I'm not going to wait for the show to come back on no more! Here goes!

Aria has been at the hosital for 2 hours with her friends and Ezra.
They still don't know if Hannah was ok or not.

The doctors said they cant say anything without a family member there.

They can't get Ashley on her phone. They all have tryed.

Hannah had sent her a text saying she could see her. That she could see A. That means A could see Ezra and her.

That didnt scare her as much as What was wrote on the car or what happened to Hannah. Both scared her to death. It was too much to deal with!

To think that she could lose two people she loves at once! It was too much!

Hannah had to live! she just has too! And Ezra! He was the love of her life! Her whole world!

"Does anyone need anything"? Ezra asked. Breaking her out of her thoughts.

"No" Emily and spencer said.

Aria looked up and said " I could use a water, I dont have the money inside though?"

Ezra looked at Spencer and Emily and asked " Is money the reason U both don't need anything also?"

they both said"yes"

"Its a good thing im paying then. Three Waters coming up!"