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To Be With You

"Alice, please just tell me where you're going." Jasper pleaded to his best friend.

"I can't" She whispered, "you wouldn't like it."

"If you don't tell me I'm going to follow you."

"Jazz, as by best friend and adopted brother, please respect my privacy."

"Whatever it is you keep doing; it's making you happy. I can feel that from you. Why wouldn't you want to share something like that with your family?"

"Probably for the same reason you don't want to introduce your boyfriend to the rest of the family."

Jasper's face fell. No one except Alice knew that he was gay, "please don't tell them."

"I don't know why you don't. This isn't fifty years ago anymore Jazz. They aren't going to kick you out or anything."

"Why? Have you seen it?"

"No, not yet; because you haven't decided to tell them. I just know that Carlisle and Esme will be fine with it. They love you like you're their own son."

Jasper sighed. Alice was right. He just couldn't tell them. What if they did kick him out? Where would he go?

"Jasper, I have to go and I hate to do this to you but if you follow me, I will tell everyone about you and your latest crush Jonathan." All Jasper could do was watch Alice jump out of her bedroom window and run into the woods.

Alice ran as fast as she could through the dense forest. She was running late which was very unlike her. He would worry about her. She was running so fast she almost didn't stop before she crossed the line.

She only had to wait a few seconds until a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind. "You're late." The voice whispered.

She turned to look at him. He was gorgeous. She finally understood why Edward was risking everything to be with Bella. "I know I'm late. Jasper was trying to follow me."

"He didn't, did he?"

"No. We have an agreement. He won't follow me."

"How much time do you have today?"

Alice sighed, "Not much. I saw everyone coming back from hunting this afternoon and I have to hate at least three showers to get the dog smell out."

"You love that smell." He added playfully.

Alice smiled, "You're right. I do Jacob. But I don't think the rest of my family would appreciate it."

"This kind of sucks." He said before giving her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"So, what do you want to do?"

Alice's lips curved, "Well, there's no one at the lake today because its going to be too cold but the sun will be out..."

"You know how much I love to see you sparkle."

"I know, I know."


I know that was short but the next chapters should be longer.