"Now this plant is called Altheas or also Kings foil it has healing properties, it can be used as a salve or an aromapathic remedy. Notice the serrated leaves and the small bunch of white flowers on the top that is because..." Chiron continued on and on about the different healing herbs and remedy's available in his study. While he was continuing to talk I walked around the study to get to know my surroundings. Well to be honest it was because I was afraid if I stayed seated I would fall asleep.

I noticed a shelf of small containers containing all kinds of herbs and flowers; I picked one up and didn't recognize what was inside it.

"Why aren't these labelled?" I asked Chiron.

"Because I know how to identify each herb, I don't need the use of labels, which is what you will be able to do eventually." Chiron explained. "Now have you been listening to anything I have said?"

"Altheas, also known as Kings Foil, can be used as a salve or an incense to unlock its healing properties." I said with a bored tone in my voice. "It has small serrated leaves with bunches of little white flowers on the top each flower has three petals."

Chiron starred at me blank faced. "Are you mocking me?"

"No, I was just reciting what you told me! I thought you would be happy that I was listening intently!" I gave him my most innocent face.

"Well then by any matter it is time that you have left, I believe that Persephone has a lesson with you next. Now off you go."

"Thanks Chiron!" I said as I left his office and headed for Persephone's solarium.

"Now, I don't know much about how your abilities work so I would like to channel you mind to learn a bit more about them. Is that alright?" Persephone asked me.

"Sure." I shrugged.

She placed her hands on either side of my head. As if it was an impulse I immediate closed my eyes. Images flashed behind my lids so fast I couldn't concentrate on them, and as if I hit a brick wall I fell down to the floor.

I opened my eyes to see Persephone on the ground next to me, rubbing her temples in contemplation.

"What was that?" I asked breathlessly.

"It seems as though that you mind has created a wall from your memories in the lab. Even if you do not wish for there to be one, it has formed none the less; probably from your subconscious. I won't look into your mind any further because digging too deep may cause problems in your mind, even loss of control over your powers." She helped me stand up and we moved to her couch. "Your powers however are really strong, much stronger than I anticipated. You have unlimited potential, but you must be careful about how you lose them, because I fear a loss of control. We don't know exactly what those scientists did and I do not wish to push you in a direction that can be harmful. I have already made that mistake once." She mumbled the last sentence almost to herself. "I believe that we are done here for today, the others I believe are in a training session with Ares. They may need you healing skills so I suggest that you go and find them."

"Okay..." I said reluctantly and slightly confused. What did she mean by a block? It didn't feel as if there was a block in my mind. But at the same time I don't necessarily want people looking into my mind and finding out my past about what happened in the lab. It was just too confusing for one day's session.

I finally found my way to the training room thanks to Hermes. Immediately as I walked in someone needed help with a cut or a bruise so the rest of my day was sitting around watching the heroes train and heal little injuries here or there. It was amazing what they could do, Atlanta was racing all over the court, using her speed to outrun the others, Theresa was using her tae kwon do skills to fight back her enemies and Herry obviously was using his strength.

I couldn't help but have the feeling of self-consciousness settle in again. I could never do anything like that, I was never trained to punch let alone do any kicks or rolls or cool moves like Archie and Atlanta. The only thing that I could do to help this team was heal a paper cut or nose bleed; it felt so pathetic compared to them.

"Hey, you okay?" Odie asked me as he took a break.

"It's just... wow... the way you guys fight... it's amazing!" I said. "It makes my talent seem so pathetic. You guys have all these cool powers and abilities and all I can do to help you is heal a couple of bruises or cuts."

"I felt the same way when I joined the team." I gaped with my mouth open at Odie's statement.

"But you are super smart! You're the brains of the operation! How could you feel that way?"

"Easy, I compared myself to Herry, Theresa and the others and said to myself 'Wow I can't fight or do any of that, all I am to this team is a liability. I wasn't the leader like Jay; I definitely am not strong like Herry, as fast as Atlanta and forget being put up against Neil at anything.' It took me a while to realize that what I did contribute to this team was my brains. They depended on me to create a solution to the problem using my smarts. So even though it may seem like only 'small cuts and bruises' to you trust me it does help a lot! Normally by this time we are so beat down that we can't even think about standing. Now look at the team, we are fighting as if we have just started for the day. It's because of your healing abilities; they have renewed our strength in the fight, which we will definitely need in the fight against Cronus." Odie gave me a genuine smile; one that is contagious and you can't help but smile back.

"Thanks Odie, that really cheered me up."

"Any time Kassidy." He gave me a wink and a classy finger point my way.

"Okay class!" Ares yelled over the group, "Excellent job today! We will continue this tomorrow, class dismissed!"

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