Author's Note: This is a series of prompt-drabbles obtained from a table on Livejournal. Written for the wonderfulness that is the pairing of Alice and Bella. I do hope you do all enjoy, and please review. Constructive criticism is always welcome (and wanted). Enjoy.

Prompt: Bath.

The vampire's nose flared as she took in the scent that filled the brunette's bedroom; it was a soft light smell that clung to the very particles of the air, coming in through her nose roughly with every deep inhalation that the pixie vampire took. Topaz eyes tightly shut the girl followed her nose out of the chocolate brown haired girl's bedroom until she was on the landing, before turning towards the bathroom, once she did the scent became heavier clouding the girl's judgement as she considered pressing down on the handle and pushing the door to the bathroom open.

The vampire didn't know what was happening, but a moment later the wooden door was swinging open and a gasp was heard from the human who lay in the middle of the bathtub. Alice's nostrils flared once again, taking in the delightful scent of grapefruit mixed with the human's natural scent.

Opening her eyes the vampire took in the girl's form; hidden behind mountains of bubbles so that even the vampire's improved eyesight couldn't see the soft flesh that she knew the human was barely at that moment. Softly the vampire closed the door to the bathroom, flicking the lock closed before padding across the floor to stand beside the bathtub. Bella's eyes were locked with hers as the pixie began to shed her clothing onto the bathroom floor.

Deep brown eyes followed pale hands as buttons were tugged loose before watching the slow descent of the girl's clothes as they fluttered to the ground, one article after another until the vampire was as naked as the human.

"Alice..." Bella breathed softly, reaching out her bubble covered hand to take the vampire's within her grasp pulling toward on the hand, inviting the other girl into the bath.

"Bella..." Alice whispered pressing her lips gently against the other girl's, tasting the sweetness of her lips.

Prompt: Beach.

"Bella," The petite vampire growled softly, glaring at the girl she had pronounced her love to only a week before, "You know that me and my family cannot go to the beach."

"I know that you cannot go to a public beach," The human girl countered, a grin spreading over her lips, "But there is nothing preventing you from going to a private beach now is there?"

"A human could stumble across it..." The vampire replied, pouting ever so slightly at her girlfriend.

Bella smiled softly, leaning forward and pressing her lips to the other girl's, her hands tangling in the raven locks before she pulled away to whisper into Alice's ear, "But on the beach you'd be able to see me in a bikini."

Prompt: Blush.

"Bella, it means beautiful in Italian." Alice murmured softly, looking directly into the brown haired girl's eyes as she spoke. "It suits you very well Isabella Swan, you are very beautiful."

The vampire watched as a light red colour spread its way up the brunette's neck, blossoming out over her cheeks before lighting them a fierce deep red. The pixie chuckled softly, leaning forward to press her lips against the girl's cheek, feeling the heat of the girl's blush under her cool lips and taking in a deep breath – filling her lungs with the scent of the other girl before she pulled away.

"And you're even more beautiful when you're blushing."

Prompt: Candlelight.

"Come on Bella," The vampire pouted cutely, her bottom lip jutting out as she tried to make herself look even cuter in an attempt to sway the other girl's decision – though for the moment no matter what she tried to do the visions surrounding the girl's decision on the matter stayed the same.

"Why?" The girl murmured softly her eyes locked with the other girl.

"Because I want to do something romantic for our anniversary..." The girl replied her pout doing anything but disappearing – in fact the brunette was sure that the pixie's lip was jutting further out; though instead of making the vampire look cuter, all it did was make Bella want to kiss her all the more.

The brunette's eyes flickered between Alice's golden eyes and her soft red lips for a moment before she shrugged, leaning forward and pressing her lips against the ageless vampire's, sucking on the bottom lip that had enticed her so much.

"Fine, we can have a candlelight dinner... but I'm going to need more kisses before I agree to wear a dress." The brunette smirked, her eyes locked with the darkening eyes that belonged to her girlfriend.

"I'm sure we can arrange that."

Prompt: Caress.

The dark haired pixie vampire sat back on the tree branch that reached out towards her lover's window just watching the girl as she lay in the bed. The human's chest rose and fell with every breath that she sucked into her lungs before it was expelled again, her eyes fluttered underneath her closed eyelids proving to the vampire that her love was indeed sleeping soundly. It was times like this that Alice was thankful that she was a vampire because it meant that she could stay up just watching her lover until the early hours of the morning.

The girl slipped down off the branch, making her way along it until she reached the chocolate haired human's bedroom window; expertly she picked the lock and slid in through the cracked window until her feet touched the floor. Silently, her footsteps making little noise against the floorboards as she padded across the floor towards her lover's bed. At the base of the bed the girl stood, her eyes following invisible paths up the human's legs onto her stomach before the golden orbs focused in on the pale neck leading up towards her face.

"Beautiful," Alice whispered softly, crawling up from the bottom of the bed towards the head. Laying down the girl curled her body around that of her girlfriend, pressing a kiss to the girl's exposed shoulder, closing her eyes and settling into the state closest to sleep that a vampire could get, her hand idly caressing the girl's side as she did.

Prompt: Chosen.

Bella sighed softly, tangling her fingers in the short raven locks that spiked up from Alice's head, using them as a handhold to pull the other girl towards her. Their lips met in a desperate kiss; each of them refusing to accept the knowledge that they could ever be anything apart from together.

"I want it to be you," The brown haired girl whispered softly against Alice's soft red lips. The human's warm breath fanned out over Alice's face, coating her in the girl's scent.

The pixie breathed in deeply, taking in the floral scent of her girlfriend, and the tangy coppery smell of the blood that pooled underneath the surface of the girl's flesh. "But what if I lose control? I can't risk that Bella. I can't lose you."

"You won't, I trust you." Bella whispered softly in reply, kissing her lover again softly, covering the vampire's lips with her own. "I choose you."

Prompt: Clandestine.

The petite pixie vampire tapped on the window plane lightly, her knuckles just barely rattling the surface of the glass but she knew that the human inside the room would hear it regardless. She knew because that very same human had been waiting for hours to hear the tapping on the glass – because this was the only thing that they had that they could spend together, totally unknown to everyone else; including the vampire's family.

Bella reached for the lock on the window, flicking off the latch before pushing the frame outwards to allow the vampire's small body to slip through the window frame.

As soon as her feet were on the ground the vampire's arms were locked around Bella's neck and her lips pressed against the soft redness of Bella's own lips. The brunette's arms were around the vampire's waist, holding the petite body to her own as she walked them over towards her bed.

Prompt: Courtesan.

Alice's head snapped up at the distinctive sound of heels clicking on the hard tiles, her sensitive hearing zeroing in on where the sound was coming from. Jessica Stanley made her way through the lunch room door moments after the vampire's head had turned in that direction causing the pixie to smirk as she took in the clothes that the girl was wearing; three inch stiletto heels clung to the girl's feet drawing all the eyes that were looking up the longs legs and towards the tight denim mini-skirt that the girl was wearing before they reached the spaghetti top that clung to the brunette's torso.

Bella's eyes followed where her girlfriend was looking, taking in the smirk that she saw on the light pink lips before one of her own blossomed over her lips.

The brunette in question walked towards them slowly joining them in the lunch queue, standing just behind where Bella and her girlfriend were stood.

"Why Jessica, with that outfit your destined to be a courtesan." Alice smirked, throwing a look at Jessica over her shoulder as she walked away from the lunch cart, Bella struggling to contain her laughter as they walked.

Prompt: Dress.

Bella sighed, throwing her head back and moaning piteously at the pixie who sat on the couch next to her; the raven haired vampire chuckled softly running her hand down Bella's side. She knew that when she told the human she wasn't going to like it, but the vampire also knew that she was going to agree to it, because Alice knew that there was one thing that the human couldn't resist.

"What if I say no?" The brunette asked turned her head slightly so that she was able to look at the raven haired vampire.

The brunette watched the way that the pixie's light golden eyes sparkled as the light hit them, the brunette fell deeper into the vampire's gaze almost as if she were being hypnotised by those eyes. Alice's skin appeared as though it was sprinkled with crystals each, the sun shining through the window hitting her skin and highlighting it perfectly. The vampire knew that her girlfriend was entranced with her appearance even as she tried to continue thinking.

"If you say no... Then you're not getting any snuggles for the rest of the week." The vampire replied grinning at her girlfriend as the shock spread over her lips.

The human through up her hands and growled, "Fine, you can take me dress shopping..."

"Yes!" The vampire yelled happily, chuckling when she heard Emmett yelling back something that Bella wouldn't be able to hear.

"Whipped," The large man laughed.

Prompt: Eternity.

"Are you sure you want this?" The raven haired vampire asked again softly, her lips brushing against the brunette's throat, feeling the throbbing under the surface of the skin. Bella's heart thumped hard in her chest, the muscle clenching and releasing as it continued its endless task of keeping the girl alive.

"I'm sure," The brunette replied, tangling her hands in the vampire's raven locks, using them to pull her away from her neck and up towards her lips where she peppered the girl's face with soft gentle kisses.

"But I'm ending your life." Alice pouted as she replied, her bottom lip jutting out as she spoke. Alice's eyes locked with Bella's chocolate orbs, staring into them deeply watching as the emotions played over her girlfriend's face.

"Maybe, but I'm getting eternity with you." Bella replied, pulling Alice down and kissing her hard once before breaking away and arching her neck back, presenting her throbbing pulse point to the vampire.