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Three of the Same

"Triplets! Are you kidding me!" screamed the woman in pain. She had been pregnant, with what she had thought to have been one child, for 9 months. The doctor told her that she was having twins right after the first was born. After the second he said she was going to have yet another, but no fourth.

After a day passed, the woman came home with her children; there was no one else in the house. She laid the three babies onto the table. The first born was wearing a red blanket, the second blue, and the last one green. The woman looked at the first and named him Red, she looked at the second and named him Ash, but when she looked at the third, she stopped. The first two children had blue eyes, like her, but this little one had brown eyes.

Why she chose the name she did for the runt, not even the she understood, but she held him up proud and said, "You will be Pokémon Trainer."

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