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Nothing Short of Beautiful

It's the way her long, blonde hair glitters in the light, and her blue eyes glow. They catch your attention. And at first you think nothing of it – she's pretty, whose attention doesn't she catch?

But pretty soon you can't help but notice other things about her, as well. Like the sing-song tinkling of her laughter, the slight frown on her face whenever she's feeling stubborn, and the way her face lights up when she's happy (which in turn always makes you feel a little happier, too).

And you try to deny the obvious, because you know it is oh-so wrong for so many reasons – but you like her, you really like her. You try to convince yourself that it's nothing more than a passing obsession, that these strange, new, and curious feelings will be gonegonegone in the blink of an eye. That all you need is to sleep on it to help you see things in a clearer light.

But you blink your eyes, you sleep on it, and your feelings only become surer and deeper. Because she may be a Slytherin, a Black, and most scary of all, a girl, but one thing is frighteningly clear – you love her. And she's not just a passing obsession, she's so much more – she is everything to you. Every breath that passes through her pale pink lips is suddenly monumental, important.

But there is no hope for any future between the two of you. For one, you know she would never feel the same way about you that you feel about her. You see the way she watches Malfoy, the way she does anything just to try and catch his attention – but she never does. And you want to scream and yell, because you notice it all – because no one is as constantly aware of her the way you are. You notice the way she takes extra care with her appearance – though, she doesn't need the makeup or the glitz and the glam. She's nothing short of beautiful. The way she always tries to position herself near him, but he doesn't even spare her a passing glance.

And as much as you hate it, and it killskillskills you, you belong with Frank. Because he is smart and kind, and he loves you. He is everything you should want, and everything you should need. But every time he presses his lips against yours, you can't help but wish for another pair of lips; every time he wraps his strong, broad arms around you, you can't help but wish for a slimmer, shorter body to wrap your arms around.

But you are only Alice, and you are clumsy and awkward, and sure, you're not ugly, but you're nothing close to beautiful. And you could never compare to that Slytherin boy that has stolen her heart the way she has stolen yours.

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