Chapter 30 – Remember this as your First

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LAST TIME: SPOV (Eric and Sookie took the throne after finding out Felipe DeCastro was from Sookie's biological blood line and Sookie and Eric took a little moment for themselves before the ball…and then..)

"I love you Sookie." He whispered as if he spoke any louder it would break spell that was surrounding us.

"I love you too baby. You owe me snuggle time, but I know you are good for it." I giggled as I continued, "Can you send out a call to Pam? I am going to need her help to get 'patched' back up." I requested.

I was in the bathroom for maybe 5 minutes when Pam appeared and in true Pam fashion said,

"Eric! For the love of GOD! Do you have any idea how long that hair and makeup took? You just had to whip it out didn't you? Well you stay away from her until I get her back down stairs…go plunder something else." She barked, he laughed, I giggled but she was NOT amused.

Soon I was back together and on my way downstairs and much to my Vikings liking I did not shower so that his scent would be all over me. The old Sookie would have hated that but I loved and it made me feel safe in a room full of mostly strange vampires. I wanted them all to know exactly who this little 'faery' belonged to. I was property of Eric Northman and proud of it. If I had had a t-shirt that said it I would have worn it. I used to hate all that mine stuff but now I reveled in it.

As Eric, Pam and I walked in together we were all drawn to Belinda. She was staring intently at Bobby Burman, Eric day man, who had entered when the ball had opened to the humans. The coronation had been almost exclusively for the supernatural world. As Pam walked on ahead of us I watched Belinda move her diamond cuff bracelet that Pam had given her, as it covered her little gold heart bracelet that she always wore. I then saw Bobby, move away from a striking woman and equally handsome man, undo his tie and pull the same charm from underneath his shirt. Belinda moved toward him slowly looking up and then down as tears filled her eyes. He pulled her into his arms and she whispered,



We all stood there not really knowing what to say or do as Belinda wept in Bobby's arms. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Belinda's Robby, from her childhood was indeed Bobby Burnham, my day man. 'Well shit, I hope he has his living arrangements in order', I thought. Of course, that is when Sookie took a moment to check in with me. After she mentally chastised me, she advised me telepathically that the beautiful woman and handsome man to my right were Evelyn and Jonathan, or Evie and Jon as Bobby called them, Bobby's girlfriend and boyfriend.

'Well he got the better end of that deal.' I sent Sookie.

She grinned but chastised me again with a quick, 'Be nice!' but her giggling did not help her position.

I decided to step forward and help a very awkward feeling Pam. She couldn't decide if she should step into comfort Belinda or not, so I stepped forward and offered Belinda my handkerchief. Sookie raised an eyebrow at its appearance and I sent her a mental note.

'Yes, I carry a handkerchief; I am married to a woman who cries at the drop of a hat, it cut down on my dry cleaning cost.' I smirked.

She smiled as I turned back to our little angel. I knew that no one outside our little circle understood our love of Belinda as I barely understood it myself, but I knew one thing in that moment, and set myself to that task; Operation Make Belinda Smile.

"Little one, is this 'your' Robby?" I asked very softly as to not scare her. In moments like these Belinda was very easily pulled into her past of abuse and pain.

"Yes." She sniffled out as she smiled at me while she clung to him and him to her. Her lips opened as she looked at him but before she could speak he did,

"Where did you go? I looked for you everywhere B and you were just gone." He had released her long enough to ask her the question but I could tell he really wanted to pull her back into his embrace.

"They moved me from our home to a foster home and…I had to run away." Her voice trailed off at the end as she reached her hand behind her for Pam. Sookie and I both had noticed her tendency to need to hold onto Pam when she spoke of that horrible time in her life. It was as if she thought her nightmares could come back from the dark past and take her if she did not have hold of Pam.

"Son of bit… I knew that bastard lied to me when I went to that house. I could see it in his eyes when I showed him your picture. I knew it!" I gathered from his angry ramble that he had searched for Belinda and went to the foster home where she had been abused. Bobby looked around and whispered into her ear,

"I love you B. You are still my little sister, if you tell me you're in trouble and you need me, I will carry you out of here myself. Are you alright?" He was ready to protect her even though he was in a room full of vampires. He was ready to do whatever it took to secure her safety and make sure she was happy. I had always liked Bobby and I trusted him, but in this moment I admired him. He looked carefully at me as if to see if I would help or hinder him and before I could speak Belinda did,

"Yes, I am wonderful. My family found me… my daddy really was looking for me. I have my grandparents and great-great grandparents, I have this huge family now, just like we always dreamed about and I have my Pam." She beamed as she pulled Pam up beside her. Bobby of course knew Pam and she him. There was no love loss in that relationship. She was jealous of his ability to do things for me that she could not and he was jealous that I confided in her and never him. I smiled and waited to see how this was going to play out.

"Hello bloodb…Bobby," she smiled my trademark smirk at him.

"Hello Pamela." he said snidely.

"Don't call me Pamela. No one calls me that but Eric." She bowed up at him. I thought I would have to intervene, but Belinda was getting used to 'handling' Pam so it was she who spoke up.

"Alright children, that is enough. I realize you two have some history, but Pam, Robby is who kept me safe when I was abandoned, young, and scared. He is my brother and I love him." She then turned to a smiling Bobby who lost his haughty look as she spoke, "Robby, some one really bad was hurting me and she saved me. Pam is the one who kept me safe while you could not. She is my bonded and I love her."

You could hear a pin drop and Bobby pulled Belinda to him and said,

"I'm sorry I broke my promise. I failed you." I knew that feeling well myself. I watched Sookie's eyes cloud over with emotion for both of them as Belinda spoke,

"You were a kid and there was no way you could have known I would have been moved. There is also no way you could have known I would be placed with a monster like that. I know you would have saved me if you could and knowing you were out there and that you loved me gave me the courage to run. I lost my way for a little while and stopped believing in my own self worth, but I'm better now. My life is good now. Is your life good now?"

"Yes." He turned to Evelyn and Jonathan who stood together quietly observing the unexpected reunion. "I have people who love me and I love them. This is Evie and Jon, my…family." He smiled and there was a small moment of meet and greet. I, however, wanted to dance with my wife so as they all got better acquainted I took Sookie by her hand and said,

"The Queen and I need to get on to the dance floor so the rest of the guests can begin to dance." Sookie hugged Belinda and smiled to the rest of the group as she followed me to the dance floor where she melded herself into my embrace.

As we began to dance I looked at my wife, I mean I really looked at her. She was so young, so fragile and in many ways still so innocent. I had lived and done so much even before I was turned. By the time I was her age I had been a leader, warrior, father and explorer, but the farthest she had ever been away from her home was when I forced her to go to Dallas. I shuddered at the memory of finding her on that sidewalk bleeding and limping. Compton had been unable to track her and that was the moment I decided I had to get my blood inside her so I could find her if she were ever in trouble again. Perhaps I had loved her since Dallas, I thought absently. She looked up into my eyes and smiled as she probed the bond to see where I had gone. I smiled at her pleased that she knew me so well.

"I love you. You should have taken my blood in Dallas when you were injured. So stubborn…"

"Where did that come from?" she asked but I did not really answer her. I just went for broke as I spoke,

"Sookie, I lived such a full life before I was turned and I want the same for you. Please don't feel like you have to rush your decision to let me turn you. Just promise me that if you are injured I can turn you but other than that we will wait until you are absolutely sure you're ready."

"I don't know what brought this on, but I gladly accept your proposal. I love you Eric Northman, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me." We danced in silence for a moment until my Sookie looked up at me and out of the blue asked me,

"Are you Leif Erickson?" She was perfectly serious and I laughed out loud.

"No little one, what brought that on?" I asked as I tried to contain my laughter as to not upset my delicate Queen.

"Well you made me think about our trip to Dallas and you went by Leif while we were there. Your name now is Eric and you are over a 1000 years old, you were an explorer and sailor…I guess the description just kinda fit." She babbled.

"Well, little one to be honest I know a little of his life. He was from Iceland not Sweden. He was born around the time I was turned or perhaps sometime after. His father was Erik the Red, now he was from western Norway and had a history of being… how would you say…mmm he had a shady past. His father's father was also a known outlaw. I don't know much of his mother, only that she was a native of Iceland."

"How do you know all that? Did you read it or know him?" she asked me. Sookie loved my stories, but she loved them more when they were personal accounts and not just from all the books that I had read over the centuries. Her favorite stories were the ones that I had lived.

"I met him once, long ago as Ocella was an explorer himself. My maker liked stories and people who could tell good ones. He had an interest in him so he taught me of his history." I tried to explain. I know she thought of Ocella as only my torturer, but there had been times, however brief, that he had taught, loved and protected me. He was cruel by nature, but by the gods I had wanted him to love me and when he did, however brief, it gave me solace.


I knew where Eric was and what he was thinking. I knew, since I was abused myself, that you don't always stop loving someone just because they hurt you. When I was little part of my shame was that I still loved Uncle Bartlett even after he abused me. Sometimes the heart and the way you felt is hard to understand.

"Eric, it's okay that you loved him. I loved Uncle Bartlett too. It used to make me so ashamed that I loved someone that hurt me and wanted him to love me without the abuse. I loved Bill too even after Jackson. I almost forgave him and I never thought I could forgive a man that raped me…" I felt Eric tense… Oh shit…

"What did you say?" he pulled away from me and looked into my eyes.

"Outside, take me outside?" I begged him and he took me out onto the balcony so we could be alone. I had decided to never mention this to anyone, much less Eric.

His eyes were full of murderous rage as they cut towards Bill from where we stood by the balcony door. He was deciding whether or not to listen to me or to kill Bill where he stood. I had forgiven Bill long ago of so many things and I did not want to see him dead. On some level I would always love Bill even if I was no longer in love with him. I touched Eric's face and whispered,

"I need my husband to take me outside, please." I watched Pam and Belinda spin around from where they stood to look at us. They could feel the turmoil in the bond. I wasn't sure if Eric was 'talking' to Pam or not but they held their ground and didn't follow us, no one did. We left the dance floor without a sound.

Eric looked at me as he reached his hand out to touch my hair and said,

"Tell me at your own pace, I am not going anywhere." He coaxed as he sat us down onto the patio couch, it was just like the one I wanted to get for our deck at home, I thought absently. I would have given anything to not have to do this, to not have to relive the memory of Bill taking me in that car trunk.

"You had given me your blood so I could save Bill. I went to the room in the garage where Bubba had seen him the night before and I found him. He was totally out of it. He thought he was dreaming when he saw me and didn't think I was real. Lorena came in and she and I fought. If it hadn't been daytime she would have killed me, but I was able to get the upper hand and I staked her. I put her in the pool under the pool cover before she could evaporate. I got Bill into the trunk of the car and drove to Alcide's apartment garage." I paused in retelling the story and took a deep breath, Eric had already known those details, but he wouldn't know all the facts from that night until now. He looked at me as if to say 'Yes darling I know all of that' as he stroked my arms. I had to work my way into the worst part of the story and he seemed to understand and he clung to me as I continued,

"I went to check on Bill in the trunk and to make sure he could find the bottles of blood but someone pushed me into the trunk with him. I think it was Debbie Pelt, anyway, when he woke up he attacked me… the blood lust… and he just … took me… I begged him not to … I cried and fought but he didn't hear me and I couldn't get away… then suddenly he let me go and he was taking care of me telling me how sorry he was. Then you were there and I knew I was safe so I just passed out and I never told a soul." I shook with the memory still fresh in my head and pushed into Eric even closer.

"You begged him to stop and he did not?" His voice was steel and ice.

"Yes, but Eric he had been tortured for days. He was damn near drained and he wasn't in his right mind and as soon as he was he stopped." I tried to reason.

"The bruises, the ones on your face and arms when I got you out of the trunk… the blood under you nails…the reason you looked afraid of him in the apartment… the reason you had me drive you home…" he paused as if the puzzle had come together before continuing,

"Sookie, I should have been holding you that night. You should have been loved and comforted. I should have taken you home with me, not back to you house to be beaten yet again…damn it… How many times have I failed you?"

"Eric, I just wanted to go home that night. There was no way you could have known Bill had hurt me or that there were assassins at my house waiting to kill me." I tried to comfort.

"No, but at the gas station…after we were attacked I should have taken you to my home then. It was closer and you would have been safe and not had to see him. MY GOD, he sat there and combed and brushed your hair like nothing happened… he raped you and then acted like nothing happened." He said a little louder than I expected so I jumped a little.

"So did Uncle Bartlett. He would abuse me and then take me for ice cream and I acted like nothing had happened as well. I… I just didn't want to be a victim again so I pushed it away and didn't deal with it." Eric sat there holding me for a long time. I stroked his hair and he mine. No one came out to check on us although I did see and feel him communicate with Pam through the bond once but I can't say that I know what he said to her. We sat in silence until Eric moved and I felt sudden realization through the bond. I looked up into his eyes as he spoke to me in a low voice that was so gentle and full of worry.

"So the first time you had had sex after he raped you was when we… when I… the shower…" He gasped as he pulled me even tighter to his chest, "…was I gentle enough? Were you afraid? Did I take good enough care of you? If I had known Lover, if I had known…." He was shaking while rocking me gently. I nodded to let him know he was perfect that night but I wasn't able to answer his questions verbally as he then looked up to the sky and yelled,

"When is it ENOUGH? When has she paid ENOUGH? What has she ever done to deserve the hand you have dealt her? She is GOOD and KIND… NO MORE…NO MORE…If you want a fight you bring it to ME from now on and leave her alone… her price is paid. She has paid enough." I could feel his heart breaking for me and I cried. I cried for me, I cried for him and the fact that I had never told a soul that I had been raped; half out of fear and half out of shame or maybe it was just denial. If I didn't say it out loud it didn't really happen. When I was finally able to gather myself I whispered,

"Please don't kill Bill. It wasn't his fault and I killed both of the bitches whose fault it was so it is over for me. I forgave Bill a long time ago and I need you to do the same. If you can't do it on your own, do it for me, please?" I paused and before he could answer me I asked one more favor of him, "Eric, please take me home. I want to go home and I want you to make love to me."

"Lover, we will tell everyone good night and of course we will go home. I love you, my sweet love." He looked at me as if I was the only girl in the world and made me feel his love for me, both through our bond and by the look in his eyes. In that moment even without the bond there would have been no way not to know he loved me. He was looking at me the way a man looks at the woman he loves and it was a look I would never forget.

When we walked back inside there was no big reaction. The party had gone on and everyone was dancing. I waited with baited breath knowing that Eric was scanning the room for Bill. I put my hand on his arm and felt Belinda and Pam approach us, but before I could speak Eric did,

"Your mistress is tired; I'm taking her home." Pam looked at my red eyes and Eric's tear stained face as she said,

"What has happened?" She touched my cheek so lovingly it surprised me. Normally Pam would not touch me unless we were alone. She pulled me to her and hugged me as Belinda stroked my arm and reached to hold Eric's hand.

"She is tired. We will go. Handle all of this for us." He used his 'maker' tone with her and as her eyes went wide as they cut to where Bill stood and she went to one knee and said,

"Of course Master. I will do what needs to be done." The way she said it made me shiver.

"NO! Eric, that counts too… Promise me that not only will you not kill him but not a hand that you command will either and you're not to send him off somewhere either. I forgave him and you have to deal with that. He raped me not you…." And with that I slapped my own hand over my mouth as I felt the tears start and my family started to make their way to me from around the room.

Before I could register what happened, Bill was before us as he spoke softly,

"I have been ready to pay the price for my attack on her for quite some time. I am ready to meet my final death. She has forgiven me and that is more than a monster like me I deserves." He bowed in front of me and I wanted to be mad. I wanted to feel anger but all I could feel was pity. He had lost everything, me, Lorena, his own standing in the vampire world not to mention his own self worth.

Everyone was ready to take off his head but I stepped forward and put my arms around him as I pulled him upright saying to those gathered around us,

"This man harmed me, but he has saved me and protected me since. I believe in him and he has paid his due. He owes me no more. He is my servant and my protector, so anyone, other than my King, that raises a hand against him can consider themselves my friend no more." I said in my Faery princess/Vampire Queen voice and then with that I turned to Eric.

"My King, I know it is your right to defend my honor and kill him for what he has done, but I implore you as your Queen and wife to accept my decision to let this slight go." I then did as I had done before to show my honor or Eric as my King. I kneeled before him and awaited his decision. As he pulled me up and to his side he spoke,

"Compton, you live, but you do so in Bon Temps unless I send for you. You are no longer welcome in my home or at my business and if you ever fall out of favor with her it will be your final night, so when you are called upon, you will serve your mistress well." He growled out and with that Bill bowed to me and left.

Belinda kissed my cheek and Pam muttered "douche bag" under her breath before she turned to hold me. Laurell pulled me to her as well and whispered,

"You are a true Queen. You handled yourself with grace and elegance in the face of adversity. I am so proud of you. I know that Adele is proud of you as well." The mention of Gran's name nearly did me in and I wanted to cry. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out, but I smiled my crazy Sookie smile instead and went about telling my family goodnight.

Sven and Livy were to stay in New Orleans for the evening, as were Pam and Belinda. Bobby and his family were staying as well. Belinda was looking forward to spending the day in New Orleans with Bobby, Evie and Jonathan and later popping everyone home tomorrow night, except for Jonathan who would be driving the car home. I still couldn't get a good read on either of them. Jonathan was a shifter I gathered just from how cloudy his mind happened to be and I thought perhaps that Evelyn wasn't from the United States originally. Her thoughts were not in English, but instead some strange language that I'd never heard before making me wonder about her nationality. I knew she was some hotshot Vampire dentist, of all things, but that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of her.

Laurell, Marcus, Lillianna and Alexander were preparing to drive back to Shreveport tomorrow night. They were leaving for Europe in two weeks time so we were all going to have as many family dinners together as we could between now and then. Jason was to ride home with the family tomorrow as well. Christean and Thalia were driving back to Thalia's condo on the outskirts of the French Quarter and then they too would come back home.

Felipe and Constance promised to come to the house tomorrow night for their first family dinner. I was excited to talk to him more about momma and her side of the family. Bubba was going home with Russell and seemed very excited about that. Stan just wanted to get back to Dallas and to Isabelle. I was shocked to find out after she got over the betrayal of her human, Hugo, she had sworn off humans as lovers. Stan and she just sorta fell into bed together one night and before either one of them knew what had happened, they were in love.

Eric had been cordial to everyone while we stood and spoke with just the family at the end of the night. Once we had the bags packed we left them for the cars that Laurell and the family would come home in tomorrow night. I wrapped my arms around Eric's waist and I popped us home. It was odd being there with no one else because the house seemed too quiet and just then I saw our babies. They were crawling on the deck and I ran outside in a panic.

"They shouldn't be out there… they could drown… in… the… pool…" I realized with great embarrassment that I was delusional again but Eric had caught up to me as he said,

"Who was giggling out here?"

"You heard them? Did you see them?"

"No but I heard something… teacup humans. I heard little ones." His voice was dreamy as if he was wishing them into reality.

"It was our babies. They were playing out here on the deck. Maybe you just picked up on what was in my head. I just don't know anymore Eric. I just don't know." I felt defeated and somehow alone.

"You are not alone Sookie. I am with you. I am always with you."

"Love me, please." Was all I said as he swept me up into his arms and started down to our resting chamber.

He brushed my hair out of my face since it was falling out the 'up-do' that Pam had fixed for me and asked me the most curious question,

"Bill was your first?"


"Was he good to you that night?"

"Yes. He did good by me." I said not wanting to get into the discussion.

"So, your first time then, he was gentle?"

"Eric, why does it matter what happened or how it happened? I really don't want to think about Bill right now; I just want my husband to make love to me." I said so frustrated.

"It matters to me. I need to know where it hurts Sookie, so that I can fix it. So I can heal you. You have healed me so many times let me heal you."

"Gran had just died. I had cleaned out her room that day. I had just got out of the shower and my hair was still wet. He was combing my hair out for me and just comforting me. We started kissing and it just happened. He didn't know I was a virgin until… well you know… He was sweet though and he took his time and made sure I was alright. He used his blood after to help with the swelling…down there and I wasn't even sore the next day like all my girlfriends had told me I would be." I couldn't believe that I was having this conversation with Eric. I hoped by being so honest with him he would find comfort in the fact Bill had not harmed me twice.

"He used you." He said with no emotion in his voice. There was no feeling at all he was vacant.

"I wanted it too."

"You wanted to feel anything but the pain. You needed to be comforted, not used, and that is what he did; he used your personal tragedy against you. If he had any love for you he would have just held you and been there for you." He paused as if the next words pained him, "And he knew you were a virgin. He is a vampire; he can smell a virgin a mile away." He paused again,

"Did he feed from you while he took you the first time?"

"Yes, but I asked him to. I wanted to feel close to him." I whispered and he gritted his teeth as his fangs clicked down.

"Like I said, you just wanted to feel comfort; solace. He used you and I must warn you now I may not be able to keep my promise. I want to drain him dry." Still there was no emotion, no feeling in his voice. He was going into that dark place that only I could bring him back from. With tears in my eyes I begged,

"Eric I have asked you three times now please… please make love to me. Make the pain stop, please…" He looked at me like he just realized I was in the room with him.

"Lover, come. Let me show you what our love can do. Let me show you what it can heal. Yield to me Sookie, really yield to me. Come into my eyes and trust me." I knew what he wanted and God help me I wanted to let him do it.

"Just make love to me baby. Lets deal with the rest later." With that he kissed me but I kept my eyes closed, not trusting myself to look in his eyes. How wonderful would it be to let him take away all the memories that pained me but then I would not appreciate what I had now.

"Eric, you can't fix me that way, but you can love me now and I know that will heal me. Love me baby, love me." That was all I had to say for him to understand that I needed to keep the bad memories, but that did not mean he couldn't fix the broken pieces that had been left behind.

He undressed me and took me to the bathroom where he bathed and washed me until I was so relaxed I thought I would turn into a noodle. He then lifted me out of the tub and dried me before setting me on the counter while he dried his own beautiful body. I wanted him so damn bad and as I became wet with my desire, his eyes snapped up to mine and his fangs dropped down. I felt mine start to elongate as well.

"You need me wife? You desire my body and my blood?

"Yes." I said as he carried me to the bedroom and laid me on our bed.

"Will you let me worship you? Let me show you how precious you are?" he asked me but I could not form anymore words so I only nodded my reply. He began to kiss down my body to my hot, wet core, moving his mouth up and down me as he whispered,

"I love you so much. You are my everything; so precious, so wonderful, my love, my wife." He lavished my nipples with long kisses and would pull just a little at the end of each kiss. He then started back down my body as he pulled two pillows from somewhere to put under my hips and he once again whispered to me,

"Are you alright? Is this okay? Can you feel how much I love you?" I was still unable to speak so I nodded as he began once again to lick my throbbing nub. He would take his thumbs to spread me apart to look at my core and then he would plant sweet kisses directly on the throbbing little bundle of nerves. Then almost painfully, he would suck it into his mouth causing me to gasp and scream. I would come for him and then he would start the whole process over again. I was finally able to speak and begged,

"I want to pleasure you... kiss you too…. Ah…"

"Lover this is about me pleasing you… you don't have to…"

"It does please me. It makes me so wet when you moan for me." It was what I needed to feel some sort of control and power. So with that request he let go of me and I licked up and down his hard length. He moaned as I sucked him off. He talked dirty to me because he knew how much I liked it but he was so gentle with the way he stroked my hair. He did not come in my mouth but instead he pulled me back up his body right when his will power broke and laid me down on my back. It was like he let me have my fun and was now back to worshipping me.

And worship me he did. He was so gentle and loving with every touch, giving me nothing but pleasure in the way he loved me. He was back between my legs and I was convulsing beneath him when he finally climbed up the length of my body and whispered,

"Now my Lover, are you ready for me now?"

"Yes… oh please yes." I moaned and smiled at him as he entered me.

"Look at me Lover, look at me and believe me, this is how I would have made love to you Sookie. Had it been me, if I had been your first this is what it would have been like. I want you to remember this moment Lover, remember me. Remember, this time with me as your first time with a man." I had never loved him more he was my world and I was his.

He gently thrust into me very slowly letting me adjust to his size before he started rocking his hips and I met him with every gentle push of his body. They were gentle sweet thrusts that made my whole body tingle. He kissed my neck and I longed to taste him so when I could no longer resist the temptation, I sank my teeth into his neck and listened to him moan while I fed. He made no move to bite me back, but his hips picked up speed as I drank my fill.

"Oh Sookie, yes, drink me Lover, drink me." in that moment he was willing to let me drain him; giving himself to me completely in that instant and I wanted nothing more than to do the same for him. Just when the words "turn me" were about to fall from my lips I heard our children laugh and I only said,

"I love you Eric! I love you. I promise I am yours forever."

"I love you Sookie, I love you so much."

And as we came to our moments together I felt tears of joy falling down my face. We lay in each other's arms and for once I was not the first to speak, it was Eric.

"Sookie, I saw them."

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