Hi people, I've really been into playing this lately, so I thought I'd try one.

I know there's a TV show called this, but the title fits, and it's nothing like it.

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"Hey!" The voice tore through Zack's sleep, and he shifted under the covers.

"Hey! Zack!" grumbling, he sat up, and wandered over to the window. Standing outside on the lawn was his best friend, Marche.

"About time, Sleepyhead!" he grinned, and called, "meet ya' down there!"

Zack threw on a T shirt and shorts and rushed downstairs, pausing only to grab a piece of toast.

"Have fun, dear!" his mom called from the kitchen, but he was already out the door.

Zack skidded to a halt outside the door, and Marche tossed a practice sword to him.

"Alright," Zack said, as they went over to the field where they always spar, "since this is your last day here, I'm determined to make the score even."

He nodded solemnly, "yeah, I know, but moving won't be so bad, I'll send you an email the moment I get to St. Ivalice."

"Ok," he agreed, he put on his helmet, and they started fighting. Marche had 169 wins, 158 losses, and 35 ties due to someone interrupting the fight.

Zack blocked a stab and answered with one of his own, but he hit air. Marche was already behind him, and Zack spun around, too late.

he ran right into his friend's sword, positioned near his neck.

"170 wins." Marche said triumphantly, lowering his blade.

Without warning, he attacked, and the battle raged on. By 3:00, Zack's score was 172 wins and 190 losses.

"Ah well," Zack said, "let's go get some ice cream." Marche agreed, because it was always hot in their town. After that, they went to the movies, and he came over to Zack's house for dinner.

"you're pretty good, Zack." Marche said to him, "you won 14 battles in one day."

"I'm gonna miss you, Marche." they shook hands.

"I'll probably be gone by the time you wake up. So… bye."

Zack watched as he trudged back toward his house.

Up in his room, Zack shifted through the papers on his desk, to reveal a map he had drawn in as a kid. In the lower right corner, there was a big X, his house. Next to that, there was a smaller X, next to a smiley face, and the word, Marche.

Sighing, he crumpled up the paper, and threw it into the trash bin.

The Next Day

Zack sat on his bed, and looked over at his computer, maybe Marche sent me an email…

He sat down in front of it and opened his account. "You've got mail!" chimed the computer. It was from Marche.

It read,

Hey, Zack. Doned got worse today, we had to take him to the hospital, but he turned out ok. Guess what? My new friend Mewt showed me this book he bought today, it had some almost magical stuff in it. Here, take a look.

Attached to the email was a picture of the book. Zack squinted at the pages, and could just make out a few words. "Alta Oron, Sondas Kameela… Now that's weird."

He typed in, sounds cool, what are your friends like? sent it, and shut down the computer.

He turned on his Game Cube and started playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

The time passed, and Zack looked over at his clock, 6:30. He began to concentrate on the game again.

The book began to creep back into his thoughts, until he couldn't resist his curiosity. He turned off the game and headed downstairs.

"Hey, Mom?"


"Can you drive me somewhere?"

"Sure, where?"

"The used book store."

"Hello," Zack said to the guy behind the desk, "Do you have anything like this?" he put his laptop on the desk, showing the book.

The guy's eyes widened, he even cleaned his glasses and examined the screen again. "I didn't think another one existed." he muttered.

"So do you have it?"

The man disappeared into the back room, Zack could hear him muttering to himself as he picked out numerous books and put them back in their places.

Finally, he came back, holding a huge tome. "Now let me warn you, this book is not cheap."

"How much?"


"What?" Zack exclaimed, grabbing on to the desk.

"This is no ordinary book." the man explained, "it has been around for centuries, and is rumored to have magical powers."

"Please! Just let me look at it!"

The man sighed, "I know I'm going to regret this, but, here." he handed the book over.

Zack ran his hands over the embossed cover and flipped it open. Running his hands along a circle, he turned the page to find a picture of a man in elaborate armor standing beside a huge sword.

Wow, he looks so cool. I wish I could be like that…

"Kid!" the yell jolted Zack out of his thoughts. The book was glowing. With a start, he dropped the book, and backed up. The light was expanding, encasing part of the floor.

The shopkeeper ran, fleeing through the open door, but Zack was paralyzed by fear, and could only watch as the light expanded, encasing his feet, and moving up to his torso, and finally, encasing his head in a brilliant circle. With a final Whoosh! it shot outward, covering everything in light.

Ok, that's one chapter down, they'll be coming every so often, but I've got more needing completion, so who knows when they'll come out.

If you like it, RandR