Lynette stood in the middle of the living room, hands on her hips. She was surrounded with boxes – more than she thought would be there.

"Ready?" Bree asked, leaning against the door frame.

Lynette grinned. "Definitely."

Entering the house, Bree grabbed a box, labeled "Knick knacks" and crossed the street over to her own house. Susan, Mike, Gabrielle, Carlos and Edie also entered the house, and Lynette started lining up boxes for them. Bree stayed at her own house, directing where the boxes should go.

"Mom! Penny thinks it's Christmas!"

Lynette looked up as Porter ran halfway down the stairs. "She's opening all the boxes!"

Groaning, Lynette sprinted upstairs. "Penny, Penny," she said, grabbing her four-year-old daughter. "Honey, you can't open those! Those are special boxes, they can't be opened until later, okay?"

Penny pouted. "Wanna open now."

"No-no," Lynette sing-songed, taking Penny with her back downstairs.

A few hours later, all the boxes were safely in Bree's house, and all that was left was the large furniture, which Lynette had sold along with the house.

With more help from their neighbors, the bedrooms were set up enough to be usable; Porter and Preston sharing Andrew's old room, Penny in Danielle's old room, and Parker in what used to be Bree's guest room.

That night, Lynette sighed as she relaxed into Bree's embrace.

"Welcome home, sweetheart," Bree whispered into Lynette's ear, then proceeded to welcome her properly.

Bree looked up at the knock on the door, frowning. Lynette was at work, and wouldn't knock anyway, and all the neighbors would just come right in.

She walked to the door, dusting flour off of her shirt as she did. Opening the door, Bree's jaw dropped.

"Hey, Mom."

"Andrew?" Bree gasped, having not seen her son at all in the last two and a half years.

"Can I come in?" Andrew asked, shuffling his feet slightly.

"Of course!" Bree opened the door further, allowing her son in.

Andrew entered. "Thanks," he said as he looked around, taking note of the changes that had occurred. A few toys were laying on the hallway floor, pictures of Bree, Lynette and the Scavo children were on the wall. A picture of Bree and Lynette, both in understated white dresses, stood beside Bree and Rex's wedding picture.

"Do you mind if we go into the kitchen? I'm baking cookies."

Giving a half smile, Andrew said, "Sure, no problem."

In the kitchen, Andrew witnessed more changes. A bit of flour was spilled in the counter and floor, and the chocolate chips were in a both a measuring cup and a small bowl. Just before he asked what the bowl was for, Bree dipped two fingers in, pulling out a few chips and popping them into her mouth. She silently held the bowl out to him, and he took a couple.

Waiting until he had swallowed, Andrew said, "Changed a lot around here."

Bree grinned. "You try having the three terrors in here all the time and keep it clean." She chuckled to show she was kidding.

Andrew tilted his head. "She's really good for you, isn't she?"

Bree looked at Andrew with soft eyes. "Yes. She is."

Looking down, Andrew asked, "I was a real asshole, wasn't I?"

Bree turned back to her baking. "I could lie and say of course you weren't, but I think we both know that's not the point of the question."

Andrew sighed. "Mom… you were right. About protecting me, freaking out about the gay thing, everything."

Promptly abandoning her baking for something much more important, Bree went over to her son. "What happened?" she asked softly.

"A guy in my dorm house was murdered. Because he was gay."

"Oh, Andrew, I'm so sorry."

Andrew nodded. "He and I were friends. Not sexually or anything, but we hung out. Him and his boyfriend, me and my boyfriend. Double dates and stuff like that. Then he was just gone." Andrew paused. "I mean, he and I were never involved or anything, but I can see how it's affecting his boyfriend. He's devastated. And more so because it was done because the guy was gay. Like… like it's a perversion or something."

"I know, honey," Bree said softly, placing an arm over Andrew's shoulders. "People can be so cruel when they don't understand something or someone."

"Mom…" Andrew looked up into Bree's eyes, seeing the love that was there all along, even when he was so terrible to her. "I'm really sorry. About everything I ever said to you before I left. Everything I did… I just didn't understand."

Bree hugged Andrew. "I know. I forgive you," she whispered.

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