You've cheated on me with every woman in the town. You've killed people. You've gone out and wouldn't return home in till five days later, and when you did come home you were a mess and you smelled of perfume and blood. You've hurt me. You've turned me into something I never wanted to become. You took away everything from me.

You've called me horrible names. You've made me feel like nothing, like a failure. You've turned on me before. You've left me alone stranded somewhere when we had a fight, and I had to call your brother, my ex boyfriend for that matter, to come get me.

You've told me you never loved me. You've hit me once when you were really drunk, but I forgave you. You've come home so wasted you would fall down before you made it to bed and I would have to help you. You've never thanked me for the things I've done for you.

You've never got me anything for my birthday, not that it really matters. You've left me to spend Christmas alone. It hurt when I had to open all those presents by myself. You've beat up every man I talked to, when you also talk to woman and more. You've told me you wish I was dead, that you never met me.

You've left me at bars and parties just to go off with some girl. You've gotten me pregnant once, even though we thought it wasn't possible. You were so afraid of becoming a dad you made me get an abortion and when I refused you spat at me and left. I did get an abortion just so you would come back.

You've forced me to do stuff I didn't want to do. You've knocked me through a wall once. I remember your brother had to come and get me. I slept at his house that night and the next day you came crying and begged me to take you back. And I did.

You've left me tons of times. Once it was because I refused to get you something from the store. You said I was helpless and left. I went to bed and cried my eyes out. You came back the next day but you didn't talk to me.

You've said how you had to give up everything just for me, but that's a lie. You never gave up the woman and the sex and the going out every night. And worse, you never gave up the killing. You've compared me to Katherine and often said how she's way better in bed then I am. Why would you compare me to your ex girlfriend?

You've accused me of cheating on you, when it was really you who cheats on me. You've gotten another girl pregnant when you were with me, and you killed her because you didn't want it.

You've always hurt me and you put me through hell every day. Sometimes I wish I was dead. Yes, that's how much you've hurt me. But you know what's weird?

I still love you by the end of the day.