I apologize for the chapter being a bit on the short side but Real Life kinda happened. Enjoy what little there is...

This fic owes its existence to the evil mind of Gin, ie Getjrjt on Livejournal. Thanks for the plot, and for letting me run with it.

An older man whose body his Slayer apparently had had ample time to ogle? Probably one of the college professors then. Giles grimly eyeballed the yellow Kiss the librarian mug in front of him. Well, the fact that the berk was in possession of a heartbeat and a nice arse wasn't nearly enough information. Maybe if he was to call Willow to schedule another magic lesson he could…
The Englishman's Machiavellian plotting was interrupted by an impatient knock on the door followed by the entrance of two scowling females and a dark-haired male who clearly wanted to be anywhere but there.

'Hello, you're… unexpected,' Giles pointed out, giving them a startled look. 'Shouldn't at least one of you be in class right now?'

Willow fixed him with a dismal thanks-for-reminding-me glare.

'Yes, but Martha Stewart over there is under the impression that her love life takes priority over my Psych 105,' she grumbled.

'Of course it does or you wouldn't be here,' Anya observed with a complacent half shrug. The Wicca shot her a mutinous glower.

'I'm here because you said it was a matter of life and death. Not once did you mention cookery.'

'It is a matter of life and death,' the brunette insisted. 'A girl in my math class said that men only like women who can cook.' She turned to Willow, her expression devoid of all her previous smugness. 'I can't cook, so I need to learn or Xander won't like me any more. Get on your computer so it can teach me.'

'Ah. Right,' Giles cut in, looking nonplussed. 'Isn't that something better taught in a kitchen?' His hands unconsciously reached for his glasses and a handkerchief. 'Someone else's kitchen' he emphasized hurriedly.

'Apparently the girl handed Anya an URL address as well,' Willow explained, her fingers already flying across the keyboard. 'Hence the need for Computer Gir…' Her eyes grew as she watched the screen. 'Eep…'

'Oh, good, you've found it.' The ex demon happily grabbed Xander's hand and dragged him over to the wide eyed witch. 'Which one do you prefer?'

Willow looked up at the animated brunette and her glassy eyed boyfriend, and with another heartfelt eep she quickly bolted towards the sanctity of the kitchen. Realizing that this was the chance he'd been looking for the Watcher slowly followed, desperately racking his brain for something to say.

'So. H-How is academic life treating you?' he finally managed with a somewhat feeble smile.

'Um. Academically..?' Willow hazarded, sending the Watcher a puzzled look.

'Yes. Of course. Uh… And dorm life?' he tried.

'Pretty much dormy,' she replied, her eyes narrowing. 'You're beginning to wigging me out here, Giles. Care to tell me what's going on?'

Hunching his shoulders he shoved his hands deep into his pockets. Not really, no.

'I-I was talking to Buffy earlier and she said something that… might have led me to believe that… uh…'

'Buffy's got a new boyfriend?' the young witch guessed with an enthusiastic squeal. The Watcher winced.

'Something like that, yes,' he nodded. 'And with the whole Angel debacle I just thought…'

'You want to make sure he's one of the White Hats?' He was treated to an affectionate beam. 'That's so sweet!'

Giles nodded uneasily. Sweet? Riiight…

'Quite. So. What can you tell me about this…' tosser '…new man then?' he asked with forced indifference. Willow looked thoughtful.

'Not much, really,' she mused. 'I mean, sure, there's been the odd cute guy, although not odd in the odd sense, you know, just… the regular, occasional heeeello cute butt kinda guy… guy… Um.' The redhead brightened. 'But there's Riley, Professor Walsh's TA. Lots of yummy muscles there, definitely Buffy's type.'

The Watcher pursed his lips together. Teacher Assistant? Somehow he'd got the impression that the prat would be older.

'Riley, hm? And who is Professor Walsh?'

'Oh, Professor Walsh is our psych professor, and she's kinda scary, but really cool, and she's got like gazillion degrees, and she's… so not what you want to talk about at the moment…' the Wicca finished, grinning sheepishly.

'Well, it was most… informative' Giles said, his eyes alight with tolerant amusement. Willow stuck her tongue out at him with a mock glare. 'Buffy might have made it sound like this…' tosser '…uh… person was slightly older though?'

The young witch saw her chance at retaliation.

'She did say her history professor was kinda cute' she offered innocently, giving the Watcher a furtive glance. 'She said he reminded her of you.'

Giles blinked.