I struggled as I made my way to city hall. To meet with the mayor. I had just taken part in what was probably the most brutal battle the world has ever come to know. The greatest battle between good and evil. Participating in the this fight was none other than my sisters, myself, and the the greatest evil ever known Him.

My sisters and I fought strong but Him seemed so much stronger. Eventually during our battle even the Professor came to help in his super dad costume. All four of us fought with all of our might in order to defeat him. Had we lost, he was have finally destroyed the world and easily gone on to destroy the next. For today he was at his most powerful. I'm not entirely sure whythough. I'm so beat up and I was hit in the head so many times I've forgotten the reason.

After nearly two hours of non-stop fighting there was finally a casualty. Unfortunately that casualty was from my, always so happy, sister Bubbles. She had just been beaten so much when him gave her one final blow she just couldn't muster up enough strength to continue. And so she passed on.

"BUBBLES!" screamed the Professor.

He ran over to her side to help her but he was already to late. Him took this as an advantage and struck the Professor.

Buttercup and I then went to attack Him in an attempt to protect the professor. The professor joined back into the battle soon after wards.

We all received serious blows. Buttercup and I, being the super humans we are, were able to withstand them. However the professor, not so much. Eventually the battle claimed another casualty.

Buttercup and I continued in the fight tears streaming our faces as we fought. Our family had gone from a family of 4 to 2 in the matter of 3 hours.

As much as we fought we weren't gaining an edge against Him. At one point I believed that all was lost and the world was doomed. That is until Buttercup felt there was only one way to end this.

"Blossom" said Buttercup

"Yeah, Buttercup." I replied

" I need you to fly away as far as you can." she said.

"Why what are you gonna do?" I asked.

"No time to explain. JUST GO!" with that she pushed me and I flew away.

"Aw. Don't tell me you girls are giving up. It was getting interesting." Him mocked as he watched me fly away.

"The Powerpuff Girls never give up. I just want tot make sure there's at least one puff left." said Buttercup in tone that was full of despair. She then mustered up all the chemical x power that was within her and charged at Him. Once she made impact there was an enormous sonic boom. She had managed to make Him explode, but at a great sacrifice. The Powerpuff Girls then went from a trio to a solo.

I had just barely escaped the explosion.

I jumped out of the portal leading to hell where the battle had taken place. Once I made it out I made my way to city hall to tell the mayor and Ms. Bellum what had just occurred and to tell them of the great loss.

When the citizens of Townsville found out they made a memorial statue of Bubbles, Buttercup, the Professor and myself and placed it right outside city hall. I told them they shouldn't put me in the statue but they said that it wouldn't be right to the have all of the Powerpuff girls together in the statue. So I didn't argue with them.

The citizens were very kind. So many of them grieved. I could understand why, but they weren't grieving for the same reason I did. The grieved because they lost two of their three protectors I grieved because I lost my whole family.

It's been two weeks since their death. I always felt so depressed to go home to an empty house. Both the mayor and Ms. Bellum said I could come live with them but I told them that I would be alright living in my home. I'd lived their for ten years. I'm a fifteen year old super hero. I knew I would be safe living there on my own. Even so. I still wish I could come home to all of them gathered in the living room, laughing and smiling.

I was laying in my bed when I started to remember some memories and my sisters and the professor. They were all so happy but I just couldn't handle it. It was about 1 am and I decided to go out. I needed to clear my head and since it was so late I could think without being interrupted. I walked all over Townsville. A thunder storm had started while I was walking but I didn't care. Finally I had made it to my family's statue. I looked at them. They stood strong proud and happy. It was then that I just cracked. I cried my heart out. I fell to knees and cried on the ground.

I took my ribbon out of my hair. The same ribbon I had ever since my creation. I held it in my hand and just stared at it. The pain from losing my whole family was just too much and I ended up ripping my ribbon into pieces. Each piece was blown away in the wind. My sobs were drowned out by the booms of thunder.

Someone walked up to me. I didn't know who they were and I didn't care. It was too dark to see them and my eye sight was too blurred from my tears to tell who this person was.

I was on my knees crouched in a ball. Whoever was standing near me kicked me. Not with brute strength. It was more like a nudge only a little stronger. Like when you tap something with your foot to see if its alive. Then the person took me by the wrist and stood me up. I kept my eyes shut. I felt no need to open them. All I would do is cry and because of that my eye sight would be too blurred to see anything clearly.

Whoever this person was held my chin in their hand and lifted my head. Probably to get a good look at who I am. I still kept my eyes shut.

All of my hair was in my face. When they released my chin they moved my hair out of my face. They then went behind me and pulled all of my hair together. They must have had a hair tie because I felt them tie my hair in the back in a down ponytail. It was sloppy so they obviously didn't care about making it look good.

They went back to standing in front of me. They looked at me for a few more minutes and then they decided to pick me up bridal style. I was a little surprised at this but I didn't care. I kept my eyes shut throughout the whole time they examined me and when the picked me up. I didn't care what they did to me so I just let them take me where ever it was they were going. Eventually I fell asleep in their arms.