"Blossom! Oh Blossom it's terrible! Just terrible! There's a giant rampaging monster destroying town! He's stepping on all the little stores, roaring so loud it could make you go deaf and his pinky toe crushed my favorite pickle cart. Ooohh my poor pickles. Now what am I going to do when I go on my pickle break! Oh pickles oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy-"

"May-Mayor! Mayor calm down. I'll have it under control. I'm on my way right now"

" I've been going to that pickle cart for almost ten yea-" I hang up. Once the mayor gets started on his pickle he never seems to stop. I never understood his obsession with them. No one would be able to count how many times my sisters and I had to shoot over to town hall just to unscrew a pickle jar. It felt tedious to always do so but I guess the Mayor being so giddy at the end when he got to his pickles made up for it.

"Sorry. Looks like I got to go." I gave Boomer a wave good-bye before I flew through my open window. What I didn't expect was Boomer flying in front on me making me stop right in my tracks.

"Wait. What are you doing?" He asked while tilting his head to the side looking purely innocent.

"Boomer I'm a hero and right now I have a duty I need to fulfill. I'll be back in a little bit."

Only a pink streak is left behind for Boomer when I took off for the town. I could see the smoke coming from the town and some tips of the extra high buildings missing the corners of their roofs. The scream of the citizens echoed through the sky pushing me to fly faster. Why can't I have the power to just transport myself somewhere? I'm not getting there fast enough! Finally when I did get into Townsville I got to see the full extent of the chaos ensuing. The citizens were running rampant like chickens with their heads cut off. When I tried to tell them to calm down they just ran past me, some even shoving me out of the way. Rude much?

Okay Blossom; find the monster, kick it butt, get it out of town, calm down towns people. It felt easy enough. I've been doing this since I was five so sometimes it all felt very routine. I hovered back into the air and flew through the streets to find the monster. When I was really high in the air on my way to Townsville I couldn't see the beast because some of the very tall buildings hid him so clearly he must not be the biggest to come to town. But if he was still capable of crushing small buildings he's still pretty big. I maneuvered my way through each avenue until I got to the center of it all just before Town Hall.

Right there in the opening was the monster with its right foot hovering in the air just above Town Hall ready to stomp down any second. He was roughly fifty feet tall, orange with some green spots scattered here and there. He honestly looked like a T-Rex but with long arms instead of those short little nubs. As if I hadn't dealt with monsters like that enough in my life. I saw the Mayor and Miss Bellum running down the steps when suddenly Miss Bellum's heel broke and she tripped. Before she could really fall on the steps though I shot over and took her hand to fly her to safety.

"Thank you Blossom" She said with still some calm in her voice. The completely opposite of the rest of the town.

I gave a quick nod before going back to Town Hall to keep the beast from actually stepping on it. His foot was in motion but I put myself right underneath and had my hands above my head holding on to the massive foot keeping it in the air. I heard the growl come from him before I summoned my strenght to throw him in the air to the park. It's a really big grass opening almost like New York's Central park but just a tad smaller. Less buildings to get in the way meant less damage. While he was flipping in the air I soared past him to make sure there were no possible citizens to make pancakes out of. Nope. Looks like they found other hiding places. When he was coming down right above me I used my ice breath to freeze his head then flew up the extra bit to super punch the ice away. He fell to the ground and laid still. That's got to give him a major headache. Slowly he stood up and I could see just how mad he was. Yep I made him angry. This should be fun.

He started to charge at me and I chose to use my ice breath again, hoping maybe it will keep him at boy a bit. Inhale huge breath; exhale ice. What surprised me though was when my breath was heading straight for him he blew out a breath of his own...fire!...of course he has fire breath -_- It melted my ice instantly and I just barely dodged. Oh god. Blow another five of those by me and I'm done tanning for the rest of my life!

When I was trying to catch my breath he started to charge my way yet again and was trying to step on my to crush me like a bug. I just ran at super speed swerved all over. Then I got the idea to run behind him and ran up his tail, up his back, towards his head. He spun trying to shake me off but though I did stumble at some points I kept on route. When I got to the head I used my heat vision to burn the top of his head all the way to between his eyes. He gave out a cry of pain and shook his head in all directions as if that would make the pain go away. It almost knocked me off but I ran to the front of his nose where I jumped of to float in front of him and delivered I swift kick to his snout knocking his head to the side. He turned his head back looking even more ferocious than before and he opened his mouth. I saw the flames starting to form in the back of his throat and rather than fly away where he would just try to follow I flew forward and stood on his snout between his eyes out of sight. Since he couldn't see me though he must have thought he might as well spit fire everywhere thinking it will hit me eventually.

This is not good. I'm standing on a monster, who's blowing fire in every way possible, with no plan on how to beat him. What if I can't beat him. As far as old strategies go I had two others to do those strategies with. What if one puff isn't enough? Oh this is so not good, not good at all.

I walked to the right so I was right in front of his eye and blasted my heat vision right into it. The scream he gave almost made my heart stop, he was in so much pain. I felt a twinge of guilt for the beast. Unfortunately because of my guilt I just stood there and didn't notice the giant hand coming my way, pounding into me and send my hurtling into the ground. The crash made a crater the size of a wrestling ring. Of course I just had to land on my head first when I came down. God, this is one hell of a headache.

My vision was getting a little fuzzy. Well this isn't good. I could see that a huge set of sharp teeth was coming my way though. I went to fly out of the way but I just fell back onto the Earth. I'm not flying; I'm so dead.

Maybe if I'm lucky I can hold his foot and keep him from crushing me like I did at Town Hall. Well, here's hoping. The foot was coming down fast. I lay on my back and put my hands up in the air preparing for the impact. My head turned to the side and my eyes screwed shut. Even though I hoped this would work, my mind wouldn't stop yelling at me saying it wouldn't

I could feel the wind pounding into me before the monster, giving me indication on just how close he was getting. As unprofessional as it made me feel, I couldn't keep that scream I gave from leaving my throat. But suddenly the wind that was pounding into me from the front was now blowing into me from the side.

I opened one eye first just in case my senses were just playing tricks on me. Through the one eye I saw the quick sight of orange and I knew what happened. Brick came and got me out of the way.

"That was a pretty stupid move, don't cha' think? Just laying there. What kind of hero are you?" He said in an all joking tone.

"I hit my head so shut up. Just put me down already so I can go back and fight."

"You seriously think you can fight that thing when you didn't even have the common sense to get out of the way?" He went to the ground anyway though where his brothers were waiting.

"That's a big ass monster." Butch said looking up in awe at the monster.

"I've beat bigger." I said indifferently as I got out of Brick's arms and put my feet back on the ground.

"Not alone I bet." Brick poked me in the side. I slightly glared at him with a small pout on my face. I didn't want to admit out loud that he was right. He smirked and twitched one of his eye brows up.

"Dude I really wanna fight this thing." Butch started shifting back and forth on his feet with a slight bounce all the while cracking his knuckles.

"Do you think the ground would shake if he fell?" Boomer asked with an excited smile on his face.

"I wonder just how far I could throw him." Brick looked back toward the monster with a smirk waiting to meet a challenge.

"I thought you guys were bad. Beating this monster might end up giving you guys a hero status." I told them with a little mocking in my voice.

"I don't know if you can say we're bad." Brick said still looking at the monster, then turned his head to me with his smirk still on his face. "We just like it when things go boom." With that all three boys shot up into the sky towards the monster.

never thought of them like that. Growing up I always figured the boys were just pure evil. Forever to be bad because that's what they were made to be. But what if it was because of what Brick said. That they 'just like it when things go boom'. Sort of like how little boys always got excited watching construction work because sometimes things got smashed. Them being super powered just amplified that preference for destruction.

I remember when we were five and my sisters and I used Princess's weapons to attack them. I had the idea to use the weapons forces to simply pique their interest and have them attack each other rather than us attack them. I knew that if they saw just how destructive the tank, plane, and boat were they'd want to play with them. Maybe that's how they saw destruction; as a game.

Since they matured the destruction didn't have to be so extreme anymore. Which might explain why before my passed we barely saw any sign of them. The boys really aren't as bad as we made them out to be; as I made them out to be.


Right! Monster; city; bad; go!

I took to the sky and saw the boys just constantly punching and kicking the monster all over his body. He was starting to get frustrated though and took a deep breath. Oh no get out of the way.

"Guys! Watch out he has fire breath!"

They looked up confused but when they saw the monster aiming his fire at them they flew away and actually next to me.

"Didn't see that coming." Butch said hunching over with his hands on his hips. We all stared at the monster and I noticed that absolutely none of the kicks or punches did anything to slow him down. The only thing that put him to a disadvantage would have to be his one eye. If I'm right it was probably blind now.

He had a lot of advantages though. One: he's huge. Two: he has fire breath that melts my ice breath making that useless. Three: punching and kicking does nothing.

Conclusion: he's tough.

Okay Blossom time to think. As far as offense goes all he really does is stomp around and blow his fire. Take those factors out of the mix and it might render him helpless. But how do we go about that. If we make him trip we could take out the feet. Tie them up maybe. But what would we tie him up with? Rope would definitely not do the trick. It would snap far too easily. What about steel? Like at the construction yard! We could meld a lot together and then bend them to wrap around his ankles! Sweet super strength ever so helpful.

But when he's on the ground he'll definitely squirm and blow fire at us. We could probably weld more steel bars together to wrap around his arms but how would we do that with him shooting fire? We could wrap steel around the mouth too but that doesn't stop him from blowing while we're in the process of just getting to his mouth. Ice does nothing. Hmm. What if we fight fire with fire?

"Guys I've got a plan. Brick and Boomer come with me. Butch, stay here and keep hot breath busy. Distract him, be annoying and keep his attention."

"No problem." Butch saluted and then he was off towards the monster.

I waved my hand giving the motion for the other two to follow me. We made our way to the construction site in town and I told the boys to collect all the steel girders they could find. When we did we put them all end to end next to each other and we flew by each end and used our heat vision to connect each. We ended up with three super long girders to bring back to the monster and Butch. We put them on the ground in the park and when Butch saw us he came down to the ground too.

"So what's the plan Blossy?" He said looking down at the girders.

"We're going to wrap this one around his ankles," I pointed to the medium bar "This one around his arms" I pointed to the longest bar "and this one around his mouth." I finally pointed to the smallest.

"How are we going to do that?" Boomer asked.

"First we're just going to trip him. Standing up his feet will be spread out too far for us to wrap. When he's on the ground we'll put his feet together then wrap the bar around them. Then we'll move to around the arms then finally the mouth."

"What if he fire breathes at us?" Asked Boomer "Would it melt the bar?"

"Probably not it will just make them really hot which would just mean more pain for him as long as we get it on him in time. But I have another plan to get the fire out of the way."

"And that would be?" Brick asked with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You." I turned to him "You're going to keep the fire back. Use your own against him to keep it at bay."

"And what exactly makes you think mines better?" It would have sounded like he was concerned about the plan not working but the confident aura he gave off clued me in that he knew his breath was stronger.

" 'Cause I know you wouldn't let an overgrown lizard get the better of you." I gave him a smirk of my own and I saw him give a chuckle before he returned the smirk, gave a wink then flew up to the monster who was currently inhaling a deep breath. Brick inhaled one of his own and they both met each other with fierce flames.


Boomer Butch and I gave each other a simultaneous nod before we set off to work. Boomer and I grabbed each end of the medium girder and ran with super speed to right in front of the monsters right foot. The monster was standing with his right in the front probably as a way to enhance the strength of his fire. We all do that sometimes right. Butch was in the air behind the monster and after he looked down to see us in position he soared right for the monster's back. He made contact right in between his shoulder blades and the monster leaned forward and step with his right foot to catch his balance. But Boomer and I were right there to trip him.

He crashed to the ground and we acted fast. Butch flew down and grabbed hold of the monsters left ankle and pulled it over towards his right. Boomer and I took our bar and wrapped it around his ankles, twisting it at the end like those plastic strips on bread bags. The monster started to flail about and we saw Brick slightly struggling to stay in front of his mouth to block the flames. Boomer and I flew to get the other beam while Butch went to go underneath the monsters back and lift him up so we could slide the beam around him. When the torso was wrapped up it was time to wrap the mouth. Butch and Boomer went for the beam this time while I flew up next to Brick. He was sweating big time. I lightly used my ice breath just so he could get a cool breeze and cool down. He looked over and me and twitched both eye brows up as a way to say 'thanks' without stopping his fire.

Boomer and Butch came up underneath the snout and met together on the top twisting the ends of the bar together. The fire ended and Brick gave out huge pants and sometimes small coughs. I blew another small breeze onto his forehead. I nodded up to me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Nicely done." I patted his back.

"Just following commands." He smirked.

"Can I toss this sucker or what?" Butch yelled from the monsters feet. When did he get way down there.

"Feel free. I'm pretty sure there's a monster island that way. Throw him over there."

Butch gave a thumbs up then grabbed hold of the monsters middle clawed toe. He lifted him up and spun around a few times before finally letting go and sending the beast out above the water towards the island.

"Haven't had a good fight like that in a while." Brick said while using the back of his wrist to wipe off sweat from his forehead.

"I'm still actually a little surprised you guys helped me. Guess I never knew you had it in you."

"Eh don't get used to it. I'll still gladly steal something if I want it." he shrugged.

Boomer and Butch walked over to us.

"So now what?" Asked Boomer.

"What else?" Butch interjected "We go home eat dinner and make Brick shower again 'cause he's sweating like a pig! Pee -Yuh!" He held his nose and waved in the air. Brick gladly punched him in the arm.

"What if we went the pool? Night swimming's always fun." I suggested. They all agreed and raced off towards home and I could just barely keep up considering they took off without warning giving them a head start.

We just cooked some Totino's pizza rolls. Easy to make and quick to come out. When it was in the oven we all went to our rooms to put on our bathing suits. I put on a black tankini with neon pink hawaiian flowers in the bottom right corner and neon pink bathing suit shorts. The boys were wearing the same bathing suits they wore last time. I guess they one have the ones. Maybe it would have been a good idea to get them other pair when we were at the mall. At least one more so they each had two for the summer. Too late now. It's not like they're complaining anyway.

We ate our Totino's and were all ready to just jump in the pool. The thought of cramps didn't bother us. Who cares?

The boys rushed outside and I was just about to too but I heard the hotline. Are you kidding me? We just got home after kicking that monsters butt! What could be wrong now!


"Oh Blossom hello! Let me just start by saying wonderful job today! Once again the day is saved! (narrator guy: 'hey that's my line!' i had toXD )

"Well thank you mayor but why did you call?"

"Oh that's right! It happened while you were fighting the monster! It's very confusing and it's left us all baffled! My head hurts thinking about it."

"What happened?"

"It's Mojo Jojo!"

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