Death and Return

(Lelouch's POV)

I felt the sword pierce through my heart. I gasped for air, as I held limp.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku hissed under his mask.

"The punishment for what you done shall be this then," I said weakly as I smiled, I then slouched forward, leaning on myself for support, holding my wound," You shall live on, always wearing that mask, serving as a knight for justice." I then rose my blood covered hand, and touched the side of the Zero helmet.

"You shall sacrifice the ordinary pleasures of your life for the sake of the world, for eternity," I whispered.

"This Geass, I do so solemnly accept!" Suzaku said firmly, as his last words sunk into me. I smiled, but it briefly dropped as I felt the blade being pulled out of my chest. Now I figured that I might as well make it seem like I'm not weak, so I took two weak steps forward, before I collapsed onto the ramp, and fell down, landing at Nunnally's level. I was still smiling.

"Lelouch…" I heard my beloved sister say," Are you…" She touched my hand. The warmth of that hand filled me quickly. I kept smiling. Nunnally gasped, as she seemed to understand everything at that moment, and that was fine by me.

"You mean… Everything you did up until now…" she stuttered, as I saw tears began to well in her eyes with my fading vision. She clasped my hand with both of hers, and brought it up to her face.

"Oh big brother, I love you," she whimpered. Those three words. "I love you". Those three words never made me so happy in my entire life. I smiled as I looked up.

"Yes… I…," I said. My entire life flashed before me. Shirley's death, the time I shot Euphie, the time I cast my first Geass, the formation of the Black Knights, and finally my biggest regret, the kiss Kallen gave me.

"I destroyed… the world…. and created…," I felt the life leaving me, as I spoke my last words," a new." My eyes closed, as my life came to its conclusion. It felt like a chain that had connected me to life had just been severed.

Suddenly, the pain left, as I felt the impulse to open my eyes. I looked around, I saw Nunnally crying over my body. Wait! My body!

"Lelouch the demon is dead!" I heard Cornelia's voice yell," Free his prisoners!" I saw her lead a group of people out. Citizens charged to the street, as they went to free my "enemies".

"This isn't good!" Jeremiah said," Everybody retreat!"

I sat up, as I looked around, the Britannian forces were retreating. I looked at the prisoners. Most of them were being freed, and my eyes landed on Kallen's face. She was crying. I then turned to Nunnally.

"Its unfair," she whimpered," All I ever wanted and needed to be happy was to be with you!" She then grasped my body.

"How can look forward to the future without?" she whimpered, as she began crying into my bloodied chest.

"Zero! Zero! Zero!" the people started chanting. I stood up, surprised that I could. Apparently no one could see me. I looked at my hands, and noticed they were nearly transparent. While looking at them, I noticed something on my chest. It was a chain of sorts.

I fingered it. It felt solid enough, and it was attached right to where my heart was. Where Suzaku stabbed me.

I opted to leave. I just walked forward, people going through me as they ran. I continued walking, till I was in a dark alley. Fitting for what I probably was.

"I'm a spirit," I settled on. I was wearing my emperor's outfit, which fittingly didn't have any blood. What now? I was a ghost. Should I go haunt people? Maybe get back at some guys at Ashford who once pranked me? Use my ghost status to try and settle things with the Black Knights?

That was when the thought of the Black Knights struck me, and it struck me hard. I never made peace with any of them. They would forever know me as the demon who forced people to obey at gunpoint. The man who was a tyrannical dictator who killed anyone who dared speak out against him.

And over that all, was Kallen. I loved her, that was a fact. And I never made peace with her. She was also going to remember me as a demon, who was despicable, and cowardly. I knew that Kallen loved me as well. That kiss… At that moment, all I had wanted to do was kiss her back, and stay with her forever. But I couldn't for the sake of the world. I had forced myself to hold a stone cold face.

And Nunnally… She told me that all she wanted to do was be with me. How could I exist with the knowledge that I made my little sister cry. I figured that I didn't have tear ducts while as a spirit, because I couldn't cry myself.

I had left so many things behind. While I had paved the road for the future of the world, I had never truly made peace with some of the people closest to me. I was telling myself that I had no regrets as Suzaku was stabbing me. But I now realize that was a lie that I had told myself. I did have regrets, and it made my chest ache.

I then noticed that it was aching a lot. In fact, it was really hurting. I looked down, and what I saw terrified me.

My chain was devouring itself. It seriously like a bunch of mouths eating the chain completely. I grabbed it and roared in pain. I collapsed to my knees, as the pain finally subsided. I looked at my chain. When I first saw it, it reached about knees. Now it was half that length.

"Yikes," I said out loud. I hope that nothing bad would happen if it was destroyed.

I sighed sadly, as I continued to walk sadly. I had no destination in mind. I saw people all around celebrating my death. I was sure that it was happening all over the world. Frankly, I didn't care. I was okay with dying as the villain in the eyes of the people. I figured that I deserved it, which I probably did.

My wandering took me all the way back to the main street. Suzaku, no… Zero was standing over the people, triumphantly. I leaned on the wall, and sighed.

I saw that my body had been moved, probably by Jeremiah or some other Britannian soldier. I saw that Kallen wasn't here, but the other Black Knights were, cheering Zero. I didn't see Nunnally anywhere.

I continued my wandering. My biggest question, was how I was going to crossover to the other side.

My thoughts were interrupted my a roar. But it wasn't the roar of any animal I had ever heard in my lifetime. It was like a howl, yet at the same time, like a bellow. I turned around, and found the culprit.

Standing there was a huge monster. It was at least 15 feet tall, had dark green skin with dark blue markings all over, and four huge arms. However, it had only tiny legs, making me wonder how it could even walk. But was unsettling, was the huge hole located in its chest, and the fact it was the same place my chain was currently. But my horror came together, when I reached its head. It had a terrifying white mask, it was like a skull. To be more detailed, it had a protruding chin, and a horn arching forward on its forehead. It had sharp teeth, and a terrifying eyes.

I was frozen in fear by the terrifying monster. Its roar, and its grab at me snapped me out of it. I dodged the grab, and tried to run. However, the fact that was still wearing my emperor's outfit, and the fact I wasn't athletic were huge drawbacks. The monster was fortunately, slow, and it managed to keep up at a steady pace. I noticed that it was using it arms to move, instead of its feet.

I was wondering why other people weren't panicking, but I figured that they couldn't see these monsters either. That stopped when a the monster swiped on of its massive claws across a building, leaving a huge gash, that caused people to run in panic.

I was praying that this monster would lose its energy before I did, but it was a laughable scenario. Odds are this monster was chasing people like this all the time. I was probably just another prey item.

I then tripped, and I figured my fate was sealed. The monster grabbed me and opened its mouth to eat me.

"How can you die when you're already dead?" I roared to the sky. However, by some miracle, the monster grabbed the chain instead of my body. When it ripped back, it ripped off most of the chain. The sudden momentum caused it to drop me. It was stunned for a brief second as a piece of rubble fell on its head. I ran, and hid in an alleyway.

I held my breath, as I heard the monster sniffing around, looking for me. I saw its snout right next to the dumpster I was hiding behind. But it stopped, and leaned up. I heard it sniff the air, as though it smelled something more appetizing. It then moved off.

I sighed in relief.

I looked at my chain, and I frowned. It only had a tiny piece left. I dragged my hand across my face, wondering what to do.

Before I could think of something, I felt the pain again. The chain was eaten away again, into nothing. I then exploded. But then, I was suddenly back. Except instead of a chain, I now had a huge hole in my chest.

"Well that was weird," I said out loud. Suddenly, I felt strange. I looked at my hand, as it turned gold in coloration. Its fingers turned into claws, and black armor moved up my arm.

I screamed, as I felt myself being transformed. I grew, and grew, and grew, until I was probably taller than that monster. I felt my body change some more. Spikes burst from my back, resembling the "wings" of the Gawain. My feet grew, and changed into monstrous feet resembling the claws of the Shinkiro. I felt my chest swell to monstrous proportions.

But that was when it all came together. A strange white substance erupted on my face, as I felt it take over. I grabbed my head to try and tear it off, but nothing. I then felt it mold into a shape. Four eye holes appeared on it. But no mouthpiece.

I held still. I looked at myself. Ultimately, I looked like my old Knightmare, the Shinkiro. I touched my face with my new hands, and I felt a mask, the shape of the Shinkiro's head. My skin was now the color of coal, with golden hands, and golden spikes on my back. Along with golden toes. Save my mask, which I could tell was white.

Suddenly, I was hungry. Very hungry. Nothing seemed to matter to me anymore. But I needed to eat.

I then roared, the same roar of the monster that had chased me.

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