Chapter One;

Once again, Maura found herself crying herself to sleep. It had become a recent occurrence as of late, something she took both comfort and hurt from. It was only Maura who could take opposite emotions from a situation like she found herself in. She was a complicated women, not many people understood her. And she liked it that way, she liked not being around people all the time. Maura didn't like living people much, she found comfort in the dead.

That was her profession; she was a Medical Examiner. Maura worked with corpses, and it was something she enjoyed very much. Her parents had known that from a young age, she was going to grow up to be different, and they praised her silently for it. They watched as she gained the grades she worked hard to get, they watched as she worked her way through the expensive French boarding school, somehow hoping it would help her to gain more hobbies and her life would straighten out, she would become normal. It didn't work, but it helped her gain the top spots in all of her classes.

The blonde had grown up living the high life, as an only child and with impeccable tastes for classically upper class activities. Though it was only recently she had discovered how lonely the high life could be. She was waiting on that call to tell her she wouldn't be alone for the next few nights, crying while she waited for it. It didn't come.

"Come on. Please, call." She found herself whispering through the darkness of her home, in the general direction of the phone.

She was longing to hear that familiar voice again. Maura hadn't heard it in so long, and she missed that tender, yet deep feeling she got whenever she heard the phone ring out and then the velvety voice at the end of the line, talking to her after so long.

"Call me, please." Maura whispered once again. It was so early in the morning, the world surrounding her home was dead. There was no sign of life outside and her pet tortoise was even sleeping. The only sounds she could hear were the sounds of her own breathing, sighing and sobbing.

Finally, she heard that familiar bell ringing out through the house. Maura basically leapt up from her bed, throwing back the sheets as she reached for the receiver and she answered hastily.

"Hello?" she almost gasped down the phone, hoping it was who she hoped it was.

"Baby…" that familiar voice rang out in her ear.

"Oh, God!" Maura exhaled and let her eyes close over softly, her lids fluttering, "I've missed you."

"I'm…missing you too."

"When are you coming home?" she asked, her eyes opening once again.

"I am home…"

"What? Where?" Maura questioned, softly leaving the bed and walking to the window to peer outside. She was confused, "I don't see you, or your car…Oh!" she jumped as she felt arms wrap around her waist and a body press against her back, "There you are." Maura let out a gentle chuckle.

Lips collided down against her neck, causing her to moan and turn inside those arms to face her lover. Maura moved her lips to her lovers and, they shared the most passionate kiss they'd shared in a while. It had been a while since they'd seen each other, and so they were bound to react to each other with passion and lust.

"Please don't leave me again." Maura sighed, whispering.


She cut her lover off, it hadn't been a request she'd asked. Maura moved them both away from the window and she pulled her lover over to their bed, pressing her lips into a tight kiss. She was in the right mood for certain things and she hoped that the message got across in how she was acting now.

It did work.

Laying in bed, naked and spent, her arm draped across her lover, "I love you…I can't stop thinking of you." Maura turned her head to her lover and she smiled tenderly, "Victor."