They were shown to rooms, each different in it's own way but still beautiful. Spock and Uhura were given a room that was almost all green. The large bed looked fluffy and had a canopy over it. Ta'kel noticed that it could be pulled aside to block sight of the bed. There was a room separator and a copper bathtub, but only one.

Kirk's room was very much the same, except it was golden and red. The double bed had dozens of pillows on it and the window gave a wonderful view of the garden. There was a window seat for him to enjoy the view.

Bones' room was next. It seemed too bright and open for him. The soft blue made Ta'kel happy, and the bed looked comfy. She couldn't help but notice what looked like a liquor cabinet in a corner of the room with two chairs right by it. Ta'kel bet against herself that that would be the first thing he investigated.

Finally, Ta'kel was shown to her room. Managing to hold in a squeal of delight she examined her room in wonder. The soft pink of the walls looked pale compared to the deep red of the duvet. The hard wood floor was covered in a fine rug that she guessed cost a lot of whatever this culture used for money. A vanity holding cosmetics was against the wall in front of the bed, the large mirror reflecting the image of the bed. The large window, like Jim's, looked out over the garden and had a comfy little seat on it. A bookcase reached from the floor to the ceiling and was packed tight with books.

"It's beautiful," she whispered, more to herself than to T'jin.

"I'm glad you like it," he replied. She turned to him and smiled, noticing the relaxed stance he was in, leaning against the doorframe. "I will inform the servants to get clothes for you and your friends to wear tonight. For now I shall leave you. Good day."

"Good day." She waved at his back and waited for the door to click shut before launching herself onto the bed.

Squealing with joy she hung over the side and lifted up the bed skirt, checking under the bed. Noting, completely clean, a good hiding spot. Rolling off to fall with a thud onto the floor, she practically crawled over to the bookcase, huge smile plastered on her face. This was too good to be true. A cute alien gentleman giving her a place to stay, and one this beautiful, for free. She pulled one of the books off the self.

It was written in hieroglyphs and very beautiful. She couldn't seem to figure out what it was saying so she replaced it on the shelf, careful to put it back exactly where it came from. Getting back to her feet she wandered over to the vanity and picked up some of the cosmetics there. There was lip paints and blush and eye paints of all colors. She decided she would use them at any chance she got, having always loved old-fashioned style.

As she further investigated the room she noticed the small tub tucked into the corner. She walked over to it, wondering if the house had plumbing or if servants would bring up the water. There was a faucet on the copper tub, so she assumed it would fill itself. What seemed to be shampoos and soaps were set out next to the bath, so she decided she would bathe.

Turning on the water, she slipped out of her dress, letting the fabric pool at her feet. She had already lost her shoes somewhere in the room, so she focused on removing her gold chain and the layers of undergarments required for the dress. Quickly, she undid her hair and stepped into the lukewarm water.

A chill of pleasure shot up her spine at the sensation of being surrounded by warm water. To fit into the tub she had to bend her legs and slouch a little, but she was still comfortable. Her hair hadn't gotten wet yet, and hung over the side of the bathtub in a waterfall of red. She had forgotten how wonderful it felt to be sitting in a bath with no hurry at all.

In a spontaneous decision she plunged under the water. Looking up through the water, the ceiling of her room looked distorted, and all she could hear was the sloshing of the water against the copper walls. She stayed under for as long as she could, which was quite a while, before breaking back through the surface of the water to gasp for breath. Running hands through her long, soaking hair she heard the light noise of the door creaking open.

Frozen where she was, she listened intently for any more sounds that would alert her to another person in the room. There it was, a small catch of breath. Moving her arms to cover herself she turned to face the door. Her surprise melted into annoyance as she recognized Dr. McCoy standing in her doorway.

"Did you want something?" she asked. Her words were cut short and her voice strained in annoyance.

"I heard a large thump from here and was wondering what had happened and if you were all right. But it seems that you are… so I'll go." He spoke quickly, his eyes thoroughly focused on the ceiling as if the most interesting thing in the Universe were there.

"It took you this long to check? I must've been under the water for a good few minutes."

"I knocked a few times and there was no answer, and I wasn't completely sure the noise was from this room…" His face was bright red and his voice was shaky, a strong contrast to how he usually acted.

"It's nothing you haven't seen before," Ta'kel commented.

"What!" Bones was caught off guard.

"A female body, especially mine. You've seen it before."

"Just because I've seen it doesn't mean it's appropriate for me to see it now," he said exasperated. Turning, he quickly left the room before Ta'kel could respond, closing the door behind him. Exasperated, Ta'kel sighed and continued her bath.