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Once inside I take a seat where I had been earlier, only now Teeny is on the other side of the room watching Ryan and I. He sits beside me, close to laughing at my friends' faces.

"I take it you don't take many of the guys home." Ryan says sarcastically

"Shut up." I same nudging him slightly, "Besides you stalked me down, I didn't bring you here."

"Hey, whatever works." He says leaning back, "How long do you think their faces are going to stay that?"

"Not sure." I say leaning back as his arm encircles my shoulders.

"Do..Do you want a drink umm.." Chrissy asked fumbling with her words

"It's Ryan and no thank you. But if you point me toward the kitchen I'd be happy t get you all something to drink, it'll be easier for you guys to talk about me." He said smiling at the girls' blushing.

"Sure, the kitchens right through that door to the left." Chrissy said

Nodding obediently, Ryan followed her instructions and sat to bringing lemonade for us.

Sighing, I shrunk down in my seat as the girls circled around me staring at me curiously.

"So.." Roberta said surprised

"How about those Lakers?" I say a little loudly and I can hear laughter that sounds suspiciously like Ryan's coming from the kitchen.

"Samantha!" Chrissy said

"Chrissy!" I said mockingly, childish yes but at the moment I honestly can't bring myself to care.

"How long has this been going on?" Roberta bluntly asked

"How long has what been going on?" I ask again in a desperate attempt at stalling. But one look from Robert brought the stalling to a stop. "I'm not sure, I don't keep a tally in my pink and sparkly diary." I say sarcastically

Just then we all turn around at the sound of glasses being sat on coasters on the coffee table. "Actually dear, it has been going on for almost two years." Ryan said finishing pouring the glasses.

I shrug as he once again sits beside me. Sure, I know its been almost two years, I think it started in June, but I still can't accept this is real and until I know so I need to keep these little things to myself.

"So what do you do?" Chrissy asked in an attempt at small talk

"I'm writer like Sam. I've written a few books and sometimes I write free lance articles for the news paper."

"Any books we would have heard of?" Teeny questioned

"Maybe lets see there were, Trouble in the Time of the Fallen and Truth when the World is Lieing."

"Cool, so how did you two meet?" Chrisy questioned

"You know how about I leave you guys here and I'll go pick up some milk." I said trying to get up

"No, no you've done that before. Come on answer their questions." Ryan said making me sit back down.

"So how did you two meet?" Teeny asked

"He was my neighbor."

"Was?" Roberta asked curiously

I was content to nod while Ryan had to add that we had moved in together.

"So how was your first date?" Chrissy asked

"Chrissy!" I exclaim, honestly do they want our whole life story or something

"I'm curious, okay? Jeeze, go on."

"Well after about twenty million denials I finally convinced her to go out with me. We went to the cliched dinner and a movie." He said summing up our date.

Before they continued their twenty one questions the clock chimed seven and they were off to meet Roberta's boyfriend for dinner.