping for her new...first new boyfriend. A new experiance for her it was, she never had a boyfriend before. And she never really went christmas shopping for anyone, so it would have tooken her awhile to find him a present if she didn't already know what to get him. Oh yes, and its a nice present. She had gotten him a nice, new, pair of...

"I know he'll love" said the girl "I just know it". Well yeah, I bet he will to. Now she got him nice, new, pair of...

"He better love, thats for sure" said the redhead with a little danger in her voice. Um, well its the thought that counts. Now back to the matter at hand, the young redheaded girl got her new boyfriend a nice, new, pair of...

"AHHHHHHH" screamed Rika as she felt grab her around her stomach. AW c'mon lady, jesus christ! You know guys I'll tell you later.

"Hey Rika did you hear something" said Takato as he looked down at Rika.

"Huh?" said the girl looking up "Takato what are you doing".

"Well looking for you actually" said the boy as began looking around "thought I heard someone talking about something".

"Hm? I didn't hear anything".

"Maybe somebody is watching over us and every detail of our love life he-he" chuckled the boy.

"What a perv, probably doesn't have a life". (A/N: note to self, right sequal with a homeless Rika)

"See, there it goes again" said Takato. (Oh crap!).

"Are you sure you're feeling alright Takato" said Rika as she began to feel his forehead.

"Ha-ha, I'm fine" he said as he pulled something out of his pocket "but we have to go". Takato quickly wrapped a piece of cloth around Rika's eyes leaving her blind.

"Hey gogglehead, what gives" she protested.

"Shh, I'm taking you somewhere" he whispered in her ear "but its a suprise, fallow me". And with that the boy lead his new girlfriend away from the area until they came upon a sidewalk. After hearing an engine and the tires of a car screech infront of them, Rika could only guess Takato grabbed them a cab. Now after fifthteen minutes of bad traffic, an angry driver, and being blindfolded, Rika finally herd Takato tell the driver to pull over.

"Ok, won't be long now" said the boy as he lead her a few blocks from their current location. Finally they came up to what Rika guessed to be a building of some sort, a pretty simple guess since they ground felt different.

"Oh hey Takato, your on in a minute" said a voice that Rika didn't recognize.

"Thanks Oscar" said Rika's boyfriend as he started to lead her up some stair. While still on the stairs Rika felt Takato stop.

"Hey Rika".


"You know why I like you".

"Because I'm hot".

"Ha-ha, well personally its because of you sense of humor".

"Ah I remember, god put me on this earth to be your joker...well you better catch me batman".

"Ha-ha, well maybe you could shed me a little of your nonaka magic" said Takato as he lead them up the stairs again. When they ran out of steps, Takato lead Rika over what she thought to be another floor of the building.

"Kind of wierd, thought there be more steps to another floor" thought Rika to herself. Than Takato stop and sat Rika down in a chair.

"Alright" he said in a loud voice as if speaking through a mic "hey Rika".

"Um hey" said the girl reliesing how loud his voice had gotten.

"Hows it feel to be hear" he said in another booming voice.

"Well I guess it feels great to be here in...this place" said the girl with a wierd grin.


"In this place right here".

"Rika, do you know where we are" asked Takato.

"Um no".

"Give it a thought ok".

"Alright, alright, alright...darn" said Rika as she heard a small amount of giggling from somewhere in the room.

"Let me help you ok".


"Ok, think about it. The drive from the store was..."

"Bad as Hell!".

"The traffic..."

"Sucked like Hell!"

"The driver..."

"Mad as Hell!"


"Scared as Hell!".


"Well yeah, I was blindfolded and thought you might try and touch me".

"No I wouldn't!"

"Don't lie, crazyhead".

"Anyway, the walk over here blindfolded..."

"Sucked more like Hell!".


"WE'RE IN HELL!" screamed the girl, she has also began to notice that there was alot of giggling and laughing coming from within the room.

"And whoever that is must be some of our unfortunet hell mates" she responded "so next time somebody tells you to 'go to hell' they'll actually be saying 'come right over here'". Who that was laughing and giggling were now roaring thoughout the whole room. Not able to resist, Rika ripped off the cloth covering her eyes...and infront of her sat all the students from Takato's school. Grabbing her boyfriend the colar, Rika dragged him behind the curtains.

"Takato, what in the world is going on here" she said after she let go.

"Um well you see Rika" the boy said catching his breath "every year we have a talant show. In it kids do things like tricks, singing, dancing, and...".

"Comedy" she interrupted. Nodding to her Takato gave a small smile.

"Sorry I didn't tell you Rika" he apologized "I just wanted to do something special with you and..."

"Not another word" said the girl putting a finger over his lips "how much time do we have".

"I booked us for twenty minutes".

"Good" said Rika as she turned around "I'll having them choking harder than you in five minutes". For a moment Takato was suprised by her reaction to the situation, this must be what they call opening up.

"Um, hey everyone" said Rika as she walked "sorry for the moment back there, didn't know where I was and all. Just so you know, I hope you don't hold any of this against m...hey where you going buddy!". Takato looked to where Rika was facing and saw one of the boys leaving the room.

"Get back here, I just got started" said Rika causing a new wave of laughter. Even Takato chuckled.

"How rude" she said "well news flash little fella, we'll wait!". And with that said Rika sat down and cross her legs. Takato began to laugh at the new childish act she made, than seeing that she wasn't kidding he turned to face in the same direction. The two where really causing the kids uproar.

"Hey you" said Rika breaking the silience and pointing to one of the girls "do you know his name".

"Tee-he, its Mike".

"Do you two date".

"Um, well...".

"I can see why, he must have alot of cash on him" said the redhead "because think about it. It cost four dollars for a ticket here, so he brought two for both of you". Takato could only wonder where she was taking this.

"Now I don't know how long you been here, but I'm booked for twenty minutes" said Rika "so if he just left to the bathroom right now, has been gone for five minutes, not to mention paying for four dollar tickets. Than in other words, your lover is taking twenty-four dollar piss out of my whole twenty minute timing". Everyone exploded with laughter at this, just than Mike came back.

"Hey Mike where you been" said the redhead not sparing him any mercy "you where gone for awhile and we thought that you might be having trouble". Even Mike couldn't hold his vocal coords than.

"ENOUGH" shouted Rika "we had our fun and games, now its time to talk about something serius. For example the traffic report". A few kids chuckled while others stayed quiet, not knowing if she was being serious or not.

"Takato ask me what I think of the traffic report".

"Um, what do you think of the traffic report Rika".

"Ahem, well I for one believe that the traffic report is a waste of time and money".

"Ok, so...".

"Let me do the traffic report, I will save everyone alot of time and money" than Rika moved her right hand to her ear and said "'hello Rika, its eight oclock in the morning so whats it like out there'. 'Well its eight oclock in the moring...everyone left there house at the same dang time. Call me back at five thirty and I'll tell you the exact same thing...OH Wait, they're going the other way!'. By now the whole aditurium getting ready to raise the roof.

"Ha-ha, so um hey Rika does your school do dance" asked Takato when everyone quiet down.

"Actually yes, we do have dance classes" said the redhead "once when I went to a school party, I saw a team called the Spicy Jalapeno".

"Oh thats nice".

"Yeah, and in my head I was like 'Great, do a little tap dance and we got hot sauce'".

"Ah, Rika thats horrible".

"Not for the right kind of chips its not" said Rika earning herself another round of roaring laughter.

"Alright thank you, thank you" said Rika as waved her hands in the air. After that because Rika was the last act, they went straight to handing out trophies. To there suprise, Rika and Takato came in first place.

"Hey Rika, you ready to go now" said Takato after the two had some punch and cookies. Rika looked around her, everywhere in the auditorium there were beautiful decerations.

"Hey Takato, did you really do all of this" she said sipping some punch.

"Well I helped a little" replied the boy. Taking one more look around, Rika and Takato left the school to its christmas party.

"He-he" giggled Rika in a girly way.

"Hey Rika whats so funny" said Takato as he looked at the girl. For a moment he paused as he stared at her. His first girlfriend ever, and the love of his life. The two were currently sitting on the roof of the Matsuki bakery, how they got there on the other hand I have no idea.

"Hey Takato you say something".

"Huh, oh nothing". For awhile they sat on the roof in silence, well actually Rika was sitting in Takato's lap. Bur than out of nowhere, the girl pulled something out from her coat pocket. It was the box she put his gift in.

"Hey whats this" said Takato as he took it out of her hands and began unwrapping it. Than after the plastic was gone, Takato opened the box and stared inside it while gasping.

"Merry christmas...gogglehead" said the redhead as she watched the boy put on the new pair of goggles she brought. Than she notice something on his face. Looking closer, Rika saw that Takato was crying.

"Takato are you alright" said Rika before he tighten his grip around her.

"I'm better than that Rika, I'm inlove" he said leaning his face closer to hers "and I'm so much more". For a moment the two were about to kiss when all of a sudden...

"OMG, thats disgusting" came a familiar voice. Looking down, Rika saw her arch enemy and a couple of her goons staring at them.

"How the heck can you be inlove with that thing" said Naomi to Takato.

"I don't know" said Takato before he turned back to Rika, than while playing with her hair he said in a poetic voice "she is my muse, my flame". To which Rika giggled while touching her forhead to his.

"Eww, get a room" said Naomi trying to make them feel embarrassed.

"Oh yeah, well we got a roof" said Rika as she laughed at the face of her nemesis.

"Hmph" was all the girl did "look here Takato or whoever you are, you really chose the wrong girl. I mean really, can you even call it a girl...". All this time Rika ignore her, but was suprised at what happened next.

"Look here you!" roared Takato from the roof "if you don't start respecting my girlfriend I'm going to come down there, rip the wig off your head, stick it inside the magic smoothie blender, and sprinkle it all over the dog crap in your back yard. Would you like that". Everything went quiet, even Rika was stunned. This was the first she ever noticed Takato to bark at someone like that. Not wanting to stick around to find out to see if he was kidding, Naomi and the other girls left. Rika looked back at Takato. This wasn't the same boy she knew a long time ago.

"No you're different, but I think I like it" she thought to herself. For awhile she just kept starring before Takato noticed.

"Hey Rika, something wrong" he asked a little concerned.

"Oh, its nothing" she said looking back into the stars "I was just wondering...what you were going to give me for valentines day". This really hit Takato in the gut, to which Rika took advantage.

"What!" said the girl trying to sound angry "your telling me you didn't think about that, the nerve. Don't I mean anything to you...". Rika couldn't finish her sentence because Takato and planted his lips firmly against hers.

"Takato" said Rika when they seperated "can you forgive me for being hard on you".

"Well I don't know Rika" said the boy "can you love me with your heart".

"I guess we'll just have to live with it like that". And that is the story of two young lovers. Who through snow and heat made it through...To the other side where the grass was truely greener

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