The Other Lords

(Kallen's POV)(Las Noches)

I walked towards the balcony of mine that was over the water. I was wearing a red, two piece bathing suit, that I'm sure caught the attention of many. But I didn't mind. I had my Hollow mask at the ready at any time.

I took a deep breath, as I did a swan dive into the water.

As I dove down into the depths, I opened my eyes. Surprisingly, I could see perfectly fine, as though I had goggles inside of my eyes, and no matter how deep I went, it didn't feel like I was being pressed down. As I continued diving I noticed quite a few Hollows that looked like aquatic creatures.

I had nothing better to do, so I decided to have some fun.

(Lelouch's POV)

I sat on my private pavilion, as I enjoyed the calm. It was on a small island, with two trees directly on the other side of the structure. It gave me an excellent view of the water. I leaned back on my throne, as I took a deep breath. If you told a Shinigami that Hueco Mundo could be peaceful at some point, they'd laugh. But trust me, it can be very peaceful. And yet…. something was bothering me.

I drummed my fingers on my throne, as I stared at the "sky". I was a Vasto Lorde, the strongest form of Hollow in existence. I had all Hueco Mundo as my oyster. I had an army of Hollows, and a platoon of Vasto Lordes. Not to mention two Vizard guards, and a Shinigami guard. And yet, I felt like there was something more to achieve.

There was a loud sound of water, and a playful scream. I looked to my right, and saw Kallen holding onto an Adjuchas that looked like a dolphin. She was holding onto the fin, and waving playfully, as she collapsed back into the water.

I laughed slightly, as I stood up, and went down the steps, to the edge of the water. I lay on my side, as I dipped my fingers in the water, and stirred it sightly. My cape was draped over my shoulder, my wings folded in, and my black armor glistened. I found it rather amusing, as my mask was bleach white, while the rest of my body was black. Of course there was the red inner part of my cape, and the golden outlines on my armor.

I looked down at my reflection, and I saw a sickening sight. I saw… Zero. It was true, my Vasto Lorde hollow mask was my Zero mask, and the armor and cape only made it more visible.

"No… No….," I stuttered, as I stood up, and tried to backup back to my throne, only to trip, and fall on my rear. I didn't want to be Zero again, I wasn't SUPPOSED to be Zero again!

"Hey, your Majesty," Kallen said, as she came ashore to the island I was on, as she grabbed a towel off one of the trees," Is there something wrong?" Since swimming was something to do with free time, towels were kept on every island. She started drying herself off.

"I can't be like this…," I said, as I stood up, and grabbed at my Hollow mask, as though I was trying to pry it off," I can't be Zero again!" I then let out a Hollow roar, as I tried to pull my mask off.

"Lelouch!" Kallen said, as she grabbed my arm, only for me to swat her off.

"Get away!" I roared, as I tripped, and stumbled into the water. As I sunk, I continued trying to pry my mask off. Drowning was nothing for a Hollow to fear, so I had nothing to worry about. Finally I composed myself, and swam back up to the surface.

Kallen, who had gone to get help, was with Rolo.

"Brother!" Rolo said, as he bent down to help.

"Its okay," I said, as I stood up.

"What happened?" Kallen asked. I touched my mask.

"This mask has to go," was all I said.

(Third Person POV)

Harribel sat on the edge of her newly built palace, as she looked down into the water. She was pondering what to do, until a colored shape went by her, and dove into the water. Rai popped his head.

"Going for a swim, you coming?" he asked. Harribel cocked her head.

"A swim?"

"Yeah," Rai confirmed," As an eel, its natural for me. As a shark, you might like it too." Rai paused, as Harribel thought about it for a moment.

"I needed to do something anyway," she agreed, as she dove in as well. Both of them began swimming down. Rai's tail acted as a paddle, allowing for him to slither through the water. Harribel's "tail" on the back of head head, could move as well, propelling her forward. As Hollows, and fish-based Hollows at that, neither of them were capable of drowning.

As Harribel slid through the water, she noticed some ruins of old palaces during Aizen's time. Aaroniero's palace, Zommari's old meditation area, Barragan's castle, and Szayel Aporro's old lab. His lab caught Harribel's eye.

She swam down towards it. Rai was in tow.

"What's up?" he asked, when he caught up to her.

"The old lab of Szayel Aporro Granz," Harribel answered, as she swam into an open part. As she went through the dark halls of the lab, she studied some of the old notes on the wall. Rai also looked at some of the old computers.

"I wonder if these still work?" he asked.

"Of course they wouldn't," Harribel answered," Its been damaged, and its been underwater for years." But Rai still pressed a few buttons, and they lit up. This made both the eyes of both Vasto Lordes widen.

"Incredible," Rai said.

"We have to tell his Majesty about this!" Harribel said, as she swam up to the surface, Rai in tow.

(Lelouch's POV)

Having regained my composure, I was sitting on my throne, contemplating my options. That little "episode" of mine, was making me think about what I could do.

I decided I needed to be alone, so I pressed a button on my throne. It immediately shot me down to my private room, through the glass tower. It was very simple: a few chairs, a bed, a shelf of books, and a few other things. Lining around it, was a window, that showed the water. My room was at the bottom of the "sea" of Las Noches, it was where I went when I wanted to think, and be by myself. Nobody else was allowed down here.

I paced, as I considered by options.

(Kallen's POV)

I stared at where Lelouch's throne was. I was worried. Lelouch had virtually had a break down when he saw what his Hollow mask looked like. I was worried he could lose his whole sanity.

I heard a splash, and when I turned around, I saw Harribel and Rai in the water. Only their heads were visible.

"Where is his Majesty?" Rai asked. I pointed straight down.

"We need to talk to him," Harribel said.

"Well," I said," you'll have wait, nobody disturbs him when he is below in his personal lair."

(somewhere in Hueco Mundo)(Third Person)

Coiled in the ground, was a serpentine Vasto Lorde. It was tall, and from the waist down, it was like body of a king cobra. The torso was broad, as where the shoulders. It had long arms, and long fingers and claws. Its mask resembled a cobra hood, but on the forehead was another cobra. The face itself was smooth, and resembled a pharaoh mask.

Surrounding the Vasto Lorde, were six serpent Hollows. One resembled a rattlesnake, complete with a full-blown rattle, and diamond pattern. Another was like a python, with second head on the tail. The third resembled a sidewinder. The fourth was like a boomslang. The fifth was like a copperhead. The sixth, was like a sea snake.

"Lord Apophis," the rattlesnake Hollow said," Are you sure you wish to do this?"

"In order to attain power, one must sometimes relinquish to a greater one," the naga said, apparently named Apophis. He then leaned.

"Let's go," he said, before slithering away, his followers in toll.

(need I say?)

Sitting on a rock, chucking a few stones, was a very bizarre Hollow. He had armor, that looked like it was made of solid gold. He didn't have armor on his neck, elbows, knees, head, or ankles, making it look more natural. The mask was normal, save for three golden horns coming from the forehead. The right hand, was like golden sword.

His name was Axil. He had wandered the sands for a long time, looking for something to follow.

"Looks like I found that something," he said outlaid, as he jumped from his rock, and began moving forward.


A small, female Vasto Lorde was tossing a rock to herself. She was thin, and had two black wings on her back. She had a mask like a crane skull. She had long, thing legs, and her arms were comparably smaller.

Her name was Mika. She had twice denied the chance to join previous Hueco Mundo rulers. However… this one, was perhaps changing her mind.

Mika spread her wings, and soared towards Las Noches.

(Lelouch's POV)

I sat down on my throne, as I looked out the windows at the water. I tapped on my mask as I thought. I ringed my finger through my Hollow hole.

Not a single thought was coming to my mind.

"Damn it!" I snapped, as I fired a Cero at the ground in my frustration. I regretted it instantly.

"Now I have to…," I then took a closer look,"… rebuild it?"

The hole revealed a tunnel.

Note: This was mostly filler, to show people I'm still working on this.

I hope to kick things a little more forward.