Author's Note: Last in this series of prompts. Some of the prompts show situations in which Bella is a vampire, others have her as human. Please review with your thoughts on the ficlets and the writing. :) I'm sure that I'm going to be writing more of these for these two, as they are a interesting pairing.

Prompt: Satin.

The dress clung to the brunette's every curve as if it were a second skin, holding her tightly within its embrace as the other girl fussed around her with other dresses for her to try on, throwing them over the side of the cubicle. The brunette sighed softly, running a hand through her long silky locks as she stared at herself in the mirror, she didn't know if the other girl had a vision of this dress, but she was saw that once the little pixie saw it she wouldn't be wearing anything else to the dance. Bella's golden eyes flashed as she thought about the tiny black dress that her lover was going to be wearing – she'd seen it in their wardrobe at home a couple of times before and just knew that it was what Alice was going to slip into the night before their senior prom.

"Are you ready?" Alice asked softly through the doorway, her knuckled rattling softly on the wood, careful not to put too much pressure on the door.

"Yes." Bella whispered softly. Ever since she had been changed her voice was slightly different, more often than not when she was with Alice it took on a slightly seductive edge, though beneath the seductiveness of her voice there was an underlying tone of authority and command. Bella was very much the dominant one in their relationship.

The lock was undone in a matter of moments, the petite vampire's body slipping through the gap so quickly that no human would have been able to see any part of her lover's skin. Alice's eyes scanned up the girl's frame from the bottom of her feet to the fierce golden eyes that captured her attention. "Beautiful," The girl whispered softly, moving forward to press her lips against her lover's, "So beautiful."

Prompt: Sin.

Bella had long since decided that it was a sin to look as good as the petite vampire did; without even knowing it. Alice was always beautiful no matter what she wore. It could be the week old strappy top that she just recently brought, or the old hoodie that belonged to the brunette when she had been in high school all those years previously. No matter what Alice looked like she was good enough to eat – and this time that was exactly what the brunette was doing.

She was down on her knees in front of the petite vampire, her eyes staring up at the raven haired beauty's parted lips, her ears listening to each one of the girl's soft cries. It was then, and all the times that she had been like that before, that she decided that she didn't care if she was sinning by making the girl cry out to God, because in her opinion committing that sin was good.

Prompt: Sirens.

Alice scooped up the other girl into her arms – her sensitive ears able to pick up the sound of sirens even as they approached from a mile away – she knew that she had to get out of the old ballet studio. Carlisle stood next to her, cautioning her to take care of her lover's leg, but she was barely listening to the man, focusing instead on the brunette's laboured breathing and the slow thud of her heart.

The pixie was out of the window, sprinting across the street and around the corner before the sirens even made it onto the same street; powerful legs taking her directly to the nearest hospital.

Prompt: Tainted.

Bella's blood was tainted by the venom.

Alice's sensitive sense of smell could detect the venom that was running throughout the teenage girl's body as she writhed around on the bed. The petite vampire wanted nothing more than to take the girl's pain away, but she knew that this was what the girl wanted – needed. The brunette wanted to be a vampire, she wanted to be with Alice for eternity, but for that to happen she had to go through hell first.

"I love you Bella." Alice whispered softly, wrapping her body around that of the other girl and holding her tightly. "It's alright."

Prompt: Temptation.

The brunette's blood was a temptation to the same vampire; the way that her heart thumped loudly in her chest as it pushed the blood around her body, causing it to flow quickly through her veins and arteries. The way that the girl blushed whenever she was embarrassed or surprised by something – or by the way that Alice would grip her hand and kiss her cheek lightly.

Every time the brunette blushed she didn't realise just how tempting it was to the vampire; Alice knew that she could easily bite down on the soft skin of the brunette's neck and feast on her blood. However whenever Bella blushed there was a light that came to her eyes, a softness that made the vampire's dead heart skip a beat.

Bella's blood wasn't the only tempting thing about the human.

Prompt: Tomorrow.

Tomorrow was a big day for the brunette, tomorrow was the day that they had agreed to start her changing process. There was nothing left to stop the brunette from going through with it – she was done with high school now, and Charlie thought that she was going on a trip around the world with Alice.

Tomorrow was the beginning of eternity with the love of her life. However tonight the brunette lay on her back, hands tangled in her lover's hair as she pressed their bodies tightly together, fingers wrapped around soft raven locks in her effort to keep the vampire pressed where she was between her legs. Bella knew that she couldn't hold her lover there if she didn't want to be there – yet – but she also knew that the vampire was enjoying this part of their connection as much as she was.

"Tomorrow," The brunette thought idly, her hips cantering up to provide the vampire with better access.

Prompt: Tryst.

The raven haired vampire smiled softly at her brother as she passed him by, reciting in her head the lyrics of pop songs that she knew annoyed him for the entire time that she was close enough that he would be able to hear her thoughts. The girl ran through the woods as fast as she could, however once she was far enough away from her home she turned and headed back towards Forks in a large arc that took her nowhere near her home.

The girl scaled up the tree that was planted just in front of her destination's window. The vampire's knuckles rattled the frame of the window softly, "Bella." She called out quietly trying to attract the girl's attention without attracting the girl's father's attention as well.

The vampire watched as Bella smiled before sliding off the bed and moving towards the window. Alice waited a matter of moments for the lock to be opened before she pressed the window open and slid in through the gap. The pixie pressed her lips against the brunette's, tangling her fingers in the girl's hair as she walked them back towards the bed.

Prompt: Two.

Bella smiled, her fingers tangled with Alice's as they held hands, pulling the petite vampire back against her chest gently. The brunette leaned forward slightly so that she could press her lips against Alice's lovingly, her tongue poking out of her lips and softly prodding the barrier of Alice's lips. The pixie like vampire moaned softly, parting her lips for her lover turning in her embrace so that she could wrap her arm around the girl's waist.

"I love you," Bella whispered softly against Alice's neck, her bright red eyes flashing brightly as she stared down at her lover. "You are my Angel."

"Yours," Alice whispered softly in reply, arching her head back and allowing the other girl to press kisses to the delicate column of her throat.

They were always two together.

Prompt: Velvet.

Before Bella was changed her had delighted in running her fingers through the fine locks of Alice's hair, but afterwards she realised just how much more she could feel as the silky strands passed through her fingertips. Often the brunette likened the feeling to one of running her hands over velvet clothes that her mother owned, but she knew that the feeling of Alice's hair, and her skin, was much more delightful than any human made clothing could possibly be.

Bella loved spending hours in bed, stroking her fingers over the naked expanse of Alice's skin. Alice would stay underneath the other girl, moaning whenever Bella's fingers stroked over a sensitive patch of skin, or purring when she touched her in just the right way.

The brunette had long since got used to the teasing that she got from Emmett about her fascination with Alice's skin; she knew that she could never give up touching the vampire's velvet flesh.

Prompt: Whisper.

"Alice..." Bella whispered hotly into the petite vampire's ear, smiling against her neck when the raven haired beauty arched her back and moaned softly, lips digging into her bottom lip as she tried to contain the noises she was making.

"Bella..." The vampire whimpered softly, running her hands through the long raven locks of hair, digging her fingernails into the girl's scalp rubbing herself against the other woman as much as she could.

"Beautiful." Bella's red eyes flashed as she nipped at Alice's flesh, digging her teeth lightly into the skin causing a small burn to form under the girl's skin. Pulling away the brunette smirked, knowing that her teeth marks would stay and claim the girl as hers to all other vampire's that they might encounter.

"Mine." Bella murmured softly into Alice's ear, "I love you."