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"I hate this." Asuma complained as he walked with the girls.

They were inside a huge mall. Seriously, it was like the Hokage Tower except triple-sized. Something told him that it would take a little over two or three hours for the girls to find everything. Rin got time off from the hospital for a shopping spree, so there was no telling how much crap he'd have to carry. He was sauntering with his hands in his pockets. He made himself look shorter than he usually looked. Kurenai was grimacing at him by now.

"We just entered the store, so shut up!" she muttered angrily.

"I thought it was a mall." He taunted.

"Come here!" she grabbed his wrist and dragged him over to the 'young woman's issues' store. "Go on without us! This'll take a while."

"Anything but that! Come on! I'm so sorry!" Asuma begged.

"Too late," Kurenai smirked as they walked through the door.

Once the bell on the store's door dinged and the two were out of sight, Anko and Rin broke out in laughter. They continued to go up and down halls, looking through sorts of kimonos and obis. They drifted through the stores one by one, looking over every little article of clothing. Kurenai joined them in a matter of moments with a traumatized Asuma in tow.

"What'd you do to him?" Rin queried.

"I explained the whole tampon process to him," she shrugged. "Did you guys find anything?"

"Not yet," Anko answered, shaking her head.

"This'll be a long day, won't it?" Asuma asked, trying to wipe away his memory.

"More than likely," Rin giggled, "then I have health classes afterwards. Kakashi's making Obito come, too."

"Maybe I'll go," Asuma stated.

"I have a feeling you've already learned about it."


"Tell me why I have to go with you again?"

Obito was dragging Kakashi over to Orochimaru's training grounds. Anko had been acting somewhat strange lately and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. He suspected Orochimaru had something to do with it all. I mean, the guy was a total creep! This caused Obito to be a bit afraid of him, but he wouldn't admit that to Kakashi.

"Because…you…love me?"

Kakashi cocked a brow and shook his head. They got to Orochimaru's training grounds quickly and found the freaky snake-man quite fast.

"Hey Orochimaru-San," Obito began.

Orochimaru turned and faced him. "What do you want, Uchiha?"

"Do you know why Anko's been acting so weird lately?" he queried.

The snake-man shook right then and there. This caused Kakashi and Obito to raise identical confused brows. Orochimaru shook his head quickly and began to stutter and talk nervously.

"I-I have n-no idea what your t-talking about, O-O-Obito! Heh, heh…" he stated nervously. "No c-clue…"

He ran away. Orochimaru…the Orochimaru…ran away from little children. Kakashi crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head.

"I told you," Kakashi stated, "period."

"What is that?"


They finally found kimonos! Rin had a black one with pink flowers on it. The obi was red and wrapped around nicely. Anko's was purple with small, white flowers on the sleeves and just underneath the obi, which was a dark shade of green. Kurenai's was red with multi-colored flowers. It had a black obi with a yellow rope tied around it. They all looked very beautiful in their kimonos, but they wouldn't let Asuma leave. They ended up taking about an hour or so just to find everything. They checked out and walked to Rin's place. They stashed their kimonos and obis and headed to the hospital where they met Kakashi and Obito.

"We've been waiting!" Obito exclaimed.

There were a lot of girls—around age 11—there. They were all sitting on the floor, so Anko sat right next to Obito, Kurenai made Asuma sit next to Kakashi while she sat next to him. Rin came up to the front of the room and put her hands together.

"Hi everyone," she greeted them with a bright smile. "Now, who had a parent force them here?"

A handful raised their hands.

"How about a sensei?"

Most of the room raised their hands.

"How many of you are a sensei or someone who made a friend or rival go?"

Kakashi and a few senseis raised their hands.

"How many of you came for the heck of it?"

Anko, Kurenai and Asuma raised their hands.

"How many of you are Obito and have no clue whatsoever why you're here?" she smirked.

Obito raised his hand with a huge smile on his face. Kakashi face-palmed while Rin giggled to herself. Anko snickered a little bit. Obito looked around, seeing that he was the only one with a raised hand. His hands rested on his hips.

"Am I the only Obito here?" he queried. "Why does everyone hate that name?"

"Shut up!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"Fine!" Obito yelled.

"Thank you, teammates," Rin sighed in a happy way. "Alright, so does anyone know what a period is?"

Most everyone raised their hands. Obito's was especially high. Rin knew if she didn't pick him, she'd never hear the end of it. She went ahead and picked him, to which he showed a very, very, very happy expression.

He grinned, "It comes at the end of a sentence."

Kakashi sighed out, "Obito, that's not what we're talking about—"

"Hey, you shut up!" he exclaimed.

Anko giggled and patted his back. He could be oblivious…a lot. Rin sweat dropped and shook her head.

"Sorry, but that's not it, Obito-Kun." she stated.


"You see, it's—"


"OMIGOSH!" Obito screamed. "You bleed from the inside? And you don't die? How the heck do you even do that?"

"You really wanna hear the process?" Anko inquired with a slight smirk on her face.

"Not really," Obito almost hurled.

"Well, you're staying for it." Kakashi stated.

"Ugh…" he groaned.

Rin explained the whole pregnancy thing as well as the eggs. Obito asked so many questions, it amazed everyone. Anko smiled to herself every time he asked a new one. Kakashi leaned behind Obito as he jabbered his head off with his query.

"Why do you like him?" Kakashi whispered to Anko.

"I honestly have no idea," she snickered.

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