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I wanna be, the very best, like no one ever was~

Hey, I'm Ash. You DEFINITELY know me! Unlike my older brother, I'm actually famous. I star in the anime "Pokémon" and everything past it. My ratings have kind of gone down recently, but hey, I've picked up a ton of chicks along the way!

It started out with Misty and Brock, my best pals! But as time went on, they had to leave. Brock was replaced by Tracy, but eventually came back. Misty went to May who is currently Dawn. I don't know how long Dawn will be here.

To tell the truth… only two people have been here for the entire show. And that would be Pikachu, and Team Rocket. You'd think they'd learn by now that they just can't beat my brain! Ha-ha, well ok, Pikachu's brain.

Ha-ha! See, I'm such a caring person I'm actually telling you the series! Stupid Red thinks he's the master, just because he was born first! Jeez! I haven't even seen him since our mom vanished mysteriously. I just remember being a hit T.V. star by age 10. I'm 18 now, but it's not like you can tell! As far as make-up goes I haven't aged a single day!

Unfortunately, I'm not the star of the show you're going to be watching. (I know bummer right?) But I'm in it! And I get my dream girl~ ha-ha not like everyone in the world doesn't know about my Misty ;)

Huh? You… You don't know me? Well, if you DO know me… you can pass onto the baby boy of the family! If not… oh ho-ohs I'm gonna make you feel like you never started training!

Well… actually… I'm not allowed to injure you… so learn who I am first! Jeez! I've only stared in 13 movies! And one of the most popular theme songs ever!

Jeez! What does a famous star have to do to get some publicity around here!

Ash Ketchup :D hahaha

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Love, PsychicCupid