Author's Note: So this has been read by someone besides myself, but not quite betaed. This is apparently not my beta's cup of tea. Which is sad really because I ship tea all the way to England for her. Please disregard any mistakes. Also I think I've got the dubious pleasure of being the first person to use a Tarzan joke. :) Yay me.

Jane Rizzoli ground her teeth together and clenched her fists, fighting her natural impulse to strangle someone. That someone in question was Merissa, who until recently had been the perfect neighbor. She freely offered to take in Jane's mail whenever she was out of town or more likely too busy to come home, they had pleasant conversations in the elevator and most importantly she was quiet. But her peace and quiet had abruptly ended last weekend when Merissa brought home her mother's dogs. A pair of angry beagles who barked incessantly, occasionally breaking up the monotony with angry growls and whimpers of protest when one got a little too friendly with the other.

Rationally, Jane knew that it wasn't Merissa's fault. She had explained in detail that she was stuck with the monsters until her mother came back from her vacation. It was a family curse that got passed along to each sibling and this year it was her turn. But all the rationality and logic in the world could not stop the constant noise blaring through her apartment walls. Joe Friday had retreated under her bed days ago and she could barely convince the mutt to come out to eat.

Jacking the volume on her television or putting in ear plugs didn't even seem to help and to make matters worse there was a cricket on her balcony. Something as innocuous as a cricket chirping, an ideal and relaxing summer sound to most people, was only adding to the din of her apartment. Enough was enough.

She moved into her bedroom, crouching down beside the bed, she patted the floor and called Joe Friday. She huffed in annoyance, it appeared that her little fur ball wasn't leaving the sanctuary of the bed anytime soon. Jane grabbed a treat from her kitchen and got down on her stomach, so she could look directly into the eyes of her pet. Joe was holed up in the middle of the bed, giving her a pitiful look.

She held out the treat, waving it enticingly. "Come on, we need to get out of here." She waited, talking soothingly to the dog for several minutes, trying in vain to get her out from under the bed.

Joe Friday wasn't moving, at all. Jane cursed, sighing she rolled onto her back and stared up at her ceiling. "I'm sure Maura would be happy to see you..." She offered, not bothering to look at her pet. "...hopefully happy to see both of us."

The mere mention of the Medical Examiner's name was enough for Joe Friday, who crawled out from under the bed and nuzzled into Jane's neck. She quickly scooped up the dog and grabbed her purse; she looked down at her mutt as she locked her door, "Don't think you're forgiven for this." She muttered, adding, "You're my dog, not hers."

Maura Isles, Chief Medical Examiner for the Boston Police department, had just settled in for the night. Dropping her brief case and hanging up her coat she made her way to her kitchen to prepare herself a cocktail. She was barely able to get out her favorite martini glass before she was interrupted by a knock at her door.

Detective Jane Rizzoli was waiting for her, clutching her new pet, Joe Friday in one arm and her purse in the other. Jane refused to be one of those women who kept her dog in her purse. "My neighbor is babysitting." She explained, moving past her friend into the house.

Maura blinked at the non-sequitur before following the brunette.

Jane stood leaning against the black granite counter top, holding her dog protectively while staring down at Maura's pet, Bass. She eyed Maura as she came into the room.

The blonde stepped up close to the two of them; she smiled at Joe Friday, stroking the dog behind her ear. Jane could feel the happy thump of a tail wagging against her side, trying not to be jealous at the exchange. "You can put her down, you know. Bass won't hurt her."

Jane gently set down Joe Friday, "I suppose if nothing else she can out run him."

Maura grinned, moving to the other side of the island to finish making her martini. She busied herself for a few moments, before glancing back at her friend and the astonished look on her face. Maura came around the corner, taking in the scene on her kitchen floor.

Joe Friday seemed quite taken with Bass, as she had climbed on top of the tortoise's shell, lying down and looking quite happy with her tail gently thumbing against the animal's tough exterior.

Jane shook her head, watching the two of them, "Looks like someone made a new friend."

Maura smiled at the two of them, before turning to Jane. "Your neighbor is babysitting?" she questioned.

Jane ran her hands through her unruly curls, showing her frustration. "Merissa is babysitting her mother's dogs. Angry, barking beagles that never shut up, it's a nightmare. Add to that the cricket on my balcony...I just had to escape. All that noise was slowly driving me insane."

Maura nodded in understanding, taking advantage of her friend's distracted frustration; she slid her martini across the island to sit in front of Jane. "Merissa couldn't calm them down?" she responded, watching Jane with a pair of eagle eyes as she picked up the martini glass.

Jane grumbled, "No and I couldn't either. Waving a gun and a badge at dogs doesn't seem to have any effect." She took a sip of the martini, finally realizing what she was drinking she glared at the blonde. "Why am I drinking a martini?"

Maura was all smiles and innocence as moved beside her friend, "Perhaps you're looking for a change." She replied, taking a sip of the martini and offering it back to Jane.

Jane frowned but took another sip, a large sip; she reluctantly admitted to herself that it was good, very good. But she wasn't going to relay that information to Maura. Instead she handed the drink over entirely, "This is what I hate about girly drinks. It tastes chocolaty but its bright yellow, why can't they just be straight forward. "

"Creme de cacao liquor gives it the rich hit of chocolate, the soft undertone of banana is from the creme de banane liquor. That's what gives it, its yellow colouring." Maura explained, noticing that Jane had stolen another sip while she clarified the colouring of the martini. "I can make you one of your own." She offered.

"I don't drink martinis" was Jane's flippant remark as she pushed the martini glass away, barely leaving a sip for Maura.

Maura chuckled softly, finishing the drink and rinsing the glass in the sink. She couldn't exactly explain why, but she found Jane Rizzoli utterly adorable in that moment. When she turned around she was disappointed to notice the brunette's absence.

She found her in the living room, slumped down into her love seat. She sat beside her, sliding her shoes off with a wince. Even Jimmy Choo's needed breaking in.

Jane glanced over at the blonde, patting her lap invitingly. The blonde looked confused for a moment, until Jane reached over and swung her legs into her lap. Maura looked a little taken back, until Jane started rubbing the sole of her right foot, a blissful smile took over her features as her eyes slipped shut.

Jane absorbed the quiet as she rubbed and caressed the muscles and tendons in Maura's delicate feet, every so often a soft moan would break the silence. A sound that had Jane smiling in earnest, unlike the irritating sounds of her cricket and the entirely frustrating barking of her neighbor's beasts.

Maura eventually shuffled forward, redirecting Jane's hands to her calf muscles. She obliged, looking down longingly at her friend's gorgeous legs. In the morgue a few weeks ago, Maura had told her that she was gorgeous in the little black dress her mother had insisted she buy. Jane had thought the same thing of Maura when she first laid eyes on her over a corpse. Of course she couldn't exactly introduce herself with, "Jane Rizzoli, homicide...god you're gorgeous." So she had kept her mouth shut, but looking at the blonde now the words were struggling to be let loose.

"Keep that up Jane and I'll never let you leave." She murmured, eventually opening her eyes while she leaned back against the soft cushions and regarded her friend.

"Good thing I have the handcuffs then." Jane quipped in response, trying to lighten the serious mood that had descended on them.

Maura wondered what it was about her that drew her inexplicably to Jane Rizzoli. They were so different yet they seemed to complement each other perfectly. She pursed her lips, but said nothing, simply letting her eyes linger over the detective.

That look was making Jane uncomfortable. "Quit looking at me like that Maura. I know that look."

The blonde frowned, "What look?"

"The one that says you're diagnosing me. " She replied. She saw that look on Maura's face several times a week, sometimes a few times a day. It was the same look that unsuspecting men on dates with the medical examiner never realized was the beginning of their downfalls.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with you're perfect." Maura replied, frowning a little as she realized she didn't quite mean to say those last two words out loud."But if I had to offer a diagnosis," she added quickly, "it would be Cardiomegaly."

Jane's brow furrowed, she actually knew what that meant. Her aunt had Cardiomegaly and had eventually died from it. "My heart is too big?"

A dazzling smile leapt to Maura's face, impressed that Jane knew what she was talking about. "I wouldn't say too big, I would say larger than most. "

Jane looked into the eyes of her best friend, trying to read the significance behind that statement. Finally she rolled her eyes at the blonde, "There's a compliment buried in there somewhere, isn't there?"

Maura slid over to sit right next to Jane. "Perhaps." she replied with a smile.

A noise from the kitchen distracted Jane for a moment; she turned towards the kitchen before turning to ask Maura if she should be worried about Joe Friday. But she didn't get the chance as Maura used the opportunity to press their lips together in a soft kiss.

She pulled away after a moment, and bit her lip waiting for Jane's reaction.

Jane hadn't moved, hadn't said anything or even opened her eyes.

The only thing that Jane could concentrate on was the way her lips tingled, and the way other things were also tingling.

Maura choose another tacit. She cupped Jane's cheeks, using the brunette's surprise to her advantage. She kissed her, this time slipping her tongue between unresisting lips to stroke Jane's playfully.

She let the kiss wax and wane for a few moments before pulling away. She stroked Jane's cheekbone, waiting for the brunette to open her eyes, a hopeful look on her face. Jane hadn't exactly kissed her back but she hadn't pushed her away either.

Finally Maura couldn't take the silence anymore and softly asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

Jane opened her eyes, the two of them stared at each other for a heartbeat before she finally responded, "Well...I"

Jane decided to hell with talking and launched herself at Maura. Kissing her down into the couch and pinning her beneath her.

Maura broke the kiss, gasping and giggling softly in her delight.

Jane pulled away, "I've never done that before." she confessed, suddenly worried about Maura's reaction.

Maura frowned. "But you're so good at it. It's a travesty to lips everywhere."

Jane rolled her eyes, "I have plenty of practice kissing, Maura. I meant I have never kissed another woman."

"Oh..." was Maura's response, before asking, "Didn't you experiment in college?"

Jane groaned in frustration, "I went to Police College. The only people around to experiment with were men."

Maura bit her lip to keep from laughing, "So I take that as a yes."

"Shut up." was Jane's reply, but even she couldn't keep a straight face. They laughed together.

Maura snuggled against Jane's side, while the brunette wrapped an arm around her. Silence claimed them once again until Jane interrupted, "So how long have you wanted know..."

Maura smiled, "How long have I wanted to ravish you?" she ignored Jane's gasp of surprise. "Since we met, leaning over Mrs. Holland's corpse."

"You've got to be kidding me."Jane replied.

"Why would I joke about something like that?" Maura asked. "It was like an instantaneous spark of attraction between us. As I've said before, Jane, you're gorgeous. Whether you're wearing your little black dress or a baseball jersey or your standard blazer and slacks: it all makes my heart flutter. Like an arrhythmia that only becomes apparent when we're in the same room."

"Okay let me get this straight. You've wanted me for months?" Jane exclaimed. Maura nodded in response. "Why am I only figuring out this now?"

"I wasn't entirely sure you shared my interest. Men circle around you all day long, Jane and while you usually want nothing to do with them I haven't exactly noticed you flirting with any women."

"I flirt with you." Jane replied.

Maura grinned. "Mmm I know. I wondered whether it was something all best friends do..." she trailed off, "I wasn't going to rush into anything or push you in a direction you weren't willing to go. I decided that if the only thing blossoming between us was our friendship, that would be enough for me." She kissed the brunette's jaw, unable to resist the soft skin within her reach.

Maura continued, "After months of only seeing each other at work you appear on my doorstep, with haunted eyes. You needed me then, but not a romantic complication."

"Right...okay that makes sense." Jane murmured, eyeing the blonde for a few moments, running through the last few months in her mind and all the time they had spent together.

"But you've been dating men!" Jane protested, as the proverbial light bulb went off above her head.

Maura did her best not to laugh at her friend, but it wasn't exactly an easy task. She bit her lip, "But they never lasted to a second date, somehow they always fell short."

"That's because you always find something wrong with them." Jane retorted.

"Exactly." Maura added.

"So not only are you telling me that you're attracted to me but that I've ruined you for men?" Jane asked incredulously.

"I realized that I've been comparing them to you. Maybe not consciously at first...when I went out to dinner with Mike" –

"Candy man?" Jane interrupted with a smirk.

"He was excreting fruit sugar through his sweat, due to his genetic disorder." She ignored the look on Jane's face, "Fructosuria is a rare disorder. It wasn't his fault that he smelled sickly sweet."

"And the gallon of cologne he put on to cover up that smell?" she murmured, with a knowing smile on her face.

"Well, that part was his fault." Maura replied, "In any case, he was complaining about his mother, how demanding and controlling she was becoming. He was having her moved into a retirement home." She watched Jane scowl, "I thought of you. No matter how frustrating you find your mother you would never exile her away like that. You would do almost anything for your family." She couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face, she loved that about the homicide detective.

Jane immediately pulled Maura close, cupping her cheek and pressing their lips together. What started out soft and innocent: exploded with unrestrained lust and passion. The kiss moved like wild fire until both of their lips had parted and tongues rushed in to duel with each other, stroking and teasing one another until both women broke apart for air.

Jane panted softly, "Sorry, I interrupted you." She murmured, looking into the blonde's eyes. She had never seen such a look of hunger on Maura's face before. Not for food, martini's not even knowledge.

Maura nodded, slowly, trying to convince her brain to move on from her relentless desire for Jane Rizzoli. After a few moments, she explained her predicament to Jane. "I've completely lost my train of thought."

"Men bad, Jane good?" the brunette offered.

Maura laughed. She stood and held out her hand to Jane, "I'm ready for another sleep over."

"Me too." Jane replied, following her friend down the hall to the bedroom.