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Obito was bored again. No one was with him at all to begin with, so who wouldn't be? All day, he'd been lying on his back and just looking at the sky. Of course, Obito didn't think he was early, because he never was! The day he was early was the day the world ended. He felt a kick to the head and winced at it.

"It's about time, Kakashi no baka-" Obito said as he tilted his head back. "Hey, you aren't Kakashi no baka!"

The Uchiha saw Orochimaru standing right in front of him. That snaky man freaked him out and made his skin crawl all over. Obito pounced up and back in a split second. What was that freak doing on his training grounds? It was his sensei's territory and belonged to him as well.

"Obito-Kun," he heard a voice ask.

Obito stood up straight and looked to the other side of the field where Anko had just walked in. She stood between the two, just glancing back and forth. Obito grinned at her and ran over to her side.

"See, now Anko-Chan's here to make you get off my training grounds!" Obito yelled and stuck his tongue out.

"Obito Uchiha, this is our training grounds." Orochimaru said, rolling his tongue over his lips.

"S-Sensei, you're scaring me again." Anko stated.

"Fine," Orochimaru put his tongue away, but left a smirk in its place. "But Anko, I have to go find more members for our team. Would you mind keeping Obito company for me?"

Anko's eyes bugged out of her head almost instantly. She gulped and nodded with a sheepish smile on her face. "O-Of course, Sensei!"

"Good," Orochimaru said with a very low, devilish tone echoing up through his throat.

Orochimaru walked away and finally just vanished through the air. Anko let her breath escape her chest and she exhaled deeply. Obito released his carbon dioxide at the same time she had. He stepped out in front of her and leaned out, smiling like a great friend at her. She blushed immensely, but gave him a soft, small smile in return.

"Well, can I leave now?" he asked.

"Oh," she said sadly, diverting her attention to the ground. "Sure, I-I guess you could."

"Really," Obito asked and gave her a bone-crushing hug. "Thanks, Anko-Chan!"

She didn't even bother to say anything back. Anko just looked down at the dirt after he left. She was supposed to see him tomorrow anyway. It wasn't any different if he left her. After he let her breathe again, he ran off to see his team. Orochimaru came back with nothing but a gopher on a rope.

"I got dinner!" he exclaimed happily.

"Sensei, that's…just gross." she replied as her eye twitched.

"Where's that Obito child?" Orochimaru ignored her comment toward his 'dinner' and looked in every direction.

"He left, Sensei." Anko replied sadly. "Can we just train, please?"

"Fine," he shrugged and dropped his gopher.


The next day, Anko woke up with a large yawn rattling in her throat. After she finished her yawn, she stood up from her bed and stretched her limbs out. She grabbed her towel and headed off to the shower. Anko finished in a few minutes and got dressed. She pulled out her Cheerios, milk, bowl and spoon and began shoveling bunches into her mouth.

After drinking the milk and putting her dishes away, she grabbed her bag and packed it up. She hummed as she packed her iPod, new towel, shorts, shirt, undergarments and other essentials she'd need.

"Today's the day!" Anko said to herself quite loudly as she grinned and put a +Anima manga in her bag.

The day she had been looking forward to was finally here. Anko heard a knock at her door in just a matter of seconds after her packing was over. She jumped right up and answered the door. Rin and Kurenai were standing on her porch.

"Hi Anko-Chan," Rin said. "We had to tell you that our trip to the pool was cancelled."

"You're kidding, right?" Anko asked, depression echoing through her voice. "The one time I get to even talk to Obito, it's ruined."

"Obito, eh," Kurenai smirked. "Now, is someone still holding onto their little crush?"

"Never had one," Anko said with an evil gleam in her eye.

"Yes you have," Kurenai snickered. "It's written right across your face, Anko."

"How," Anko asked with a raised brow.

"You're blushing," Rin giggled.

Anko's blush only deepened. These two knew just about everything and anything about her. If she was mad, they knew, if she was sad, they knew, if Orochimaru made her eat squirrel for breakfast because her apartment was infested with termites and she had no-where else to go, they knew! The more and more she thought about it, she ended up knowing she could make this a fun little game.

"Someone needs to 'fess up to a certain Sarutobi, ya know." Anko stated with a smirk directed at Kurenai.

"Only when you confess to that Uchiha, will I ever even consider touching that freak's hand!" Kurenai exclaimed.

"Sounds like we have ourselves a bet here, neh?" Rin asked, smirking.

"Oh no, I'm not going through this alone Narigashi." Kurenai said, flailing her arms around. "You and Kakashi have to count up points."

"Nani," Rin asked with a raised brow and Anko nodded with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry Rin-Chan, but it'd only be fair." The Mitarashi stated.

"Alright then," Rin sighed. "I guess I could get Kakashi into doing it."

"Good," Kurenai said with a confident face before looking at Anko again. "Anko Mitarashi, I give you the triple-dog-dare of confessing to Obito in at least two weeks."

"Fine," Anko sighed and looked at Kurenai. "Kurenai Yuuhi, I give you the triple-dog-dare of confessing to Asuma in at least two weeks."

"No more than two weeks." Rin said while nodding. "I'd love to see how this turns out."

To Be Continued

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