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Summary: The Gods have brought another descendant to New Olympia, but she is not apart of the prophecy. Atlanta does not like her, and Theresa finds her familiar. With Cronus still on the loose, and Theresa's aura out of control once again, is this too much that the group can handle? Herry/OC Odie/OC J/T A/A

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Chapter 1

One month after the events of Phantom Rising

Inside the secret wing of the school, the goddess Hera and the messenger Hermes were conversing in Hera's garden. There conversation guarded, but not a problem if it was overheard-by the other Gods that is. The seven teenagers that they taught and mentored were a different story. They knew that this new development would not be a problem, but the Gods-Hera in particular- wanted to wait for an opportune time to tell them; if they would tell them at all.

"Where did you find her?" Hera asked Hermes, implying to the petit girl nestled into the couch.

"She was on the street. Some guys tried to push her around a little bit. That's when I came in, and she just fainted." Hermes said, emphasizing with various hand gestures. Hera looked back at the child.

"She looks about twelve years old, who is she?" Hera asked.

Hermes made a file appear in his hand. "Her name is Kassidy Morgan. Age: 17, Height: 5'3'', yada, yada, yada. She was a part of a government experiment called Metamorphous, where scientists genetically modified DNA in-vetro to combine specific types of supernaturals."

Hera shook her head. Some humans had no qualms trying to play God. One of their many weaknesses was for power and control. But that was also one of the God's as well. Hermes continued.

"They wanted to create stronger supernaturals that could also control their powers better than the average. When the experiment didn't succeed the subjects were terminated." Hermes chocked. "In experiment Metamorphous only three survived. Two of which escaped the laboratory where they were being held."

"You said 'combine races of supernaturals'; what is she?" Hera motioned towards Kassidy.

Hermes made the file disappear. "She is a Necromancer/Shaman hybrid. Her powers on both sides are 'supercharged' one could say; able to raise and control the dead without incantations or ingredients, the power to heal and astral project without a second thought. Whatever tough's scientists did, they sure did one hell of a job."

Hera shook her head. "That still does not explain why you brought her here. Yes, she could be used as a tool in Cronus' game, but we cannot keep her here. She is not a part of the prophesy, and thus it is a danger to keep her here, for herself and us alike. What of her parents?"

"She lived with her mother, father died before she was born, but once her mother passed on that's when the scientists stepped in, taking custody. She has no home to go to."

"Then you need to find a suitable home for Miss. Morgan, and transport her there immediately." Hera said, eyes blank of emotion.

"But-"Hermes tried to object, Hera raised her hand.

"It is sad of what this girl has gone through, and what she may have to go though for the rest of her life. But she is not our responsibility, only the prophesied seven. Find a family that would be willing to take her in, or put her in an orphanage. "

Hera turned her back and started to walk out the door, when Hermes came up to her once again.

"But Ms. Hera, we need to protect her." Hermes said simply.

Hera stopped and gave Hermes her full attention. "What do you mean we 'need' to?"

"I did some digging, and based off of her DNA analysis it seems that she is an ancestor." Hermes panted, obviously out of breath.

"Of who?" Hera asked impatiently.

"Of Thanatos and Asclepius."

Hera turned back at the weak looking girl unconscious on the couch. Ancestor of the God of healing and the bringer of Death. Two opposites residing in that small body, one meant to save life, and the other meant to take away.

"Could that be the reason for the exaggerated powers?" Hera asked

"It could be." Hermes answered truthfully. "It could also be the reason she was one out of three who survived."

Hera placed her fingers on the bridge of her nose. It was not easy- if not impossible- for a god to get a headache, but this situation was very confusing.

"If I may suggest something-" Hermes asked. Hera waved her hand for him to continue.

"She could be kept here in the secret wing or at Brownstone, that way she could be protected from Cronus and also by the scientists that did this. She was obviously running away anyway. She could help the gang with her healing powers, and be mentored by the Gods…" Hermes explained.

Hera saw that, clearly, Hermes did not want this mortal child out in the world by herself. Whether it was because he felt sorry for her or his fatherly instincts, she didn't know. Hermes was always a fickle God.

"You are more in-tune with the mortal world, Hermes. I trust your judgment, do what you seem fit." Hera sighed. "If she is to stay, then place her in Chiron's study and inform him of his new student. We will tell the team about her tomorrow when she has awoken."

With that Hera walked out of the room, and headed towards the training area where the seven were practicing.

"Children," she said, getting their attention. "Practice is ending early today; you may go back to the dorm and do as you wish."

"Why? Has something happened?" Jay asked ready to jump into action.

"No, Jay, nothing has happened. Go back to the dorm and do as you wish." Hera repeated.

The team left without question, happy that they had received the rest of the day off, but not before Jay gave Hera a questioning look.

"Why did you give them the rest of the day off? We were practicing our rolling strikes!" Ares bellowed

"There is a matter that all of us need to discuss, gather all the Gods and meet in my solarium as soon as possible." Hera said calmly and left the gym.

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